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Family Spare Room Speculation – Who Wins?


So you’ve got a spare room.

It’s been languishing, unused, perhaps even containing some of the boxes from when you moved in. You now finally have the time and energy to challenge it and make use of this extra space in your home – and of course, that’s when the arguments start.

Your husband… wants a den. Something that would come close to a man cave, somewhere for him to kick back, relax and do anything he wants.

Your son… wants a games room. He’s already been browsing loungers online, knows the latest console and all the accessories he wants with it. He’s even equipped with arguments about how, if he has a dedicated room, he won’t monopolize time in the family room anymore.

Your daughter… wants it to be an area of peace and quiet. No electronics, no distractions – somewhere she can escape, do her homework and talk to friends.

And you? You’ve no idea. Some part of you loves the idea of a gym – maybe having a room will be that push you need to exercise more? Or perhaps another spare bedroom – even if you’ve already got one, there’s no harm in having more is there? Or a hobbies room…

Does the above sound familiar? The exact family members and their desires might be different, but the overall problem tends to repeat itself throughout the country: there’s a spare room, and you all have different ideas of what you should do with it.

Rather than messing around with the idea and trying to be “fair,” one of the best ways to approach this problem is just to be brutal and upfront. So here’s a few tips to keeping things logical and making a decision that actually works for the whole household.

How Long Are Your Kids Going To Be Living There?

If your children are college-bound in the next couple of years, then – frankly – their opinions have to take a backseat. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself repurposing the room in the next couple of years anyway, and who wants to go through that twice?

What Will Actually Be Used?

If you go for a home gym, then are you actually going to use it? Or do you just like the idea? The same goes for a man cave or a relaxation space – are these really things that can’t be done in existing areas? Try and find a purpose for the room that is individual to it, rather than just extending the boundaries of somewhere else.

Do You Need More Storage?

We’re all constantly clamoring for storage, and there’s no harm in making your spare room specialize in this area. There’s no point having the rest of the house being cramped and struggling to fit everything in if you have a section of space you’re not doing anything with.

Why Not Just Draw Straws?

If the above doesn’t clean through some of the confusion, then just draw straws and be done with it. It’s better to have a spare space that is going to some use than being neglected because you don’t know what to do with it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.