The FlexiSpot Brand Day Sale is Here – Save Up to 65% Off

It’s time to ditch the back pain and create a workspace that fuels your productivity!

The FlexiSpot Brand Day Sale is happening right now, offering incredible discounts of up to 65% off on a wide range of ergonomic furniture.

Massive Savings on Everything You Need

This year’s Brand Day Sale is your chance to snag amazing deals on all your ergonomic must-haves.

An L-shaped height-adjustable desk with a laptop, monitor, keyboard, and a potted plant on top, situated on a light-colored rug with a plant nearby.
Save $250.00 Was: $699.99 Sale Price: $449.99

Whether you’ve been eyeing a standing desk to elevate your workday or a supportive chair to finally conquer that comfort zone, FlexiSpot has got you covered – and at unbeatable prices.

Top Deals to Get Excited About

Here’s a taste of the fantastic deals you can score during the FlexiSpot Brand Day Sale:

Standing Desks

A standing desk with a plant on it.
Save $170.00 Was: $499.99 Sale Price: $329.99

Take your workday to new heights with deep discounts on popular FlexiSpot standing desks like the E7, the Comhar with Drawers, and the brand new E2L L-shaped model.

Ergonomic Chairs

A modern ergonomic office chair with adjustable armrests, mesh backrest, headrest, and a cushioned seat, sitting on a five-wheel base.
Save $350.00 Was: $689.99 Sale Price: $339.99

Say goodbye to aches and pains with massive savings on FlexiSpot’s ergonomic chair collection, including the best-selling FlexiChair C7 and a variety of other options to match your needs.


Two computer monitors displaying identical screens are placed side by side on a black desk with two drawers underneath. The screen shows a blue "F" logo on a grid background.
Save $20.00 Was: $89.99 Sale Price: $69.99

Complete your workspace transformation with stylish and functional accessories.

They have a variety of monitor arms, anti-fatigue mats, and monitor riser stands – all available at incredible sale prices.

It’s More Than Just Savings – It’s an Investment in You

The FlexiSpot Brand Day Sale is more than just a chance to snag a great deal; it’s an investment in your well-being.

By upgrading to ergonomic furniture, you’re actively promoting better posture, reducing back pain, and ultimately boosting your productivity throughout the workday.

Don’t Wait – These Deals Won’t Last!

Head over to the FlexiSpot website right now and explore the full range of Brand Day Sale deals to find the perfect ergonomic furniture to elevate your workspace: FlexiSpot Brand Day Sale.

A gray office chair with a mesh back and headrest is placed on a gray patterned rug, next to a small stack of books and a green potted plant.
Save $210.00 Was: $369.99 Sale Price: $159.99

With discounts this good, these deals won’t last long!

Happy Shopping!

We hope you take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to create a more comfortable and productive workspace with FlexiSpot’s Brand Day Sale.

Happy shopping!

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