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100+ Best Fast X Movie Quotes from Fast & The Furious 10

In the first part of the final installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, Fast X is a storm waiting to happen as Dominic Toretto is left to face a menacing threat from his past.

While Dom and his family have gone through hell and back to destroy every enemy, there is a terrifying shadow that looms over them that could wipe out everything he loves.

Here’s the scoop on Fast X movie quotes!

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1. “There’s nothing a father wouldn’t do for his son.”

2. “I have a job I can only trust with one man, you.”

3. “Now, the work begins.”

4. “Today, we will put our family on the path to real power.”

5. “They can’t outrun us on the bridge.”

6. “You stick with the plan. It was always the plan.”

7. “We gotta get to those before Uncle Roman does.”

8. “As I look out at this wonderful family, I am filled with so much pride.”

9. “Familia! Family Always!”

10. “See what I really need. I need your brain.”

11. “The only thing you know about Rome is Roman noodles.”

12. “The disrespect is going to have to stop… now!”

13. “Those were some tough times!”

14. “Those were some great times!”

15. “You honor his name.”

16. “You’re going to be better than me.”

17. “What are you looking at? You!”

18. “Daddy, you’re never afraid, but I am.”

19. “You’re gonna wanna hear my last words.”

20. “They say when you’re facing death, your life flashes before your eyes.”

21. “I’m here because the enemy of my enemy is you.”

22. “You’re looking at who I love most.”

23. “Cute kids.”

24. “You want to control the world. I just want to punish it.”

25. “It is hard finding good help these days.”

26. “We’re going to Rome!”

27. “No matter what happens, I always keep my promises.”

28. “Oh that’s right, I know stuff now.”

29. “You said you wanted to drive, now you’re driving.”

30. “Everybody, stay clear. I go this. No, we got this.”

31. “You’ve got 30 seconds to save Rome.”

32. “Come find me.”

33. “Little miss nobody.”

34. “It’s like a cult with cars.”

35. “This family has gotten their hands dirty to keep ours clean.”

36. “Do not get in my way.”

37. “Ok, I’ll go my own way.”

38. “Eventually, the building is going to collapse on you.”

39. “You’re choosing a lonely way my darling. You can’t take anyone with you.”

40. “It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.”

41. “Protect him with your life.”

42. “You come in here looking for people. You ain’t coming out.”

43. “Nothing’s impossible. You just have to have faith.”

44. “Sometimes you can’t help what you love, kid!”

45. “Time is what I don’t have.”

46. “Game recognizes game.”

47. “None of this happens without you!”

48. “I didn’t take that money. I burned it.”

49. “You all came because you wanted to see a race. Let’s race!”

50. “Wait a second. Did he just time travel?”

51. “I thought you didn’t like that about me though.”

52. “Did you leave all your money in space?”

53. “It’s like a ghetto magician.”

54. “You gotta hit me harder for that.”

55. “I need you to stay safe.”

56. “Swearing is for song lyrics only and stubbed toes.”

57. “I can’t figure out how someone so rich chooses the poorest path in life.”

58. “Make sure you get a receipt from him.”

59. “That’s the problem nowadays. No one listens.”

60. “Preparing for what’s to come.”

61. “Dom! I’m listening now!”

62. “You talk too much!”

63. “A father and a son is everything.”

64. “Go save your son. My nephew.”

65. “That sounds like a leader.”

66. “Who could have seen this coming? You know except for me.”

67. “I’m out of this race. It has to be you.”

68. “It looks like Uncle Muscle won’t be coming to the next BBQ.”

69. “You made one mistake. You never took my car.”

70. “Son, I never break a promise.”

71. “You drifting yet?”

72. “It is a legacy that will go on for generations. No one can take it away. Not now, not ever.”

73. “That’s just me. Practicing my leadership voice.”

74. “Hold us in your heart and you will never lose your way.”

75. “You can keep your eyes on the rearview mirror all you want but you know what you miss? This eternity.”

76. “We have an unwanted guest. You know what to do.”

77. “I met the devil tonight. Honestly, I always thought it was me so it was honestly disappointing.”

78. “I don’t play well with others.”

79. “Nerds, come with me.”

80. “You know what to do if you want to see your families again.”

81. “There is a war coming. The sides are being chosen and everyone you love will be destroyed.”

82. “We don’t have a mission in Rome. Shit, it’s a setup.”

83. “I even tried swiping right on this dating app.”

84. “Watch out ladies, this ain’t ‘nun up’ business.”

85. “Sorry, Captain America. Can’t let you do that.”

86. “Damn it. He’s fast.”

87. “So what, we’re all a beer and a BBQ away from corruption?”

88. “Well it ain’t no Roman holiday and you’re no Gregory Peek.”

89. “I don’t care about you. I only care about protecting the people I love.”

90. “People pull vaults out of walls, so I think it’s safer with me.”

91. “If I make this move, there’s no coming back.”

92. “Pretty please with me on top.”

93. “You people think you can buy everything, but you can’t buy the streets.”

94. “This ain’t SPANX, it’s banks.”

95. “A cop and a street racer travel down the same road and they realize how the same they are. Trust me.”

96. “Black Bezos? He’s even been in Outer Space.”

97. “I think we hit the copy machine hard enough that it works now.”

98. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

99. “Letty is in a black site prison off of every map.”

100. “You’ve just shot to number one on the world’s most wanted list.”

vin diesel (dominic toretto) poster Fast X

While Fast X doesn’t shine as brightly as other movies in the franchise, this entertaining film places Jason Momoa (villain) in the spotlight.

This is a great movie for long summer nights and for movie-goers who crave a little adrenaline rush through the streets of Rome.

Watch at your local movie theaters on May 19th!

fast x movie quotes

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