FOX 4 TV Segment: The Benefits of Putting Plants in Your Home

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I had so much fun sharing tips on why plants are the perfect accessory to your home and dorm rooms! Along with the feeling of life that plants bring to any room, plants have a variety of benefits. In terms of dorm rooms, research shows that plants can help improve memory, learning, concentration and test scores. Costa Farms ensures your local retailer provides you with the most ideal plant and garden of your dreams. They are available on for even easier and convenient shipping.

They also provide a sense of relaxation – science shows us houseplants help reduce stress which is perfect for the freshman/newbie in an unfamiliar place. Plants also help to purify the air, add living color to your room, and make as a great decorative piece in an otherwise vanilla dorm room.

House plants have become a huge decorating trend among teens and college students, The dorm room of 2018 would seem lacking in style without a living, breathing and especially colorful plant. It is a must-have accessory for any teenager enter college but beyond that, the benefits of owning a plant or two (especially in small spaces like dorm rooms) are endless.

Here is a break down of each plant I talked about in my segment above:

  1. The tall plant is called a Sanseviera – or as most of us know it – it’s a snake plant.  This is from the exotic angels collection.
  2. The ZZ plant is one of the toughest around.  It’s easy to grow.  Whether you’re able to give it steady care, travel a lot, or just get distracted by all the stresses of daily life, ZZ plant survives it all. Plus, it looks good: The plant features shiny, dark green leaves that look waxy (some people even think they’re plastic).
  3. The Red Aglaonema is relatively new variety to the houseplant world, this stunner shows off dark green leaves elegantly flushed with bright red or pink. Its colorful foliage makes red aglaonema a perfect home-decor accent.

These three plants are  perfect for beginners because they are easy to grow.  They don’t mind a little neglect because of a busy lifestyle!  So it makes it the perfect roommate for dormers.

Reasons for Plants in the Dorm Room – or any room for that matter!

  • Plants help purify the air naturally
  • Nature has a meditative effect on our minds and plants are a splendid way to help reduce stress
  • Decorating with plants adds color and harmony to your room, providing you with a feeling of well being
  • Plants will allow for a dorm room to feel more like a home, plus they are very Instagram-able.

These plants are available locally at your favorite Big Box Retailers!

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