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Fresh New Wedding Themes To Consider For Your Big Day

Are you getting married? Do you want your big day to be different? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with tradition. But if it doesn’t float your boat, don’t be afraid to embrace fresh new ideas. Here are some incredible wedding themes you may wish to consider.

Festival chic

Festivals are becoming more and more popular every year. Live music, friends, dancing around and cool outfits. What’s not to love? If you’re a free spirit looking for an informal and fun way of celebrating your love, this could be the answer. There are all kinds of touches you can add to create your personalized festival wedding. Swap traditional invitations for customized tickets. Replace church pews and chairs with hay bales. Hire a teepee rather than a marquee. Place handwritten signs around your site to help guests navigate their way. Serve burgers and fries rather than a traditional wedding breakfast. Hire a live band, drape some fairy lights, and get ready to party under the stars. This theme works really well with outdoor venues. It’s up to you whether you want to push the boat out and set a dress code.



Vintage glamor

If you’re a self-confessed glamor puss, this is right up your street. Channel the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor to create a stylish, opulent celebration. Combine lavish banquet chairs with tables adorned with candelabra. Hang vintage chandeliers from the roof of your marquee and put a red carpet down for your champagne reception. Ask the bartenders to mix up some Cosmopolitans and hire a jazz band.



Country hoedown 2016 style

Country weddings have been a staple for years, but there’s always scope to offer a modern interpretation. Vintage buses have become incredibly popular, so think outside the box and go for a tractor. Transport your guests to the venue in a trailer. Host a barbecue or swap a sit-down meal for afternoon tea. Hire a barn and decorate it with church candles and fishbowls filled with white flowers. Set up some outdoor games or offer pony rides for the kids.

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Literary greats

Literary masterpieces have inspired couples all over the world when it comes to choosing a wedding theme. Go for broke with a quirky take on Alice in Wonderland. Embrace the roaring 20’s in the style of The Great Gatsby. Create an ethereal ambiance based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Or celebrate a joint love of vampires with a Twilight-themed ceremony. Think about your theme when choosing your dress and your bridesmaid gowns. Carry it through with decorations, flowers and personalized wedding stationery.



For the love of sport

Are you avid fans of soccer, football or basketball? Did you meet at a game or do you spend every spare Saturday watching your team? If so, why not use your mutual love of sports as the inspiration for your wedding day? You could start with your venue and get married at a stadium or sports club. Add fun touches like a sport-themed photobooth. Hire a golf buggy to get you from A to B. Use trophies filled with flowers as centerpieces. Serve snacks like corn dogs and popcorn in the evening.

All the fun of the fair

Are you big kids at heart? Do you have fond memories of going to the fair in the holidays? If so, why not build on this for your special day. Go for a vintage vibe with a coconut shy and an old-fashioned candy cart. Hire a merry go round or some teacups. Serve chips in cones, ice cream and cotton candy. As the sun sets, crank up the music and get those disco balls going.

Classy monochrome

If you’re planning a chic city wedding, monochrome is a fabulous choice of theme. Ask your guests to dress in black to make sure you stand out. Run with the theme in your choice of flowers, stationery and decorations. Drape black ribbon and white lace bows over chairs. Place vases filled with black pebbles and crisp white lilies on the tables.

Traditional weddings have served us well for as long as we can remember, but they’re not for everyone. If you’re keen to try something new, go for it. Use your interests, your passions, and your experiences to shape your wedding. Do you love traveling? Did you meet at a football game? Do you spend every spare second watching films or embarking on outdoor adventures? Once you’ve chosen your theme, look for ways to incorporate it into your plans. Personalize your invites and think about dressing your venue. Even minor details, like the names of your tables, can make a difference.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.