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Five Guys Weight Watchers Points Guide

Five Guys has a simple menu, but the food is amazing because they know what they are good at. These burgers and hot dogs will keep you craving more, but have no fear- they have some great menu items for not too many points.

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Here’s the scoop on theWeight Watchers points for Five Guys!

Pro Tip: Try a bunless burger or a kids size version to stay on track with your Weight Watchers points!

Five Guys Burgers, Dogs, and more

Bacon Burger27
Bacon Burger – Bunless18
Bacon Cheese Dog26
Bacon Cheese Dog – Bunless16
Bacon Cheeseburger32
Bacon Dog23
Bacon Dog – Bunless14
Cheese Dog23
Cheese Dog – Bunless14
Cheese Veggie Sandwich 14
Cheeseburger – Bunless20
Fries – Large41
Fries – Regular16
Grilled Cheese17
Hamburger – Bunless 15
Hot Dog 20
Little Bacon Burger19
Little Bacon Burger – Bunless 10
Little Bacon Cheeseburger22
Little Bacon Cheeseburger – Bunless13
Little Cheeseburger19
Little Cheeseburger – Bunless10
Little Fries16
Veggie Sandwich14

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