First National Bank Offers FREE Checking Accounts

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Starting college or heading back to campus might mean a new bank account. When I first started my own business, I opened up an account specifically for Sarah Scoop. It was the easiest way for me to keep track of everything and keep it separated from my personal spending. If you have a reason to open up a checking account … I’ve got the scoop on how you can do it for free! That’s right, looking for a free checking account that’s actually free? Your answer is First National Bank.

Let’s start with a formal intro. At 160 years, First National Bank is an oldie but goodie. What sets this bank apart is the dedication to its customers. It’s not just part of its values, but something it practices in all it does.

So, that free checking? Tell me more!

Opening a First National Free Checking account is not just free – it’s with zero strings and no hidden fees. No, seriously!

Your First National Free Checking account won’t have any monthly service fees or minimum deposits requested before you open. If you’re low on funds, you can still open an account because First National Bank doesn’t have a minimum balance for your checking account.

I am so reliant on my cards that I often find myself without cash. I mean rarely, if ever, do I have cash on me, but it seems like every time I am out socializing with friends we end up at a concert or festival, etc. that requires cash. Luckily, I can get money out of an ATM even if it’s not in First National Bank’s network. It is a nice stress reliever to know that I can use an ATM in-network (of which FNB has 55,000!) or out-of-network and First National Bank does not charge me fees. I would still be subject to any fees the ATM owner charges, but First National will not take anything or otherwise charge me. If you’re like me and often without physical cash this is seriously a lifesaver!  

Looking up an in-network ATM is super easy and can help you avoid using an out-of-network ATM and the ATM owner fees that could be charged. Just head over to the ATM locator online or on the mobile app and find a place that’s convenient for you!

Sometimes checks still need to be written, and FNB is on it. Say hello to free bank logo checks! If you prefer using cashier’s checks, don’t worry. First National Bank offers those to you for free.

First National Bank also gives you free statements. That goes for whether you like viewing your statements online or on paper. Say goodbye to paying to receive wired funds and fees for stopping a payment. First National Bank is on your side and is here to help make your banking experience amazing!

What about features?

One cool feature is your new Visa Debit Card that you can use anywhere that takes Visa . Each First National Free Checking account includes free online banking and free card fraud monitoring. You can rest easy with holiday shopping season around the corner.

Account alerts and paying your bills online won’t cost you a dime. If you prefer to check your account on your phone, don’t worry. You get free mobile banking, too! Mobile banking lets you deposit checks and transfer money quickly with no hassle. You can also pay bills and not having to worry about hidden fees makes it so convenient!

Your First National Free Checking account doesn’t just give you access to basic banking essentials. FNB offers awesome relationship benefits for members. Your checking account opens the door to personal, auto, and even home loans! Speaking of home loans, when you finally find that house, you get a $200 closing credit! Pretty awesome right?

Wow! Is there anything else?

Just two more things. Saving for the future is important. First National Bank makes it so much easier. Having Free Checking gets you relationship pricing for savings accounts like IRA’s, CD’s and more!

First National Bank understands the importance of keeping things protected. That’s why they have safe deposit boxes available for $25!

With so many incentives that put the customer first, it’s clear they’ve been a trusted name in banking for 160 years! First National Bank gives you a solid bank without all the headaches!

Head over to First National Bank to learn more!

Find your local branch in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, or South Dakota!

Member FDIC.

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