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Top 10 FREE Things to do in Kansas City

If you’re visiting Kansas City, then you might be asking yourself what are the coolest places to visit? Well, we came up with a list of Top 10 things to do in Kansas City! To make it even better, not only are these locations tourist approved, but they’re also FREE! You can still have a great time in Kansas City all while on a budget.

Boulevard Brewing Company – (Free Tours on Wednesdays)

This brewery has become a tourist attraction bringing people from all over the world! Boulevard Brewing Co. takes you around its facility and ends the tour in the tasting room. Free tours all day on Wednesdays are definitely something to think about when coming to Kansas City.

Federal Reserve Bank – Kansas City Museum (Free Tours)

You like money? Great! Then you’ll definitely love visiting the Kansas City’s Federal Reserve Bank. With free tours every day, you’re going to have the best time learning about money and seeing Kansas City’s infamous vault!

Ernie Miller Nature Center (Free Visits)

Nature walks are great, especially when visiting the Ernie Miller Nature Center. The Park offers three miles of hiking trails traversing prairies, a forest and a beautiful stream. Everyone is allowed to visit the park FOR FREE, but be aware that pets and bikes are not allowed.

Kansas City Public Library (Free Entry)

Being one of Kansas City’s most prized locations, Kansas City’s Public Library allows people of all ages and backgrounds to come and enjoy the library’s scenery. Having such a cultural background and thousands of books, your visit will include an infinite amount of knowledge at no charge.

Crown Center (Free)

Sitting at the heart of Kansas City, the Crown Center is full of activities for the whole family. This outdoor beauty has a calendar full of entertainment for children, parents and teenagers. You can enjoy your free time with your family here for a low cost and sometimes for free too!

Kaleidoscope (Free Entry)

This free art studio offers to parents the opportunity to bring their kids to enjoy a creative atmosphere! This place allows children to explore the arts, create and express themselves in a creative way.

Historic Liberty Jail (Free Tours)

Historic Liberty Jail

Liberty Jail is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and they allow individuals to take a tour of the location. This jail held a prophet who went by the name of Joseph Smith. During his time here, Joseph found comfort and a revelation from the Lord. This same revelation became the church’ founding practice that still remains nowadays. You can experience a 30 minute to an hour tour of the property.

The Roasteries Air Roasted Coffee (Under 12 – Free)

The Roasterie

If you are a coffee fanatic, then the Roasterie is the perfect place for you! Brewing some of the best coffee in Kansas City, the Roasterie will guarantee that you have a fun time learning about the company and how coffee is made. During the tour, you can see first hand how the Roasterie manually brews the coffee, learn about the history of the company and end the tour with a Q&A where all of your questions will be answered. This tour is wheelchair and stroller friendly. Children under 12 can get in for free.

Union Station (Free Entry)

Being the center of Kansas City’s tourist attraction, Union Station is known for its inclusiveness, family friendly activities and the historical platform in Kansas City. Built in 1914 as a train station, Union Station boarded thousands of passengers each year during WWII! This station has become a sentimental figure to families both then and now. Check out their calendar to find out times, events and fees to have the best out of your visit here.

Kemper Museum (Free Entry)

Kemper Museum

This museum is a work of art, literally. The museum hosts a multitude of beautiful artworks so that visitors can appreciate the modern art and receive the best art knowledge and information the museum has to offer. This is a family friendly environment that benefits all who enter. Tours include educational programs that vary from lectures to workshops. You’ll definitely experience the best of the best!

When visiting Kansas City, take a look at these locations to make the most out of this trip! Make sure to check out our KC Destination Trips: History Edition post if you are a history fan, and for those who aren’t but enjoy sipping some wine, why not go for a winery tour? From ethnic restaurants to our favorite Mexican foods, Kansas City has a lot to offers for both you and your pet best friend.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.