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“Feel The Beat” Is The Perfect Feel-Good Film For An At-Home Movie Night

New Netflix content is always welcome in the days of quarantine and Feel The Beat is perfect for any cozy at-home movie night. This feel-good film all about following your dreams, falling love and well, a lot of just plain falling- they are new dancers after all. This little dance team is all about having fun and working hard! With some strict teaching and a little patience, they might just be able to make it to nationals!

Sofia Carson, actress and dancer, best known for her previous role as Evie in Disney’s The Descendants trilogy, carried the movie gracefully. She was the perfect, yet flawed heroine to carry an honest story about chasing old dreams and finding new ones. As he has in many Netflix originals, Wolfgang Novogratz played the adorably charming love interest.

Feel The Beat Summary

April’s life is everything she ever dreamed of. She’s a successful dancer, living in New York City and now she has an audition for the role of a lifetime. But just like that, thanks to a rainy day and some instant karma, she’s found herself moving back home to a small town in Wisconsin. Her dreams of performing on Broadway are a distant memory.

Finding comfort in her father and the abundance of cheese in her hometown, her biggest problem becomes avoiding her dimpled and brown-eyed ex-boyfriend. However, after running into her childhood dance teacher, April realizes she might actually have one more shot at being a professional dancer. If she can train this young dance team and they make it to the national competition, she could an unconventional way back to Broadway. Over time, this self-centered dreamer begins to love the life she never imagined for herself and starts to love the ones who used to drive her crazy.


Feel The Beat Genre

This fun comedic drama is perfect for the whole family. It’s clean, real and just might make you get up and dance! This movie tackles some real issues in a way that kids can understand and relate to, never belittling a tween’s emotions or a young adult’s big dreams. It’s about girl power, second chances, and friends that unexpectedly become family. This film embodies the phrase “it takes a village” as a whole town rallies around these young dancers. Dance rehearsals are full of dads, moms, big brothers, and supportive neighbors who love by being present. Feel The Beat stays true to its genre as its characters stay true to themselves, while doing a bit of necessary growing along the way.


Viewers’ Responses- Feel The Beat Makes You Want To Get Up And Dance

Inevitably, some viewers have aired critical complaints about the predictability of the story and hollowness of the script. Negative responses have mostly been along the lines of “seen it all before”, but isn’t that the case for most movies in this genre? It’s not often that I ask a dramedy to challenge my worldview or show me something brand new. Feel The Beat doesn’t take itself too seriously. The lack of mystery isn’t a disregard for nuance, but a praise for its candor. From padded bras to a lot of 3rd place trophies, this film is empathetic and honest, which is often more than we get from our media.

Parents, children, and young adults alike have all found something to love about this film. It speaks honestly and positively into the life of every viewer, finding something that resonates with everyone. It’s simple and cute and there’s simply nothing wrong with that. You might know exactly how it ends as soon as it starts, but there’s something to love about the lighthearted journey to get there.


We Love These Actors

April (Sofia Carson) and Nick (Wolfgang Novogratz) were high school sweethearts who had a reputation for never being able to keep their hands off of each other. Years later, it looks like nothing has changed. Except for the huge elephant in the room- the way April dumped him over text before running away to NYC. As young adults whose lives haven’t gone exactly to plan, these two explore whether their love has grown with them despite the challenges. They’re adorable together onscreen and play the perfect small town couple with big city dreams. #Napril, we’re rooting for you!

Wolfgang has found himself quite a fan club with his teen heartthrob status and rightfully so. It feels like this talented young has a new movie coming out every week lately. If you fall in love with Nick in this film, there’s plenty more adorable Netflix originals where that came from. Fans are looking forward to his new film “Hush Hush” based on the novel of the same name Becca Fitzpatrick, which is in the stage of pre-production. We can’t wait to see what’s to come for these talented young actors!


We Need This Feel-Good Movie Right Now

Now is not the time to fall asleep to a heavy drama or wind down to a dark and scary horror movie. The world is heavy, dark, and scary right now. “Feel The Beat” is exactly the kind of optimistic and dysfunctional story we need. These characters are wildly different from one another, complementing each other’s strengths and filling in the little flawed gaps with love and sparkly costumes.


The “Feel The Beat” Cast Has Chemistry

An important theme that is emphasized throughout this film is being the kind of friend who shows up. Everyone has a role to play in a team’s success and in this little town, coming together is what they’re known for. According to the cast and crew’s social media, this movie was a blast to film and these fictional neighbors found real-life friendships too!

These talented young dancers were so stinkin’ cute! They may be young, but these girls know how to perform. This was not the first acting credit for any of these performers and we are certain in won’t be the last. You’ll find yourself cheering for this onscreen dance team and off screen friend group!

The chemistry between these two was practically tangible and according to Wolfgang’s post, the friendship is just as strong IRL. These two make a gorgeous pair and their love story in this film is enough to make any heart feel all warm and fuzzy. How could you resist those dimples?

My thoughts

As a young adult, trying to find my own place in this world, this film was just right. Big dreams aren’t too big for hard work, but life is also about finding new dreams along the way. This film speaks about a lot of different walks of life in a way that helps audience connect with any combination of characters.

There’s no condescension, only growth, and just the perfect amount of predictability you want from a movie of this genre. Life’s too unpredictable, especially right now, I want to count on my movie heroine to do the right thing and fall in love by the end. There’s no denying that the posture of my heart, towards my day and my own little life, changed before and after I watched this film. It’s worth the watch.

Go check out “Feel The Beat” and let us know what you think! From cast, to costumes, to choreography, there’s a lot to love about Netflix’s new dramedy. It’s entertaining and appropriate for all audiences and it’s just the kind of feel-good movie the world needs right now! Be a good neighbor, honor your commitments and dance like nobody’s watching!

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