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Find the Perfect Purchase for Your Pet

Looking to find some new products for your pet? Here’s a full list of items you might want to try!

For dogs:

1. Jiminy’s Cricket Treats

I know this might sound a little weird but bear with me. Over 60 million United States residents own a dog. Most of those dogs are fed meat products like chicken, pork, or beef. Most of the time, when we feed our pets we just want them to be happy, healthy, and like what they’re eating. But, what we might not be thinking about is how the amount of meat consumption from dogs is contributing to the global climate crisis. Meat production is one of the leading causes of climate change and dogs collectively consume about 32 billion pounds of protein per year in the USA alone.

Jiminy’s may have a solution to this. Jiminy’s is a dog food/treat brand that makes sustainable food choices for dogs. The founder of this company, Anne Carlson, was inspired by the idea that insect protein could be a possible partial answer to the climate crisis.

Jiminy’s treats are packed full of protein from different ingredients like peanut butter, sweet potato, lentils and of course, the crickets. All the ingredients are perfectly safe and healthy for your dog to munch on. Crickets are a complete protein, just like beef, so your dog won’t be missing out on any of their nutrients!

Compared to the traditional bag of doggie treats, a bag of Jiminy’s treats will save 220 gallons of water. Just one bag! These are treats that your pup and the planet will love.

2. Chews Happiness – Barkarons

3 words: Macarons for dogs. The brand Chews Happiness offers a product called ‘barkarons’ for your furry friend! These cute little treats are packed with nutrients and minerals that will help boost your pet’s immune system and improve digestive health.

These treats are made from sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients from family-owned farms. Barkaron ingredients are locally and sustainably sourced, making them good for the planet as well as your pup.

Every single ingredient is natural and tested for safety before it is packaged and ready to eat. These cute little Barkaron treats might be just what your dog needs! Shop these treats here!

3. Bow Wow Labs Treats

Bow Wow Labs is a company that makes a variety of treats for your dog. They are committed to making treats the right size for dogs to avoid a choking hazard. Also, Bow Wow Lab’s treats promote a healthier lifestyle for your pup.

These treats come in a variety of flavors like organic chicken, turkey pumpkin, and salmon. They will provide your dog with all the nutrients they need! These treats are filled with protein, fiber, and omega 3s. They’re great for dogs with sensitive stomachs and will benefit their skin and coats.

These treats are naturally preserved, and the ingredients are naturally derived, so you know they’re safe for consumption! Pick up these treats for your four-legged friend here.

4. Sam & Nala Waste bag Holders & Dog Bandanas

No one likes to be left without a waste bag on a walk with your four-legged friend. Sometimes we forget to bring one though! These waste bag holders from Sam & Nala are the cutest, easiest way to solve this problem.

These little waste bag holders come in a variety of colors and patterns and easily attach to your dog’s leash! No two fabrics/patterns are the same. These are carefully hand-made by a family-owned sewing company in Guatemala. The differences in patterns and fabrics give the seamster an opportunity to show their creativity! Just like pups, no two are exactly alike.

Sam & Nala also make stylish bandanas and masks so you and your pup can match! These are also hand made from ethically and sustainably sourced fabric weaved by a women’s cooperative in Guatemala. The workers can express their creativity and love for animals all while earning a fair wage. Plus, who doesn’t want their dog to look stylish! Check out their selection of items here.

5. Pawsitive Vibes

Pawsitive Vibes is a family-owned, female-run company that makes the perfect plush items for your pooch. These toys will surely keep your dog active and happy.

They have cute soft toys that come in a variety of sizes and styles. Also, you can feel good while you shop! A portion of every purchase made goes to animal shelters across the United States. The owners of the company also are on the board of their local animal shelter, making the dedication to their mission of happy, healthy pets clear.

Your furry little (or big) friend will love their new toy. Not only do they cater to dogs, but cats and humans as well! Check out their item selection here.

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For cats:

1. SmartBUCKLE Pet Protection Collars

Make sure your cat is protected with this SmartBUCKLE collar. Many domestic cats are not given collars with name tags because they can sometimes be dangerous, unnecessary, or just a nuisance. Because of this, when indoor cats escape, it’s harder to find them because they don’t have name tags.

These collars are a purrfect way out of that situation. SmartBUCKLE has embedded a Recovery ID plaque directly into your cat’s breakaway collar. No loud noises, no dangling tag for your cat to play with, and no risk of the cat harming itself due to our break-away safety buckle. Shop their products here!

2. Purina Pro Plan

LiveClear by Purina Pro Plan is a cat food that reduces allergens in cat hair and dander. Pro Plan is the first of its kind to effectively and safely reduce the allergens your cat produces. This product shows a reduction in allergens in as little as 3 weeks with daily feeding.

Check out this product here!

3. Meowy Janes

Meowy Janes is a company that sells catnip, catnip alternatives, toys, and accessories all for your cat. Catnip encourages cats to explore and play, while also relaxing them (make sure you don’t give them too much!). This is exactly why Meowy Janes sources all different types of catnip as well as catnip alternatives.

Catnip can also be used as a training tool for your cat or just for recreational usage. Their product is all-natural, farm-grown, and sustainably sourced.

Meowy Janes offers so many different varieties that you’ll surely find something your cat loves. Check out their site here!

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