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Exclusive Q&A with Pop Artist Marisa Maino

Starting in dance, pop artist Marisa Maino shifted her focus to singing and acting after a knee injury forced her to quit her career at the Russian Ballet Company.

After moving to L.A. to pursue acting, Marisa decided that becoming a singer was her ultimate aspiration. Marisa then settled into her sound with a mix of quirky yet youthful sound that resonates with her listeners after she made her final move to Nashville. Now, she resonates with artists who are unapologetically themselves such as Hayley Williams, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Fergie and Katy Perry. Marisa is also unafraid to use her platform to promote social change and sing about honest and sometimes taboo topics such as female empowerment.

With her debut single, “Hot,” that came out in November and her new single, “Boy Toy,” Marisa is making a splash in the pop music industry. Hear her talk about her advice on getting into the music industry, her inspirations for her songs and her unique fashion secrets.


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