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Fight Your Dandruff with Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff Shampoos & Conditioners #DiscoverDoveDerma

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Most people, at one point or another, encounter pesky hair dandruff, myself included. Occasionally throughout the summer, I have this problem but the real problem is when winter arrives. The cold, dry months are not pleasant to my hair or my scalp! As an online influencer who is constantly traveling, doing television segments and meeting with clients, I don’t have time for flakes. Managing dandruff and an itchy scalp can be hard, especially when you are constantly on the go. I always worry about what I’m wearing, how my hair is styled and if my dry scalp is noticeable.

Sarah's hair after using Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff shampoo & conditioner

Dandruff can be hard to manage while keeping my hair moisturized and healthy. I have tried several regiments to decrease dandruff and increase health and moisture. You name it, I have probably tried it. From hair masks to mixing together a beauty shampoo and dandruff shampoo, I just couldn’t seem to shake the flakes. Even if I did manage my dandruff, the texture of my hair always felt dry or stringy. I was never 100% happy with my locks. However, my problem was merely solved when I discovered Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and matching conditioner at Walmart! I purchased the Dove Dermacare Scalp set that helps with dandruff, dry scalp and itch relief. When it comes to shampoo and conditioners, I always head to Walmart because I know I will find exactly what I need, at an affordable price. Head to Walmart and #DiscoverDoveDerma.

Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner bottles at Walmart

After using this product, I was impressed! With Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner, I don’t have to try and make my own concoctions of shampoos so my hair is flakeless and still healthy. My hair feels luscious and moisturized with no itch! I now have more confidence to go on television segments because I know people won’t be looking at dandruff on my clothing or in my hair.

With a formula of coconut and shea butter, my Dove shampoo nourishes and alleviates dryness all in one use. After regular use of this product, I noticed my flakes decreased and the smoothness of my hair increased. It was fabulous! I also love that the shampoos have matching conditioners. I definitely recommend using these products if you are having trouble with flakes, itchy scalps and an imbalance of texture/dandruff. The Dove Anti-Dandruff line also comes in invigorating mint and soothing formulas.

Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner bottles

Like I said, my dandruff picks up in the winter time, so normally I dread the cold months. With Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff shampoo, I no longer have to fear the cold, dry months! I now happily bring on the colder temperatures and even enjoy them. Meeting with clients, coworkers or making videos for my website has never been so stress-free.

Sarah holding Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff shampoo bottle

Dandruff and a dry, itchy scalp is a problem that no one wants to encounter or welcomes with open arms. I have dealt with it, and many other people have or are! Say goodbye to mixing shampoos and conditioners, doing endless hair masks and trying to avoid the itch. With Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff shampoos and conditioners, you won’t have to worry about flakes or itching anymore. Your hair will be happier and healthier after regular use of this product. Your hair and scalp will thank you!

Sarah sitting outside in a red floral dress

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