A First Look at Trolls #DreamWorksTrolls

I love a good Dreamworks movie, and Trolls completely exceeded my expectations.  This heartwarming tale of an unlikely friendship and a “can do” attitude, along with nonstop singing and dancing, made for an excellent film.  Under the direction of Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn, this movie is certain to be a new favorite for many.trolls-movie-poster-2016
The story begins with a merry group of Trolls who exist happily, singing, dancing and hugging their way through life.  However, they must be careful not to let their enemies, the Bergens, who dream of feasting on Trolls, know of their presence.  During a joyous celebration of their safety, the Trolls’ party is interrupted by an evil Bergen who kidnaps many of them and throws a wrench into their seemingly perfect lives.

The happiest and most optimistic of the Trolls, Poppy, voiced by Anna Kendrick, sets off on a daring journey to Bergen Town to rescue her missing friends.  She enlists help from her polar opposite, Branch, voiced by Justin Timberlake to assist her along the journey.  Together, they do everything they can to save their friends.  Other notable actors in this film include Zooey Deschanel, who voices Bridget, James Corden, who voices Biggie, Russell Brand, who voices Creek, and Gwen Stefani who voices DJ Suki.

Along with all the amazing actors included in this film, there are numerous hit songs, sung by the Trolls themselves.  Some of these songs include “True Colors,” “September,” and written by their very own, Justin Timberlake, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”  Singing plays a huge role in this movie, as the Trolls basically base their entire daily schedules around it.  

Not only does the film have great songs and amazing actors, but there is also a great moral to this story.  Despite many obstacles that are thrown her way, Poppy never gives up during her treacherous journey.  She stays strong and never compromises her true character.  I left the theater feeling inspired and overjoyed, and I bet everyone who sees this film will agree that it’s wonderful story that simply can’t be forgotten.  

So grab some popcorn and a friend, and get ready to sing when Trolls comes out in theaters November 4th!

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