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Force 1 F100 Ghost Drone Honest Review

I am always filming various events and videos for the blog, to mix things up I been searching for a drone that is easy to use and reliable. Drones can definitely be a great tool for amateur photographers and videographers to use.

They allow you to get the difficult bird’s eye shots of whatever location you are filming. The Force 1 F100 Ghost Drone has its good qualities, and was so much fun to use! However, this one is for more advanced users or those (like me) that are up for spending a little time playing around with it to figure out what works best.

You can get this Compatible GoPro Drone with Camera 1080p – F100GP Ghost Drones with Cameras, RC HD Go Pro Camera Drone, Long Range Brushless Quadcopter w/Extra Battery – $159.99 TODAY on Amazon!

For a drone, this actually comes at a good price compared to similar products on Amazon. Plus, it has so may amazing features. The Force 1 F100 Ghost is fully equipped with multiple body shells and replacement parts, which is a huge plus, considering crashing it is almost inevitable for an unskilled drone pilot. The battery life is shorter than you would expect, with the average flight time being about 10-15 minutes. 

The Force 1 F100 Ghost Drone has two speeds for tricks and 360 flexibility, for higher resolution photos. This drone is definitely quieter than some of its other similar counterparts, which makes for a better flying experience.  I had a lot of fun testing it out!

The pairing process is slightly difficult, so I highly suggest you watch my video tutorial and review below:

If you happen to not be satisfied with this drone, the company offers a full refund for the product so you really have nothing to lose when trying out this drone!

Included with Purchase:

  • Force 1 F100 Ghost Drone
  • 1080p HD Action Camera
  • 2.4 GHz Remote Controller
  • (2) 1800mAh Li-Po Batteries
  • (3) Body Shells (White, Black, Blue)
  • Balance Charger
  • Camera Mount
  • (4) High Landing Gear Legs
  • (4) Spare Propellers + (4) Propeller Guards
  • Small Screwdriver + Wrench

The Force 1 F100 Ghost Drone is definitely a good choice for the amateur drone user. I am excited to start seeing the benefits from the practice of being able to use this product for any photography and film. I definitely will keep working with this one to get better at obtaining those incredible bird’s eye view shots, but am excited to continue to use this affordable and well-made drone.

You can purchase the product on Amazon.

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