Frozen Fruit Bark Recipe

I am sure many of you have had that last minute worry when you find out you are going to be hosting friends for a little get together and you start to panic about what you can throw together for them to enjoy.  I can think of so many times this has happened to me.  The panic sets in and you are all sorts of stressed.  All that’s on your mind is this will be a disaster. Of course, you want to play hostess and have everyone over, but what will you serve them?

You are in luck, I’ve created the perfect solution made with just two products that you most likely already have at home, if not you should stalk up. 😉  It’s called frozen fruit bark.  It’s easy to make, taste delicious and will without a doubt impress your guest.


Imagine you find out the night before or even just a few hours before your guest arrive that they are coming over.  This has happened to me so many times.  It’s stressful, it’s hectic and it takes away the actual excitement of them coming and mainly because you don’t have time to make something for them to enjoy.  

Here is a simple solution to averting the disaster of being unprepared for those last minute guest.  This is literally a two ingredient recipe and it is so easy to make.  Grab your favorite yogurt, I use vanilla flavored and your bag of DOLE® Frozen Fruit.  You’ll also need a pan that you’ll cover with parchment paper.


It’s so simple to make.  You’ll spread out a thick layer of yogurt on to the parchment paper and then place the pieces of frozen fruit on top.  After you’ve created your master piece you’ll put it in the freezer for a few hours.  It only took about 2 hours for mine to harden to perfection.





After you have it ready. Put it in the freezer and let your freezer do the work. 🙂  Also, I highly suggest you always keep a bag of two of DOLE® Frozen Fruit on hand.  These bags of fruit were the perfect addition to my yogurt and always helps me create a delicious recipe even when the unexpected happens.   DOLE® Frozen Fruit bags are available year round and require no washing, no cutting and no mess.

Once you have frozen to perfection.  Simply pull out of the freezer and pull the frozen yogurt into pieces.








I highly recommend you give this easy recipe a try.  I love having it set out for my unexpected guest to enjoy when they arrive.  Also, I suggest using the DOLE® Frozen Fruit because not only are they all natural, but it’s so easy to keep these fresh with the hassle-free re-sealable bags.




The next time you find yourself expecting unexpected guest, just remember how easy it is to put together a quick recipe that is sure to impress them all. You can easily keep yourself from averting the disaster of being unprepared with this tasty treat.  Make sure to stalk up on the versatile DOLE® Frozen Fruit in your freezer, you are prepared for anything!! Find more unique recipe ideas here.

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