55+ Best Florida Gifts For Christmas And Themed Ideas (2023)

Florida, the Sunshine State, is well-known for its warm weather, ocean breezes, state parks, and diverse wildlife. Florida residents often take pride in their state’s incredible reputation and argue it is the best state in the country, which is why they will love Florida Christmas gifts.

As the holiday season approaches, gifting your loved ones with Florida-themed presents can be a great way to share the state’s unique charm. From beach-inspired ornaments, colorful home décor, or Disney World merchandise there’s a wide range of Florida gifts perfect for spreading cheer during Christmas time.

Located in the southeastern region of the United States, Florida is not only known for its tourist attractions but also for its indigenous flora and fauna. When looking for unique Florida gifts for Christmas, you can opt for items that showcase the state’s natural beauty or its rich culture.

Gifts like beach-inspired jewelry, Florida citrus treats, or artwork featuring local landscapes can bring a little sunshine into anyone’s holiday season.

When searching for the perfect Florida-themed unique gifts, the key factors to consider are the recipient’s taste, the product’s quality, and its relevance to the state. Keep in mind that the gift should reflect the essence of Florida, whether it be through its vibrant colors, natural elements, or popular landmarks.

With these factors in mind, we meticulously explored various options and handpicked a collection of perfect gift ideas for Christmas that will delight your loved ones and showcase the unique features of the Sunshine State.

From bath products to beach gear, here are the best gifts for every family member!

A palm tree beside a gold box on the sand in Florida

Florida Gifts for Christmas

Discover the perfect presents and practical travel gifts for your loved ones this holiday season with our specially curated list of Florida-themed gifts!

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1. Old World Christmas Glass Blown Florida Ornament

Old World Christmas Glass Blown Ornament State of Florida

The Old World Christmas Glass Blown Florida Ornament is a beautiful piece that embodies the spirit of Florida in a delicate and carefully crafted design. As a glass-blown ornament, it adds a touch of elegance and artistry to your holiday tree that you won’t find in just any gift shop. 

Each ornament is in the shape of Florida and hand-painted using a series of labor-intensive steps, ensuring that every piece is unique and filled with detail.

The intricate design showcases various elements of Florida’s culture, such as the marine life, oranges, and alligators, offering a glimpse into the Sunshine State’s distinctive features. From Key West to Fort Myers this ornament works for anyone who enjoys the Sunshine State.

2. Bloody Mary Mixer – St. Augustine Distillery Mixer

bloody mary mixer

The first sip of this mixer will transport you straight to flavor town. Packed with the perfect blend of tangy tomatoes, zesty spices, and a hint of heat, it’s like a party in your mouth!

Whether you like it mild or prefer a little kick, this mixer has got you covered – just adjust the amount of vodka accordingly.

3. Florida Souvenir Gift for Curry Hammock State Park T-Shirt

curry hammock state park florida shirt

“Florida Souvenir Gift: Curry Hammock State Park T-Shirt is a stylish and memorable way to commemorate your trip to this beautiful state park! Perfect for men, women, and kids who love outdoor adventures.

Explore nature while rocking this unique Florida State Park apparel!

4. Florida Fresh Body Butter 9 oz

naples soap company body butter

Florida Fresh Body Butter 9 oz is a hydrating and nourishing body butter from Naples Soap Company and is made with cocoa and shea butter, Pro Vitamin B5, hemp oil, and fruit extracts. 

It absorbs quickly, lasts for hours, revitalizes skin, and locks in moisture. The lively Florida scent combines bergamot, tangerine, lime, grapefruit, lemon, and orange – with a touch of mango for a fun twist. 

5. Marmalade Lovers 8 oz. Jars

marmalade jars

Spice up your toast with Davidson of Dundee Marmalade Lovers 8 oz. Jars! This playful 6-pack offers a variety of flavors, including orange honey and more. Perfect for adventurous taste buds!

6. Cape Shore Santa Riding Alligator Ornament

Cape Shore Santa Riding Alligator

The Cape Shore Santa Riding Alligator ornament is a fun and unconventional piece to add to your holiday decorations. Flaunting vivid colors and a distinctive design, this ornament is particularly appealing to those who enjoy something out of the ordinary.

Aside from its unique appeal, the ornament is also made of hand-painted resin and is one of the best Florida gifts for Christmas.

7. HAFLIBE Florida Ornament

HAFLIBE Florida Ornament

The HAFLIBE Florida Ornament is an ideal Christmas gift for all the Florida natives looking to showcase their Florida pride with a beautifully crafted, hand-painted ornament.

This wooden Florida ornament is a beautiful and intricate addition to any Christmas tree.

8. Twelve Days of a Florida Lover’s Christmas Kitchen Dish Towel

Twelve Days of a Florida Lover's Christmas Flour Sack Kitchen Dish Towel

This whimsical dish towel is a delightful gift for Florida lovers, bringing a unique twist to the classic Twelve Days of Christmas. From 12 tourists tanning to key lime pie baking, there is no doubt this is a Florida-infused gift.

9. HTDesigns Florida Christmas Ornament

HTDesigns Florida Christmas Ornament

The HTDesigns Florida Christmas Ornament features an elegant, permanent print on both sides of a flat, round ceramic ornament. The craftsmanship of the ornament is impressive, as it is made from high-quality ceramic material.

Furthermore, it is placed in a decorative gold linen embossed gift box with a red metallic bow – all set for holiday gifting.

10. Old World Christmas Florida Gators Ornament

Old World Christmas Florida Gators Glass Blown Ornaments

The Old World Christmas Florida Gators Ornament is a special and well-made decoration that pays homage to the University of Florida with its hand-crafted design. There is no doubt that Central Florida residents will love this piece. 

As a mouth-blown glass ornament with hand-painted details and glitter accents, it exudes quality and charm that reflects the skill and tradition of the 1800s techniques used in its creation.

11. Andaz Press Beach City Coffee Mug Gift

Andaz Press Coffee Mug

The Andaz Press Beach City coffee mug has a captivating design featuring the phrase “I’d Rather Be in Naples, Florida.” It beautifully captures the essence of longing for a beach getaway in Florida. 

The Andaz Press team carefully packages the mug in a durable white gift box, making it an excellent present for various occasions such as birthdays, and Christmas, or simply as a thoughtful reminder for someone who loves Naples, Florida.

12. Tampa Florida Vintage Airport Art Print

Tampa Florida TPA 813 Vintage Airport Art Print

Celebrate Tampa’s vintage airport with this art print. It’s a great gift idea and perfect for wall décor. This art piece showcases the coordinates of Tampa’s airport location, to help Florida lovers daydream about their next trip to the Tampa Bay area.

13. Tervis Florida Sunshine State Of Mind Tumbler

florida tumbler

Tervis Florida Sunshine State Of Mind Tumbler is break-resistant with a contemporary design and is perfect for food & beverage lovers. Embrace the sunshine state of mind!

14. Umsufa Merritt Island NASA Kennedy Space Center Florida Ornament

Merritt Island NASA Kennedy Space Center Florida Ornament

This Umsufa Merritt Island NASA Kennedy Space Center ornament celebrates the spirit of Florida and America’s space exploration by showcasing the iconic rocket launch site. 

The vibrant colors and smooth ceramic glaze ensure that the ornament stands out on any Christmas tree, and the design is hand-printed on both sides with identical patterns. 

15. Weekino Anna Maria Florida Creative Christmas Decorations

Weekino Anna Maria Florida USA Creative Christmas Decorations

Weekino has crafted a delightful ornament to represent Anna Maria Island City Jail in Florida. This ceramic ornament is handmade, combining quality and a personal touch with its unique design for a special occasion.

Its lightweight yet sturdy nature ensures that it can seamlessly fit into your Christmas decor without weighing down your tree branches.

16. Florida Salt Scrubs Hand & Body Scrub

florida body scrub

Get ready to pamper yourself with Florida Salt Scrubs Hand & Body Scrub! This 100% all-natural scrub is the perfect present for your body, feet, and hands. Experience the ultimate exfoliation with our unique extra fine texture, preferred by many over Dead Sea salt. 

17. PUDDING CABIN Flamingo Ring Holder

PUDDING CABIN Flamingo Ring Holder

The PUDDING CABIN Flamingo Ring Holder is a charming addition to any room, serving as a practical and visually appealing way to organize jewelry while reminding some of Florida and their flamingoes. 

The flamingo’s neck is perfect for holding rings, while the dish can accommodate items like earrings or bracelets.

18. In Florida We Salt Margarita Not Sidewalks Shirt

In Florida We Salt Margarita Not Sidewalks Winter Gift Shirt

The In Florida We Salt Margarita Not Sidewalks Gift Shirt is an entertaining and high-quality addition to anyone’s holiday wardrobe, especially for those spending time in Florida.

Its unique and funny design sparks joy and will surely be a hit during the festive season.

19. The Adventures of Florida Man Adult Coloring Book

The Adventures of Florida Man Adult Coloring Book

This coloring book is filled with 35 hilarious illustrations, perfectly capturing the essence of the legendary Florida Man. As you flip through the pages, you’ll find an excellent selection of high-quality images that capture the absurdity and humor associated with Florida Man’s adventures.

20. Funny Florida Snow Bird Beach T-Shirt

Funny Florida Vacation T-Shirt Miami Beach Souvenir Gift

The Funny Florida Vacation Gift Funny Snow Bird Beach T-Shirt by Sunset Tees AO definitely catches your attention with its vibrant colors and playful design. This shirt would make an excellent souvenir or a fun present for friends and family who enjoy the Florida vibes.

21. HOME SMILE Oyster Shell Ring Dish

HOME SMILE Oyster Shell Ring Dish

Crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic, the ring dish features a nature-inspired oyster shell shape with silver trim. This intricate detail adds an extra layer of sophistication to the piece.

The ring dish also comes well-packaged in a white box, making it a perfect ocean-themed gift for friends, and daughters, or for various occasions.

22. The Twelve Days of Christmas in Florida 

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Florida

As an enjoyable twist on the classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” this Florida book artfully combines engaging storytelling with eye-catching illustrations, making it a great Christmas gift for both children and adults.

The author takes readers on a fun-filled journey through the state of Florida, providing insightful facts about its culture, history, and landmarks.

Though the book is only 40 pages in length, each page bursts with excitement and vibrant imagery. 

23. Pink Flamingo in Santa Hat and Feathers Ornament

Pink Flamingo in Santa Hat and Feathers Christmas Holiday Ornament

The Pink Flamingo Holiday Ornament by Kurt S. Adler is a delightful addition to any Christmas tree. The detailed design, featuring a flamingo wearing a Santa hat and wrapped in feathery garlands, brings a sense of charm and fun to your holiday decor.

24. Outback Steakhouse Multibrand Restaurant Gift Card

Outback Steakhouse Gift Card

The Outback Steakhouse Multibrand Restaurant Gift Card provides an enjoyable dining experience at different restaurant types in Florida.

With the flexibility of using it at Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, or Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, the recipient is sure to find something they love.

The card itself is made of durable plastic, which adds a touch of authenticity and convenience when gifting.

25. Old World Christmas Manatee Ornament

Old World Christmas Manatee Glass Blown Ornament for Christmas Tree

Imagine revisiting the fond memories of swimming with gentle manatees during a vacation in Florida each time you adorn your Christmas tree with this Old World Christmas Manatee Glass Blown Ornament. 

Flaunting an exquisite hand-crafted design, its appeal lies in its intricate detailing and ability to celebrate and bring attention to an endangered species.

26. Totally Bamboo A Slice of Life Florida State Cutting Board

florida state cutting board

Slice up your love for Florida with this artistic bamboo cutting board. Engraved with the state’s top towns and attractions like North Port and Orlando, it’s a great conversation starter and one of the best Florida Christmas gifts.

Flip it over to use it as a high-quality cutting board that won’t dull your knives. 

27. Florida Seafood Seasonings Gourmet Garlic Hot Sauce

florida hot garlic sauce

This Florida Seafood Seasonings Gourmet Garlic Hot Sauce bottle packs a punch with its delectable blend of spices and garlic, perfect for a spice fan.

The zesty garlic flavor adds depth to any seafood dish, while the hint of heat gives it that extra kick.

28. Kurt Adler Starfish Couple Ornaments

Kurt Adler Starfish Ornaments

These charming beach-themed ornaments make an excellent Florida-inspired gift for couples during the holiday season.

These Kurt Adler Starfish Couple Ornaments are a stylish and unique gift idea, perfect for couples who have a love for Florida’s beautiful beaches and sea animals. The set comes with two hand-painted resin ornaments and is adorned with glitter accents to add a little sparkle to your Christmas tree.

29. Vera Bradley Triple Zip Hipster Crossbody Purse

Vera Bradley Cotton Collegiate Crossbody Purse

This Vera Bradley Cotton Collegiate Triple Zip Hipster Crossbody purse combines practicality and style, making it an ideal choice for those who want to show off their team pride while keeping their essentials organized.

The University of Florida-themed design is perfect for fans, alumni, or students wanting to represent their Gators with pride. 

30. Cape Shore Alligator Guided Airboat with Santa and Reindeer Ornament 

Cape Shore Alligator Guided Airboat with Santa and Reindeer Christmas Holiday Ornament Grey

The Cape Shore Alligator Guided Airboat with Santa and Reindeer Christmas Holiday Ornament is a delightful and fun addition to any Florida-themed ornament collection or as a travel memento.

The unique design and cool gift features hand-painted alligator, airboat, Santa, and reindeer, capturing the quirky spirit of Florida in one ornament.

31. Someone from Florida Loves Me Candle

someone from florida loves me candle

Introducing the Someone from Florida Loves Me Candle with a Sun Drenched Beaches scent. This 9 oz candle has a burn time of 50 hours. Get ready to bask in the love with one of the best Florida Christmas gifts!

32. University Of Florida Whiskey Glass Set

florida whiskey glasses

Sip in style with these officially licensed UF drinkware with the University of Florida Gators branding! Enjoy your cocktail in a classic low ball rocks glass featuring the university’s logo and an authentic campus map.

What better way to cheer on the Florida Gators than with a cocktail glass?

33. Homesick Premium Scented Candle, Florida

Homesick Premium Scented Candle, Florida

The Homesick Candle in Florida scent is an excellent gift for anyone who has a strong connection with the state, or for those who admire the natural beauty.

The candle comes with an authentic and captivating blend of fragrances, immediately transporting you to Florida’s sunny days and fragrant orange groves. 

34. Totally Bamboo Florida State Puzzle Bamboo Coaster Set

Totally Bamboo Florida Coaster Set

These coasters are a creative and functional Florida-themed gift with a unique puzzle design and high-quality bamboo construction. Whether you vacation in Palm Beach, North Shore, or Siesta Key, every part of Florida is included.

Its laser-engraved artwork highlights popular locations across Florida, and the four coasters piece together to form a complete map when placed side by side. 

35. CUBICER Personalized Florida Tumbler

CUBICER Personalized Tumbler Florida State Insulated Cup

The CUBICER tumbler is not just functional; it also comes in a dazzling Florida design that adds a touch of personality to your drinkware collection. The powdered coating ensures that the design won’t fade or peel with use. 

This tumbler would be a great gift idea for your loved ones on special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, or even as a thoughtful gesture.

36. Florida State Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Florida State Vinyl Record Wall Clock

The VINYL REVOLT Florida State Vinyl Record Wall Clock is not just a timepiece; it’s also an appealing wall decoration. Handcrafted in Europe from a genuine 12-inch vintage vinyl record, this clock gives a cool retro touch to any room it’s placed in. 

It showcases a unique blend of art, holiday spirit, and a touch of Florida.

37. Florida Man: A Collection of Hilariously True, Unbelievable Headlines

Florida Man Book

A must-have for fans of bizarre news and “Florida Man” antics, showcasing a compilation of wild and entertaining headlines.

These Florida books do a fantastic job of compiling some of the most bizarre and amusing headlines that Florida has to offer, and each story is more amusing and astonishing than the last.

The book’s compact size and concise storytelling make it easy to carry around and share with friends and family.

38. Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Mickey Mouse T-Shirt

mickey mouse shirt

Celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary with this witty Mickey Mouse T-Shirt! The retro design is perfect for adults and kids alike who are Disney fans. 

39. Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Castle PopSockets Standard PopGrip

walt disney world popsocket

Get a grip with the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Castle PopSockets Standard PopGrip! This official Disney merchandise is perfect for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, tablet, and more. 

Stick it to smooth, hard plastic cases and show off your retro Disney park style.

40. JJTZX State Bangle U.S. Map Charm Expandable Travel Bracelet 

us map charm bracelet

JJTZX State Bangle U.S. Map Charm Expandable Travel Bracelet with a Florida charm is made of stainless steel cable and alloy pendant. It is also minimal and fits adult-sized wrists!

This is a great present for people who love Florida and want something to remind them of the sunshine state.

41. Florida is Always a Good Idea Cosmetic Bag

florida cosmetic bag

Introducing the Florida is Always a Good Idea Cosmetic Bag! It offers ample room for your daily cosmetics and accessories like lipstick, brushes, eyeshadow palettes, and more. 

Not only can you store makeup essentials, but also everyday items such as glasses, keys, earphones, and even your phone. 

42. Kay Dee Home State of Florida Embroidered Kitchen Towel

state of florida towel

A fun and colorful Florida-themed kitchen towel with an embroidered state outline. It showcases popular locations like Palm Beach, Venice, Clearwater, and Fort Myers.

The coordinating plaid tea towel features a stitched panel with a flamingo, sun with shades, and the humorous sentiment ‘It’s a Florida thing’.

43. NAVY PEONY Retro Florida State Travel Stickers

florida state travel stickers

Experience Florida’s cultural gems with our Navy Peony Retro Florida State Travel Stickers. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Sunshine State with hand-painted watercolor illustrations featuring iconic landmarks like Universal Studios, Disney World, and Kennedy Space Center. 

Capture your road trip memories from the Everglades to Clearwater Beach with this vibrant sticker set.

44. NCAA Florida Gators Painted Mascot Lamp

florida gators lamp

This Florida Gators lamp not only illuminates your space but also brings your love for the Florida Gators to life.

With its eye-catching orange color and intricately painted mascot design, this lamp is a stylish addition to any room. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just want to show some team spirit, this lamp is sure to make a statement.

45. Teamlogo Personalized Florida License Plate Faux Leather Keychain

florida license plate keychain

The Teamlogo Personalized Florida License Plate Leather Keychain is a white keychain made of faux leather. This customizable keychain is the perfect gift for someone moving to Florida or someone who dreams of making Florida their home.

46. Disney Florida Map Beach Towel

florida disney towel

With its vibrant print and high-quality design, this towel is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your beach trips or poolside adventures. Whether you’re lounging under the sun or drying off after a dip, this towel will bring a smile to your face.

Grab yours today and let Mickey and Friends accompany you on your next seaside escapade.

47. Florida Bucket List Adventure Guide & Journal

florida bucketlist journal and guide

Explore Florida’s stunning landscapes, from wetlands to beaches, waterfalls to springs. Dive into nature’s wonders in this guide like the Dry Tortugas and the Everglades. Get lost in the beauty of the Sunshine State and check off your bucket list with an unforgettable adventure!

48. Florida Souvenir Key Chain Acrylic State Map Large Keychain

florida map keychain

This multicolor Florida souvenir key chain made of acrylic is the perfect stocking stuffer for Florida lovers. It features a state map design and is lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere. 

49. Kay Dee Designs – Tea Towel Florida

florida tea towels

Kay Dee Designs offers Adventure Destinations Poster Style Tea Towels featuring Florida’s most thrilling sights, landscapes, and landmarks. This versatile tea towel serves as a wonderful souvenir or a way to proudly display your hometown pride. 

Whether used in the kitchen or framed as a decorative accent, the vibrant printing of charming artwork by artist Carrie Wagner adds a delightful touch.

50. Novelty Alligator Oven Mitt by Alpenkok

alligator oven mitt

Introducing the Novelty Alligator Oven Mitt by Alpenkok! This fierce and functional kitchen accessory will have you tackling hot dishes with a playful twist. Cook up a storm while keeping your hands safe from scorching temperatures.

51. Vintage Retro Collectible tin Sign – 1954 Greetings from Florida

florida tin sign

Get a blast from the past with this vintage retro collectible tin sign! Featuring a design style that incorporates the most advanced printing technology, this sign is not only visually appealing but also easy to hang and fix thanks to small holes in each corner. 

This retro metal sign is an ideal present for anyone who loves Florida. It can be displayed in various locations.

52. Old Florida Gourmet Everything Seasoning

everything seasoning old florida

Introducing Old Florida Gourmet Everything Seasoning, one of the best Florida Christmas gifts! This powdered seasoning comes in a 1.00-count unit and is perfect for adding a flavorful twist to your meals. 

With its specialty being onion, it’s sure to enhance the taste of any dish.

53. Florida Flask Gift Set

florida flask gift

Looking to give a gift to a Floridian who enjoys a drink? Check out this Florida Flask Gift Set. It features a stylish round flask engraved with the word “Florida” and holds 10 oz of your favorite beverage. 

54. Florida Vintage Beach Sunset Shirt

florida tshirt

Looking for a cool and trendy way to show off your love for Florida? Look no further than the vintage beach sunset shirt! With its unique design featuring a beautiful sunset and palm trees, this stylish shirt is not only a great gift idea but also makes for an awesome souvenir.

55. Disney Villains Womens Mini Loungefly Backpack

disney villians backpack

Introducing the Disney Villains Women’s Mini Loungefly Backpack: a must-have accessory and one of the best Christmas gifts for wickedly stylish fashionistas and Florida fans. This backpack is the ultimate blend of convenience and villainous charm. 

56. Buddy Brew Coffee, Medium Roast Whole Bean – Old Florida Roast

buddy brew coffee

Try the Buddy Brew Coffee, Medium Roast Whole Bean – Old Florida Roast to get a taste of Florida. It’s FRESH with quick shipping and comes in a 5lb bag for every coffee fiend.

Tasting notes include citrus and chocolate. Support farmers and shop small with this ethically sourced blend from a family-owned business!

57. Disney Gift Card

Disney Gift Card (Email Delivery), 1 of 2

Disney gift cards are your ticket to all things Disney. Use them at Disney resorts, theme parks, and even at the Aulani resort.

From shopping to dining and everything in between, a Disney gift card opens up a world of possibilities, even free admission to certain parks to see an upcoming show. 

58. Map Of Florida Travel Journal

florida travel journal

This travel journal for kids exploring Florida is interactive, customizable, and perfect for recording beach holidays and summer vacations. 

Stick in souvenirs, photos, and tickets to make a unique keepsake for your favorite place. With sections for planning, daily entries, and space to write about your adventures, it’s a fun way to document your trip!

59. FORICH Soft Backpack Cooler  

pink cooler backpack

The FORICH Soft Cooler Backpack keeps drinks/food cold or hot for hours and is leak-proof. It has a spacious capacity of 30 cans/30L and can hold all your essentials.

The backpack is easy to clean and can even accommodate 2 wine bottles in its side pockets.

Florida Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect holiday gifts in Florida? Look no further! Check out our Florida Christmas Gift Guide to discover awesome gifts.

You can even shop for Florida sweets or a gift certificate for Disney resorts to help your gift recipient miss Florida a little less. With free standard shipping and quick delivery times, creating your gift list of fantastic gifts has never been easier.

Shop now and spread some holiday cheer with our fabulous finds!

Florida gifts for Christmas and themed ideas.

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