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Exclusive Interview: Zakiyah Everette From Big Brother 18

What should you do after leaving Big Brother? Create your own fashion empire! Zakiyah Everette participated in CBS’s hit reality TV show Big Brother season 18. She might not have won the $500,000, but she certainly found her passion and founded her own apparel company, House of Zakiyah.

How Zakiyah got on the show

“I was ending a bad relationship, and just on a whim I was, you know what? I wanna do something crazy, out of the box, and I’m gonna put myself out there. I’m gonna audition for a TV show. Big Brother was literally the only show that I applied to at the time. And I just so happen to get a call back, and that really blew my mind. I did not think that Big Brother was ever gonna call me on my first try ever.”

If you need a change of scenery, why won’t you take Zakiyah experience and try to put yourself out there? You might be cast for a future season of the reality TV show.

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What she took away from the show

No one really knows what it’s like to be on a reality TV show, until they have been on one themselves. “I honestly didn’t have any expectations. I thought I could go on there and meet a couple of interesting cool people, take away some great friendships and not expect to have a crazy following or anything like that.”

“My biggest goal was to get on the show, actually try to win and get the money to pay off my full loans, get a decent car. Those are just things that I thought like I could really use”

Advice for future contestants

Zakiyah wants future contestants to know that they should always trust in themselves. “I feel like you really need to trust your gut, follow your instincts 1,000 percent. A lot of people told me, ‘You are so spot on,’ ‘You knew so much,’ ‘We just really wished you follow your gut, your instincts.'”

“I’ll definitely tell people that if you’re gonna do the show, just follow your guts. Don’t trust easily like me, and really work with people that you know to trust.”

Big Brother not only can let you pay off all of your debts with the prize money, but it can also let you figure out what you want to do once you’re out.

Her fashion background

“I started designing when I was in the jury house, which is a shock for some people, but we really had like pens and papers, and I was like, ‘This is great!’ I started sketching, and I worked from there.”

Zakiyah founded House of Zakiyah, a fashion company featuring her designs. She started as a swimsuit designer after realizing that she had at least 10 swimsuits in her suitcase in the Big Brother house. She then expanded to other types of clothing. One of her company goals is to provide for women with all types and body shapes.

Want to learn more about Zakiyah and how she started her career as a fashion designer? Need more advices for participating in Big Brother? Click play to listen and watch the entire interview.

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