Five Reasons You Should Ditch the City Life and Move to the Suburbs

Living in the city comes with many conveniences such as easily accessible restaurants, a dependable transport network, proximity to entertainment joints, shops, and other amenities that make life much easier.

However, city life also comes with a lot of different stresses such as congestion and pollution. For someone who wants to try life in the suburbs, here are some of the reasons that make the idea appealing

You Get a Chance to Custom Build Your Home

Living in the countryside means that you have readily accessible land which is also cheaper. You can quickly build the house of your dreams. When living in the city, you have to do with townhouses and apartments, and it’s next to impossible to customize your home.

It’s also tough to find land to buy in the city, and when you do, it’s costly. If you fancy owning a large farm, living in the countryside gives you the opportunity. You can even build a modern farmhouse that’ll make your life more stress-free, enjoyable, and uncomplicated. Check out Mark Stewart Farmhouse Plans for an ideal design.

A Healthier Environment

City life comes with a lot of air and noise pollution, and it’s not the healthiest place to build and settle permanently. It’s also a crowded place with lots of traffic jams which means that you’re constantly stressed as you try to get from one point to another or even get to work on time. 

The countryside has fresh air and beautiful sceneries that leave you relaxed at all times. You can easily walk to the shops or other places you want because the view and the neighborhood are conducive. You also eat healthier meals because you can grow vegetables and cook more often. 

Living far away from conveniences such as restaurants can be advantageous because you prepare your food more than you depend on take-out food.  

You Live in a Tight Community

People living in the city hardly know each other. It’s next to impossible to make friends with your neighbors as everyone is busy and prefers a private life. However, things change when you move to the countryside where people are friendlier, more open to relationships with neighbors, kinder, and welcoming. 

You’ll find it easier to fit into a community as neighbors make it easier for you to make friends and start a new life. It’s very common for your neighbors to pop into your home with a gift basket welcoming you to the community. Additionally, there are community organizations that make it easier to maintain tight bonds. You’ll quickly integrate into a community lifestyle and find more meaning to your life as you share with the elderly, the less privileged, and interact with neighbors. You never have to get lonely when living in the suburbs. 

A More Affordable Life

Living in the countryside is way more affordable than in the city because homes are cheaper, and so are the running costs. Groceries also tend to be cheaper, and the best part is that you can grow your food, reducing expenses. 

Living in the countryside means that you don’t go out often or eat out; you save more. Housing is probably the most significant saving. 

More Space

Being cooped up at home during the Covid 19 lockdown has made many learn to appreciate bigger spaces. Most big cities have limited space for backyards, and even the homes’ interiors are squeezed. 

Moving to the countryside means that you can get more spacious homes with better views. The good part is that the houses are more affordable with big yards, that your children can freely play, grow vegetables and entertain guests.

Also, country homes have incredible outdoor sceneries such as mountains, forests, and rivers, making them an ideal choice. Space is less congested. You can easily exercise outdoors because you can find hiking and biking trails or jog with the neighbors around the community.

A Less Restrictive Job Market

Finding the ideal job in the city is a daunting task as many jobs are cutthroat. However, with your skills, you can find a perfect job in the suburbs, and because your expenses will reduce, you can save more or maintain a less stressful lifestyle. 

You’ll also not have to deal with traffic jams, and can quickly get to work. Additionally, the suburbs offer the best place for freelancers to explore their creativity. Whether they want to work indoors in a spacious home, quiet and beautiful outdoors, or somewhere in a park, they can freely express their thoughts in a calm environment. 

As you’ll find out, living in the countryside is appealing, affordable and healthier. You can maintain a more flexible work schedule and make more friends. 

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