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Fashion Starts With Thrifting And Knowing Your Style

Are you wanting to change your look? Sometimes, dyeing your hair or changing your fashion sense is one of the best things you could do. So how do you go about doing so in an ethical and economical way? Well, firstly thinking about what you want.

Do you want some new types of piercings or perhaps you want a tattoo, or maybe it is just a fashion change – once you have the list, it will be easier. Thankfully fashion is everywhere! In the current era, it is possible to buy clothes almost anywhere. On the street and in malls, in markets… just about everywhere! 

Quality wins- but look second hand!

First of all, it is important to know that second hand clothing stores have a filter. Not every garment is acceptable, and it is important that the quality be good – a clean, well-kept and high-quality garment. The quality is really good, as many thrift stores will not sell dirty or worn items, contrary to popular belief.

Thrift stores do not deserve their reputation. Every garment in a thrift store has a story and is unique, so you can create a totally unique look at a low cost price. Keeping costs down is vital for everyone in today’s difficult world. 

If you look at thrift stores, you will see that almost all the items that are on the hangers are actually the initial version of what can be found today on the shelves in chains. In the end, 80s and 90s fashion created many great fashion items!

Shirts, pants, jackets and dresses, trainers, and lots of crazy accessories – belts, scarves, hats and even jewelry. There is plenty to choose from and you will always find at least one item that will take your eye! 

Fashion tips!

Invest in items in neutral colour that will match with anything you team up with so that it builds you a base wardrobe. Buy only what you need, for example if you took off your winter clothes and saw that you were missing long long shirts – invest in the need.

Start with the clothes you already have, not only is it more economical to buy less clothes (not to mention good for the environment) These clothes provide you with a sense of home, you know they are comfortable and you probably have good memories associated with them.

It is important to remember that it is not necessary to buy all types of items every season. An advanced technique for minimalism is to buy clothes that are out of season, trans-seasonal, such as a short white shirt; perfect with jeans in the summer season and suitable to wear under a sweater in the winter season. Transitional pieces are key.

The purpose is to simplify your wardrobe, which also ensures that you are not buying too much and that you have the bare minimums that you will need. It’s time to show off your special style from season to season. Diversity is key but so is concise and simple. It’s time to make 2021 a fashionable and exciting one! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.