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Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill Review

Many of us have been working in a home office in recent years. One main issue with working from home is that this can easily lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Spending multiple hours a day sitting in an office chair can be bad for our health. I’m so excited to share the good news about a great office chair alternative, and provide my thoughts in a Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill review.

There are so many different ways to make your office space more active. Some people work at a stationary bike, stand on a balance board, or have bike desks.

really feel that this under desk treadmill is the better choice. With a treadmill you have the freedom and comfort to move however you want! You don’t have to worry about staying in the seated position for long periods of time.

The Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill pairs perfectly with the Flexispot Standing Desk to bring your home office to life! Together, they make the ultimate treadmill desk to help make your life easy.

Many of us can agree that there are just not enough hours in the day. With work to complete, errands to run, and so many activities we want to do, it can be difficult finding time to fit in a workout on a daily basis.

The Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill Walking Pad is just what you need to stay active even during work. This foldable treadmill is the perfect product to help you make the most of your time and walk while you work.

Here is the scoop on our flexispot under desk treadmill review!

All About the Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill

The Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill is the perfect desk treadmill for so many reasons! First and foremost, this treadmill is so easy to store. It folds in half and measures 6.7 inches thick so you can easily store it under a bed or couch when you are not using it.

The treadmill operates with a Bluetooth wireless remote control, so there is no power cable! It also features the control panel on a powerful LCD display. The LCD screen shows you all of the important factors of your workout like max speed, time, steps, mileage, calories burned and more!

The treadmill has a total weight capacity of 220 lbs. and a comfortably spacious runway that measures 47.2” x 18”.

As for the running belt, it is part of a 5-layer buffer design. The belt is non-slip and wear-resistant so it will stay looking nice and clean. The other layers include a smooth low resistance layer, a high density fiber layer, an aviation aluminum alloy structure, and an inert sound-absorbing rubber to reduce the noise level.

Thanks to the sleek design and the high-torque brushless motor with magnetic resistance, you can start walking at work in no time!

Easy Setup

Once you raise the seat height of your Flexispot Standing Desk using one of the preset buttons to the maximum height and lay the Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill Walking Pad underneath the keyboard tray and desk top, you can start walking.

It is so easy to set up the under desk treadmill! All you have to do is unfold it, lay it down, press the power switch, and start walking.

It works best under an adjustable desk like the Flexispot Standing Desk but you can use it at any work surface. The treadmill folds in half for easy storage so it only takes up a little space. It also has transport wheels so that you can move it easily without straining your back!

With the sleek minimal design and portability, this treadmill is sure to fit in any office or workspace! It stores so much better than other models like the Lifespan tr5000.

Safety First

Some of my favorite features to mention in this Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill Review are the safety features. Being able to walk in the comfort of your home office is great, but safety is even more important.

This treadmill comes with a childproof lock so you can rest easy knowing that your kids won’t get hurt playing on the treadmill.

Also, depending on the intensity of your workouts, users can sometimes get tired. Another great feature is that the belt drive system uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor your location in real time. This means that the treadmill will slow down or stop if the speed range is too much and you drift too far back.

No matter your exercise cycle this treadmill is here to keep you safe for a long time.

Great For Your Body

Working full-time desk jobs can cause health issues for lots of people. Sitting at a desk all day can lead to back issues, neck pain, and other health problems. Walking on a treadmill while working at your standing desk offers so many health benefits.

The main difference between the Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill and other treadmills is the incline. The Flexispot functions at a 2° incline, which may seem small but it makes such a difference! That 2° incline is just enough to put your body in the right position and take some pressure off of your joints. This is the better way to workout by far!

If there is anything just as important as being active throughout your work day, it is protecting your joints! With such a protective and comfortable design, you will see your daily step count increase in no time at all!

Start Saving Money

The Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill is available for a reasonable price that will save you money overtime! So many of us loose money on annual gym memberships, fitness classes and even the occasional mobile app. All of those things can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the price range.

Thankfully, the treadmill is available for only $699.99 so you will save so much money in annual fees. With just a few height adjustments of your standing desk you can easily workout in the standing position right at home for less money.

The best part of having a Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill in your home and not having to spend money on a gym membership is that you can also save time!

You no longer have to plan going to the gym into your schedule or stress about finding time to workout. All of your workouts can happen right at home for a much smaller cost!

Why You Will Love the Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill

A small and easily movable treadmill goes perfectly with sit-stand desks. Finding the space to use exercise equipment at home in a small room can be really difficult, but this treadmill stores so easily you won’t have to worry about space ever again!

Get more done at your office desk while taking up less space with the Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill. Another reason that users will love this treadmill is that it is wireless, so you don’t have to adjust your power strip and cable management solutions at all!

No matter how tall you are, you can adjust your standing desk to different levels and different heights and start walking!

This treadmill really is a good option for anyone with limited time or space to workout. Even walking on it for just a little bit each day will do wonders for your health. A good way to make walking a habit is to do it every day.

Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill Review Final Thoughts

Honestly, I think that the Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill is a great addition to my home office. Anyone who wants to live a more active lifestyle but struggles to find the time will absolutely love this!

This is a great option for anyone with a busy schedule or a small work area. This new smoking hot treadmill is such an innovative product that I think everyone needs one in their home office!

I also can’t get over how easy it is to store this treadmill! It folds up so easily and rolls into a closet or lays under a couch without much effort at all.

If you are looking to replace your existing desk with a new desk that can help you stay active, the Flexispot en1 is a great choice of standing desk converter. Pair it with the Flexispot Under Desk Treadmill for a better way to get out of the sitting position.

The next time you are online shopping for something to spruce up your home office, think about treadmills! If you like to use cases of real customers to weigh your options, just let me say I think that the Flexispot treadmill is the best model on the market.

If you prefer something like a desk cycle with a bike seat and an attached desk I also highly recommend a Flexispot standing desk exercise bike. Some models are the Flexispot Deskcise, the Flexispot Desk Bike, and the Flexispot Deskcise Pro.

You can easily type or use your mobile phone and other smart devices while simultaneously adjusting resistance levels, your cable management tray, or the height of the desk.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.