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Former Bachelor Contestants Share Advice On Finding Love

The Bachelor and the Bachelorette both revolve around dating multiple people with an end goal of finding an eventual husband or wife. But what is the best way to find true love on a reality show? Is it even possible?

Five former contestants gave us advice on how to find love, on the show and in real life.

Christen Whitney

Bachelor-Nation Fandom

Christen Whitney was on season 21 of the Bachelor and season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. Her advice talks about making sure you’re ready for life in front of the camera. “Proceed with caution because there are only a handful of people who get like that ‘glory’ time on the show.” Christen goes on to give advice about not letting the negative edits impact you. Most of it is out of your control. But if you are brave enough to potentially face that then the show is worth it. You never know what can come from the show.

Izzy Goodkind


“Stay true to yourself.”

Izzy Goodkind is from season 20 of the Bachelor and Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. She wants to make sure that future contestants don’t get caught up in all of the production and spotlights. In her interview Izzy talks about being honest and staying true to yourself. The best piece of advice she gives is to make your own decisions. Reality can be distorted on these shows, you want to make sure you are doing what you are comfortable with and that you call the shots when you can.

Jasmine Goode

Jasmine was on season 21 of the Bachelor and season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. “There is no way you can fake it in that environment” is what Jasmine tells future Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants in her interview. Her biggest advice to to just be yourself. When you go on to the show, you are there to find love, why would you not want to be yourself around your potential future spouse.

Lace Morris

“Don’t even try being someone else.”

Lace is from season 20 of the Bachelor and season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. Lace’s advice is to go in there with confidence and to always be yourself. She also wants future contestants to know that if you are personally not ready, you can walk away. Lace went into the show thinking she was ready, but as time when on she was just not clicking with Ben. She decided that it would be best for her to leave.

Lily McManus

Bachelor-Nation Fandom

Lily was on the third season of the Bachelor in New Zealand and she was also on the Bachelor Winter Games. Lily Gives advice on being yourself in every situation. “No matter what anyone else tells you or no matter what character they push you to be, just stick to yourself because you will attract the right person that way.” Lily gives this advice for not only future Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants but also to everyone out there. Being yourself will attract someone who likes you for you and not some persona that was made for you.

The answers have been shortened and edited for clarity purpose.

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