3 Exercise Moves That You Can Adapt to Any Fitness Level

You see a workout video from a fitness enthusiast on social media. You’re excited. You’re motivated and saying, “I can do this!” Yet when you start doing the workout, you find yourself unable to do the exercises. Your “I can do this” quickly becomes “I can’t do this.” It’s discouraging. It is important to know that one, you aren’t alone, and, two, that there are exercise alternatives, also known as regressions, that you can do in order to still follow along but stay within your current fitness level.

The key to any exercise is challenging yourself while having the right form. Build a foundation of stability, then grow to strength, then power. Below are three regression examples without compromising your workout.

Standard push-up to a knee push-up regression

Push-ups require strength and stability. When dropping to your knees, it decreases the weight you are pushing, along with creating a more stable environment for your core.

V-up to a leg raise regression

In order to do a V-up correctly, your core has to be strong and stable. Try regressing to leg lifts, where your back is flat on the ground, only moving your legs up and down, keeping the core tight and legs controlled.
Lateral box hop-ups to lateral dumbbell lunge regression

By doing the lateral lunges on the floor, this allows for more control and decreases the need for balance and power.

Remember, focus on form first. Adjust exercises to create a more stable environment while still challenging yourself. Don’t get discouraged and keep moving towards your goals!

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