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Five Ways to Throw a Virtual Engagement Party

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Planning an engagement party can be stressful enough to begin with, but throw a pandemic on top of that and it can turn into a total nightmare. You want to celebrate this beautiful moment with your friends and family, but you don’t want to push the COVID limits, so now, you’ve opted for a virtual celebration, but you’re not sure how to go about it. Well, have we got the solutions for you. Read for five ways to throw the perfect virtual engagement party.

Create a Schedule

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First thing’s first, the schedule. Having a set beginning and end time can help your guests plan their personal schedules around your event. Not only that, but having schedules also helps everything run smoothly. In doing this, you avoid scrambling to figure out what to do, or unnecessarily dragging out the event.

Keep it Intimate

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We understand this moment is important to you and you want to share with as many people as possible, but inviting everyone you can think of may cause problems. It is easier to be talked over and harder to get a hold of a large, rowdy Zoom crowd. So, just choose some close friends and family to attend your party, and send the good news either in email or video to others who you couldn’t invite.

Have a Party Theme

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Nothing says fun, like a themed party. Given that there will most likely be no other chances to dress up any time soon, use this event to your advantage. Some examples of themes would be 20’s, 70’s, 90’s (any decade really), or choosing a theme depending on the season. For example, summer would be a luau theme and fall, a halloween theme. Side note: remember to include your theme in your invitation!

Send Party Favours

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Usually party favors are sat by the door as a “thank you for coming” gift to the guest, but because of obvious reasons, we need to work around that. Instead, you can send them through the mail!

If you aren’t sure what to include, some common party favor items include, chocolate or mini pastries; they can be homemade or otherwise, it’s up to you! Also look at sending small gift bags, maybe with some handmade scented soaps, some small cute plants, lip glosses, etc!

Party Games!

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Another way to maximize the potential of your virtual engagement party is to play games, like Bingo, Never Have I Ever, or Charades. Maybe try a game of Trivia using trivia questions about the happy couple! Along with the schedule, fun games and activities fill empty silences and prevent what is known as a “zoom burnout.” This is where after a while of being on the call, the energy of the guests die significantly. Just make sure they’re games that keep your guests excited and you should have nothing to worry about.

All that said, congratulations! Please feel free to use these ideas as a guideline to personalize your party. If you have any personal ideas or tips, feel free to drop them in the comments.

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