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10 Great Websites With Free Educational Activities For Kids

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When kids come home from school they want to have fun and play! They don’t always want to come home and do homework, they want to watch cartoons, eat snacks, relax, and go on the computer or tablet to play games. Not that we can really blame them. Who wouldn’t want to come home and play games right away?! Luckily, there are many great websites with free educational activities and games for kids.

Now you can still have those little brains learning by making them go on these websites and play educational games! These websites are awesome for mommy and daddy when those little kiddies say “I want to play on the computer!” Little do they know they’re still learning about math, science, reading and so much more. So no need to cover your ears anymore and tell them not now, later!

Here are 10 great websites with online educational activities and games for kids.

1. Sesame Street is perfect for those pre-k cuties. They offer videos, games and art activities. Each Sesame Street character has its own games focusing on concepts such as colors, shapes, food, music, story builders and even potty training! They have cute little songs to go with whatever they’re learning so it makes it more fun! You can even use those songs in real life if they really liked it, and some are really catchy. Sesame Street has always been a favorite for everyone and I think this is a great educational website for those little learners.

2. PBS Kids is for kiddies 4 and up. Just like Sesame Street, they offer free educational activities including videos, games, puzzles, and more. Their online games focus on teamwork, feelings, healthy habits, adventure and ABC’s. These are great games because it teaches your little ones how to work together with others, not just at school but anywhere they visit. They learn not just about how they are feeling, but how others are feeling too. The healthy habits activity is also great because it shows which things are good to eat, about your body, and more. PBS Kids has been a longtime favorite!

3. Nick Jr.

This is another fan favorite:! This website is for pre-schoolers and up. They have many different free educational activities and content for kids, including full cartoon episodes to watch, plenty of games, and free printables. Some games include solving problems, such as what belongs in certain categories, matching letters to each other (uppercase and lower case), putting numbers in order, and searching for characters. It’s fun to have games with your favorite characters because it keeps their attention and makes them happy to play more.

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4. Disney Now is another great website for those pre-schoolers all the way up to preteens! Disney Now, while mainly for the kiddies, has a variety of activities to choose from such as games and TV shows. This website is good for teaching kids the seasons, shapes, hand-eye coordination, how to keep clean, how to rhyme and more! Some of the Disney Channel Original Movies require a cable subscription, but there is still plenty of free content for you and your children to enjoy. It’s a great way for them to hang out with Mickey and friends!

5. Starfall is a website for children learning to read and do mathematics. This is a great website for pre-schoolers all the way up to 3rd grade. This website was created by Stephen Schutz who growing up struggled with reading. As a result, he made this website for those who needed a little extra push, just like himself, and then later added mathematics. This website is free or you can become a member and have a membership with them at a low cost. This website offers educational games, singalongs, and stories to read, and allows kids to practice colors, math problems, numbers, the alphabet, and seasons.

6. ABCya

Another website like Starfall is offers free educational games and activities for pre-k cuties all the way up to those 6th graders. The game categories include ABCs, numbers, holiday, strategy, and skills, perfect for language arts and math learners. They have games like puzzles, counting games, painting games, story books, word searches and so much more. Another cool thing about this website is that they offer DIY arts and crafts videos. Who doesn’t love parent-child DIYs!?

7. Fun Brain is for those kiddies in kindergarten all the way up to 8th grade. They offer activity categories like games, reading material, videos, a playground, and a math zone. You’re probably wondering what the online playground section is. Well, this website isn’t just for educational games– it’s also for just regular games to play! They have classic books to read like judy moody or diary of a wimpy kid. Some of the games they offer are word games, grammar games, math games and so many more. You have to check this website out!

8. Kids National Geographic is a great website for those who are curious about the Earth, animals, history, nature and so much more. This is your go-to website for when your kids ask you “How far can kangaroos jump?” All you have to do is go here! They have everything to learn about kangaroos and every other animal out there. This website has everything you can ever learn about. It’s a great website for those curious little brains. They also have things you can buy like books, toys, and cool tshirts.

9. Learning Games For Kids

This website,, is for pre-k and elementary kids . They have a bunch of free educational activities in subjects like science, social studies, English, health, math, and more. They have games, songs, videos, and printables! Some games they have are puzzles, flash cards, memory games, and even typing! I don’t feel like many websites teach you typing, and this is a really good subject to learn since most of us use a computer or phone everyday.

10. CoolMath / CoolMath for kids

Alt=" Girl on a great website for learning math for free" and is for everyone, and I mean everyone. This website is for those pre-k kids all the way to 100 years old! Now obviously this website is specifically for math, but they do have classic games on here as well. Coolmath is mostly for the bigger kids, containing lessons, brainteasers, quizzes, and slideshows that teach you about various topics, but they do also have fun games that teach about budgeting, fractions, sudoku and more. They mostly focus on grade school level math and have games like racing, space games, and animal games. This is a great website for those who need a little more practice and to learn in a fun way.

Now there you are, just a few of my favorite websites with free educational activities and games for kids. There are many great websites to visit, and some of them may require you to sign up and create an account but are still free. Now go have some fun learning!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.