Fall Checklist: Jobs To Do Around Your Home And Garden Right Now

by Sarah Ruhlman
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With each new season comes a new list of jobs that you should be doing around your home. There are many reasons why you should be organizing your jobs according to the seasons. But mainly, it is because the changing weather conditions will lend themselves better to some jobs as opposed to others. After all, no one wants to be up on their roof replacing tiles when the rain is pouring! There are also some jobs you will need to do to prepare your property for the coming season, no matter the weather!


Clean Out Kitchen Drawers

Now is the time to go through all your kitchen drawers and get rid of any old pots, pans, and baking equipment that you no longer need. If you find something that is still in good working order, you could try selling it on eBay or other online auction sites. While you are going through your drawers, make sure that you are wiping them out. Over time, grease and crumbs can build up on the bottom, especially if you are regularly using the pots and pans in the drawer. It is important to get rid of all the dirt and grease in the drawers as it creates a small source of food for rodents and insects. If you don’t clean them out regularly, you might open them one day and find a family of silverfish has moved in!

Check Your Pipes

Now that the weather is getting colder, it’s impossible to deny that winter is well on its way. And that means now is the time to check your pipes for various things. Firstly, make sure that they are thoroughly insulated and won’t get too cold once the temperatures drop. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of the water freezing inside them. When water freezes, it expands, and this can cause the pipes to freeze. And that will leave you with a hefty bill for repairs! It is also important to make sure none of your pipes are leaking. Not only will the drips freeze in the winter, but they will also create a water source for pests and vermin. If you ever need any work doing on your property’s plumbing, call a reliable local plumbers such as http://www.usplumbing.us/

Cover Your Pond

If you have a pond in your garden, you should start cleaning it out now. This will prevent any weeds and pond plants from getting too overgrown in the winter. By the time spring rolls around, the pond’s ecosystem will be ready to start again and will have plenty of fresh water to enjoy. Another way of ensuring that the pond is livable in the spring is to cover it with some meshing. This will catch any leaves that fall from nearby trees. It is important to make sure no leaves get into the pond, as they will decompose and contaminate the water. This can make it a dangerous habitat for fish and other pond life. If you don’t have a mesh or net to cover the pond with, make sure you regularly fish out any fallen leaves.

Check Your Fire Alarms

There is never a wrong time to check your fire alarms. Ideally, you should make sure that the batteries still work every few months. So why not have another look now while you are doing all your fall jobs? It’s super easy to do. You should see a small red button on the alarm. Press this to test the batteries. If you hear the alarm sound for a couple of seconds, then the batteries are working fine. However, if you don’t hear anything, or it sounds very faint, you should replace the batteries. Do this as soon as possible to make sure your family is always protected in the event of a fire.

Repair Outdoor Walkways

Take a look at your outdoor walkways, paths, and driveway. Now is the time to do any repairs that need seeing to. It is also a good idea to fill in any cracks in the concrete that have appeared over the spring and summer. If you don’t, this could expand over winter. That is because water will easily flow into them. If the weather gets cold, the water will freeze and expand inside. If this happens a few times, the surrounding concrete will become weak and could crack further.

Prune Your Plants

Once the late fall is here, it is time to go out into your garden and prune your plants. It is a good idea to wait until the end of fall so that you are completely sure that they have finished growing for the season. Make sure that you prune away any plants, shrubs, and bushes that are too close to your property. This will help to prevent moisture from dripping onto the building. If you have any trees in your garden, cut back any branches that are close to your windows. If you don’t, these could end up snapping off during a storm and falling through your windows.


Go Over Your Fireplace

You won’t have lit your coal fire once over the summer. So before you light it for the first time this winter, be sure to go over it to ensure that it is still safe. Grab a flashlight and look up the chimney to make sure the damper opens and closes ok. It will also be worth getting a chimney sweep to clean our your fire to ensure there isn’t a buildup of soot in the chimney. If you light the fire while there is excess soot in the chimney, it could start a chimney fire. The chimney sweep will also inspect the fireplace and chimney to make sure that there aren’t any loose or missing bricks and mortar. To find out more about chimney sweep charges and fees take a look at sites like http://www.chimneycricketsantacruz.com/

You will really feel the benefit once all these jobs are done. Your home will be comfortable, and you can put your feet up before winter hits!

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