5 Ways to Save Money on Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday is for people who want the discount without the hassle. I’m honestly surprised that Black Friday is still a thing because Cyber Monday is so much better with the same discounts, the easiness of staying at home, and most places giving out free shipping. Just as well, Black Friday is turning into a crazy mess! I don’t know about you, but I would much rather stay at home the night of Thanksgiving and sleep, as well as rest the next day, and then shop in my pajamas online!

All of that being said, the best part of Cyber Monday is the fact that you can save even more money by staying home! Check out my top five ways to save money on Cyber Monday:


Not all Cyber Monday deals happen on Monday. A lot of places put their Cyber Monday deals out when doors open on Black Friday! I’m not saying that every place does this, so do your research. But, for the record, I bought an iPad mini on sale once… on Black Friday… online, instead of in store… for the same price as the people in person were getting it. So, if a store does this and you wait until Monday to check prices, you might run out of luck because things do go out of stock!


Say you are looking at buying a television and you find one on sale at one store. You become so excited that you don’t even look at any other places that are selling that exact television to see if there is a better deal out there! That’s the wrong move. Do yourself a favor and instead, check out other sites. Not only is there a chance that there is a better deal for that television out there, but there might even be a better deal for a better television out there. Conclusion: Don’t settle and compare and contrast prices at different stores!


Products look good online. It’s specifically someone’s job to take pictures of that new computer you are looking at to make it look fantastic. Don’t fall for this! The last thing you want to do is buy a product that looks one way online and then a different way in person. You’ll end up spending more money by needing to splurge on the better product and having bought the worst project as well. And the one thing about Cyber Monday is that not everything is returnable because you are already getting a pretty sweet deal in the first place!


Don’t be the person who goes and waits in line on Thanksgiving day to buy something you won’t even use. The same goes for Cyber Monday. Don’t buy something you aren’t going to use, especially if you only want it because it’s on sale. Shopping 101: Buy the things you want and need, not the things you won’t use. You’ll end up wasting your money on something that sits and collects dust in your house. Save money by only spending money on the things that you want!


Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you can’t use a coupon with it! While there might be a lot of on sale things that won’t allow a promo code, there are some things that will. All you have to do to find a working promo code is to search the name of the store along with the words “promo code.” It’s as easy as that! While this might take time, wouldn’t you rather pay less for something if you could? Take the extra five minutes to search for a coupon that might save you a ton!

Cyber Monday is great for deals, but it’s better to get the best deal possible. Use these five tips to save you money (and time) this shopping season!

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