Fight The War Against Dust & Dirt Effortlessly

Urgh, house chores… We hate them, but we know we can’t do without them. Keeping your home dust-free is probably the most time-consuming of all chores. Indeed, it doesn’t matter how frequently you clean. You can be sure that dust will come back the next day. Scientifically speaking, it makes sense. Dust is mostly composed of dead cells, the cells your body disposes of when it regenerates itself. So, inevitably, as long as you live in the house, it’ll be dusty. But the scientific explanation doesn’t make it any less frustrating. So, here are a few tips to finally win the war against dust and dirt at home!

Invest in safe products

Harsh chemicals may make you feel safer. But, in reality, they can attract more dust. Bleach and other chemicals are abrasive, which means they can create more dead cells. They can also spread harmful toxins in the air and cause allergic reactions to sensitive family members. Additionally, pouring chemicals down your bathroom drains is the worst thing you can do for your plumbing and the environment. So, investing in green products that use safe ingredients is not only a positive decision for the environment. It also reduces the presence of dust as no toxic chemicals attack the body. 

Reduce dust traps

We get it: Carpets can look super cute inside your home. But carpets are not a smart decision if you are trying to get on top of your dust invasion. Carpets tend to capture dust and small dirt particles between the fibers. In the long term, the carpet accumulates dust that can’t be removed through vacuuming. So, if you are worried about dust, it’s best to invest in hard flooring solutions such as the elegant Canfloor collection. Indeed, hard floors present no challenges for vacuuming and washing, ensuring all the dust and dirt can be removed seamlessly. 

Use an air purifier

What has an air purifier got to do with dust? It’s simple. An air purifier essentially captures toxins and tiny particles floating in the air. As it happens, dead cells — aka the main dust component — are thin particles that can be filtered out through a purifier. If you have pets, an air purifier is a no-brainer, as it can significantly help reduce the presence of pet dandruff. Ultimately, every living creature sheds dead skin and hair, which inevitably turn into dust. Having fluffy pets at home can significantly increase dust volume! 

Let the home clean after itself

This might seem like a weird thing to say. Vacuuming and mopping the floor is not at the top of anybody’s favorite activities. It’s cumbersome, tiring, and time-demanding. However, smart homes can clean your floors effortlessly. Indeed, intelligent robot vacuum machines have already demonstrated they can remove dust inside your home. The latest generation of robots includes a mopping feature, which means dust and dirt can become a memory of the past. It’s worth mentioning that these devices are suited for wood, vinyl, and tile flooring solutions. They are not effective on carpeted floors. 

Is it time to banish dust from our homes? In the 21st century, it remains an aberration that dust continues to cause so many problems in households, from allergic reactions to encouraging mold growth. However, with smart home improvements, you can reduce the risk of dust spread and manage a clean home with no effort. 

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