How to Find Your Own Voice While Blogging

It is a big undertaking, but it’s an essential process that we all need to undertake if we are working to promote a product, idea, or just ourselves. Finding your writer’s voice is something that can potentially take a long time to figure out, especially if you are running a business with many different strands, or you are blogging as a career choice. In many ways it boils down to a simple statement, write about what you know, yet so few people take this advice when they are setting off on their writer’s journey. Why is this so important?

Writing about what you know is the overriding factor in every piece of content you create. It is what makes the best art, the most engaging copy, the most shareable content. Looking at a piece of writing, if so many people can engage with something because it speaks to them, it is going to be shared, and it is going to generate traffic, and therefore revenue. But before you think that you may as well just write about anything and everything, the reason you write about what you know is because it speaks the one thing that no amount of generic blogs or articles will do, the truth. This is why the most popular comedians are selling out arenas with jokes about their kids; it is something that a lot of people can identify with. And it is a difficult process to undertake when creating your own content, whether it is for your blog, your webpage, or your business.

The technicalities of blogging are covered in this guide, but the task of finding your voice is not just one that will make your blog infinitely shareable. A thing like using the right platform is one simple trick to getting your content read, and the more widely used the platform, the likelier it is to be read by more people. But each piece of advice on creating content always comes back to the same thing, making sure that your content is great. There are many tools to make sure that your website hits the top of each search engine by putting in common search terms, but this may give you the wrong idea about putting a load of search terms in each item of content. This is not only lazy, but it also is a sure-fire way to put people off reading your content ever again, and as a result, not buy your products or not use your services, etc.

But don’t worry if you get it wrong first time, there are many large businesses that have restructured their entire marketing plan because their branding was wrong and so the content didn’t cater for the right people. You can spend millions on a marketing plan to find the right voice for your business or blog, but simplicity is the most important thing. Finding your voice is the goal, but you need to assess yourself to get there. Passions, feelings, thoughts, emotions. It is you that is the product, so learn to get to know your product so you can market it in the right way.

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