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Former Bachelor Contestant Says Producers “pin the girls against each other”

Kimberly Vick a contestant from Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor took to her tiktok to reveal the scoop on how her casting process went down and insight on working with the producers.

She shared how she ended up competing for roses on the show. “During that time period, you’re talking to the producers a couple of times a week so they really get to know you and they ask everything about you.”


She continued, “And because of this and because I was 23 and a little bit naive, I pretty much divulged every little detail of my life.”

On her tiktok she shared, “I basically told them all about my family life, my dad’s affair, my best friend’s suicide, I knew those things were part of the reason why I felt so alone and why I felt like everyone left me.”

Admitting it was easy for her to talk to them she said, “And because of that, I told them about it and I thought was the reason why I was single. I truly felt like I was just talking to a friend.”

In her videos she admits she was “begging them for one-on-one time with Jake.”

“Basically all night long they’re trying to pin the girls against each other.”

“And they would ask you questions like ‘What did you think about how she reacted to that?’ or ‘How do you like her outfit?’”

“And me being the true southern belle that I am, I decided not to say anything about the other girls because truly I didn’t know them and I didn’t feel comfortable being mean.”

While she didn’t get the ending she hoped for she shared that she “just kept saying this is what’s meant to be because I firmly believe whatever was supposed to happen, happened.”

Kimberly revealed producers did not like her answer. “They did not like that. They kept prying and finally they said, ‘I mean your dad had an affair and your best friend killed herself so this is just one more thing you can add to your list of disappointments.’”

This caused her to get emotional and she shares, “I cried and I made a fool out of myself on night one because I turned out to be the girl that cries thinking that she’s gonna marry someone she met for five minutes on a national television show.” 

She sums up everything saying, “So that’s the story of how I left the Bachelor Mansion empty-handed.”

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