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425+ Funny Sailboat Names: Cool, Creative, And Unique Ideas

Naming a boat is often seen as a special event for boat owners, and it is important to pick the perfect name. Searching for the best boat names can be a lot of fun and give a sense of pride to boat owners. Thankfully, there are lots of funny sailboat names available.

There are many cool boat names to choose from. Some may opt for a classic sailing name, while others may want to get creative and choose something humorous.

sailboat at sunset

One of the most important moments for a boat owner is when they get to decide on their boat’s name. This naming ceremony is often accompanied with good luck wishes and hopes that the boat will become a successful vessel.

There are many great boat names to choose from, ranging from classic sailing names to modern and funny names. Good boat names can reflect the boat’s style and personality in a unique way.

Here is the scoop on the best sailboat names for your boat!

Funny Sailboat Names

1. All Decked Out

2. All Hands on Deck

3. Anchors Away!

4. Aqua-Holic

5. Aquaholic Anonymous

6. At the Helm

7. Aye Aye Captain

8. Bailing Out

9. Barnacle Bill

10. Batten Down the Hatches

11. Beached Wail

12. Bilge Rat

13. Black Pearl

14. Blowin’ in the Wind

15. Boat Drinks

16. Boaty McBoatface

17. Bobbin’ Along

18. Bottoms Up

19. Bow Movement

20. Breakin’ Wind

21. Buccaneer Beauty

22. Buoy Crazy

23. Can’t Anchor Us

24. Captain Hooked

25. Catch of the Day

26. Chart Toppers

27. Clewless

28. Come Sail Away

29. Cool Change

30. Crew-sin’ for a Bruisin’

31. Current Affair

32. Dead Reckoning

33. Decked Out

34. Desert Wind

35. Dinghy Dancing

36. Dock Holiday

37. Dock of the Bay

38. Don’t Be A-Freud

39. Drift Away

40. Drop Anchor

41. Dunkin’ Donuts

42. Ebb Tide

43. En Pointe

44. Endless Summer

45. Fair Winds and Following Seas

46. Fish n’ Chicks

47. Float My Boat

48. Foggy Bottom

49. Fool’s Gold

50. Full Sail

friends on sailboar

51. Get Reel

52. Gnarly Marley

53. Gone with the Wind

54. Good Ship Lollipop

55. Guppy Love

56. Gypsy Wind

57. Hair in the Wind

58. Happy Hour

59. Harpoon Harry

60. High and Dry

61. High Seas Drifter

62. Hobie-Wan Kenobi

63. Hooked on Sailing

64. Hot Tuna

65. Hula Girl

66. Hullabaloo

67. Hullin’ Around

68. I’m on a Boat

69. In the Wind

70. Island Time

71. Jack Sparrow

72. Jawsome

73. Jelly Roll

74. Jibber Jabber

75. Jolly Roger

76. Jolly Sailing

77. Joy Ride

78. Just Add Water

79. Just Chillin’

80. Just Sail It

81. Keep on Keelin’

82. Keel Over

83. Ketch 22

84. Knot Now

85. Knot on Call

86. Knot So Fast

87. Kookaburra

88. Krazy Kats

89. La Vida a Vela

90. Lady Luck

91. Lasting Impression

92. Leaky Tiki

93. Let’s Get Nauti

94. Let’s Go Sailing

95. Let’s Sail Away

96. Lickety Split

97. Life is Better on a Boat

98. Life is a Beach

99. Life is Good

100. Liquid Asset

sailboat at sunset

101. Little Toot

102. Livin’ on the Edge

103. Looney Tunes

104. Loose Cannon

105. Love Boat

106. Love of My Life

107. Luff Life

108. Luffly Time

109. Luffing Good

110. Maiden Voyage

111. Man Overboard

112. Marlin Magic

113. Matey’s Dream

114. Mermaid’s Tail

115. Merry Mermaid

116. Mighty Mermaid

117. Mind the Tack

118. Miss Behavin’

119. Miss Conduct

120. Miss Demeanor

121. Miss Fortune

122. Misty Lady

123. More Cowbell

124. Mother Lode

125. Muddy Waters

126. Nauti Buoy

127. Nauti Dreams

128. Nauti Girl

129. Nauti Gull

130. Nauti Intentions

131. Nauti Nell

132. Nauti Pirate

133. Nauti Sailor

134. Nauti Temptress

135. Nauti Yachtie

136. Naughty Buoy

137. Neptune’s Trifecta

138. No Worries

139. Nothin’ But Net

140. Ocean Dancer

141. Ocean Express

142. Ocean’s Eleven

143. Off the Hook

144. Oh Buoy!

145. Old Salt

146. On the Rocks

147. Once Upon a Tide

148. One Love

149. Otter Be Sailing

150. Overboard

bow of sailboat

151. Pacific Puffin

152. Papa’s Got a Brand New Boat

153. Parlay

154. Party Time

155. Passing Wind

156. Pelican’t

157. Penguin’s Parade

158. Periwinkle

159. Piece of Ship

160. Pig in a Poke

161. Pirate’s Booty

162. Pirate’s Life for Me

163. Plank Walker

164. Pleasure Seeker

165. Pogie Bait

166. Pole Position

167. Porthole to Heaven

168. Poseidon’s Chariot

169. Precious Cargo

170. Prize Catch

171. Puffin Stuff

172. Purrfect Sailing

173. Queen of the Sea

174. Quest for Fun

175. Raging Bull

176. Rainbow Runner

177. Red Sky at Night

178. Reel Nauti

179. Reel Relaxin’

180. Reely Happy

181. Rhythm and Blue

182. Riff Raff

183. Right on Course

184. Riptide

185. Rise n’ Shine

186. River Rat

187. Rockin’ the Boat

188. Rolling in the Deep

189. Rough Waters

190. Rowdy’s Retreat

191. Runaway

192. S.S. Minnow

193. S.S. Tinkerbell

194. Sailing Dreams

195. Sailing into the Sunset

196. Sailing Safari

197. Sailing the Seas

198. Saltwater Taffy

199. Sand Dollar

200. Sandy Cheeks

man on sailboat

201. Savvy Sailor

202. Sayonara

203. Schooner or Later

204. Scupper

205. Sea Biscuit

206. Sea Breeze

207. Sea Dog

208. Sea Dragon

209. Sea Gull-able

210. Sea Hag

211. Sea Monster

212. Sea Nymph

213. Sea Quest

214. Sea Raptor

215. Sea Siren

216. Sea Spray

217. Sea Squirt

218. Sea Turtle

219. Sea Ya Later

220. Sea Ya Soon

221. Sea You Later

222. Seas the Day

223. Seashell

224. Seasick

225. Seaweed

226. Second Wind

227. Serenity Now

228. Seven Seas

229. Shallow Minded

230. Shark Bait

231. Ship Happens

232. Ship of Fools

233. Ship’s Ahoy

234. Shore Thing

235. Short Tack

236. Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy

237. Silver Lining

238. Silver Streak

239. Skippin’ Stones

240. Slippery When Wet

241. Slow Ride

242. Smitten Kitten

243. Smuggler

244. Snagglepuss

245. Snappy Lobster

246. Snowbird

247. Sojourn

248. Soleil

249. Son of a Son of a Sailor

250. Sorely Tempted

white sailboat on ocean

251. Sound Waves

252. Southern Comfort

253. Southern Cross

254. Southern Exposure

255. Spanish Galleon

256. Sparrow’s Nest

257. Speedy Gonzales

258. Spinnaker Splendor

259. Spirit of ’76

260. Splish Splash

261. Sportin’ Wood

262. Stargazer

263. Starship

264. Starstruck

265. Stay Afloat

266. Steady As She Goes

267. Steel Magnolia

268. Steer Crazy

269. Stormy Seas

270. Stranded

271. Strawberry Fields

272. Strictly Sail

273. Summer Breeze

274. Summer Lovin’

275. Sun Chaser

276. Sun Kissed

277. Sun Ray

278. Sun Seeker

279. Sun Spot

280. Sundance

281. Sunny Days

282. Sunrise

283. Sunset Sail

284. Super Skipper

285. Surf Rider

286. Swashbuckler

287. Sweet Emotion

288. Sweet Escape

289. Sweet Sailing

290. Swingin’ on a Star

291. Tahiti Sunrise

292. Tall Ship

293. Tan Lines

294. Tequila Mockingbird

295. The Beagle

296. The Big Kahuna

297. The Black Pearl

298. The Blue Lagoon

299. The Flying Dutchman

300. The Guppy

colorful sailboat

301. The Happy Hooker

302. The Jolly Roger

303. The Lady in Red

304. The Last Resort

305. The Love Boat

306. The Odyssey

307. The Old Man and the Sea

308. The Pelican Brief

309. The Pirate Queen

310. The Pirate’s Lair

311. The Queen Bee

312. The Salty Dog

313. The Sea Witch

314. The Shark Tank

315. The Sloop John B

316. The Smuggler’s Inn

317. The Snipe Hunter

318. The Sonny C

319. The Squid and the Whale

320. The Stowaway

321. The Sunflower

322. The Tiki Hut

323. The Wind Cries Mary

324. Thirsty Whale

325. Three Sheets to the Wind

326. Tide Runner

327. Tiki Time

328. Tiller Instinct

329. Time Bandit

330. Time Flies

331. Tin Cup

332. Tiny Dancer

333. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too

334. Titanic

335. Toadally Awesome

336. Toe in the Water

337. Too Close to Shore

338. Top Deck

339. Total Eclipse

340. Tricky Lady

341. Triple Play

342. Triton’s Tryst

343. True Blue

344. Tugboat Annie

345. Turn About

346. Turtle Bay

347. Twisted Sister

348. Two by Sea

349. Two Peas in a Pod

350. Two’s Company

351. Under Pressure

352. Unwind

353. Up a Creek

354. Up in Smoke

355. Uptown Girl

356. Vagabond

357. Valhalla

358. Velvet Hammer

359. Very Slow Motion

360. Viking Raider

361. Vintage Wine

362. Viva La Vida

363. Waimea Bay

364. Walk the Plank

365. Wandering Star

366. Wave Runner

367. Wayward Wind

368. Weekend Warrior

369. Whale Watcher

370. Whirlwind

371. White Caps

372. White Lightnin’

373. White Whale

374. Who Cares

375. Wild Card

376. Wild Wind

377. Wind Chaser

378. Wind Dancer

379. Wind in the Sails

380. Wind Rider

381. Wind Song

382. Wind Walker

383. Windjammer

384. Windward

385. Wing and a Prayer

386. Wings of Freedom

387. Wise Guy

388. Witchcraft

389. Wizard of Oz

390. Women and Wine

391. Woodpecker

392. World Odyssey

393. Wrecking Ball

394. Wunderlust

395. Xanadu

396. Yankee Doodle

397. Yellow Bird

398. Yellow Submarine

399. Yo Ho Ho

400. Yo Mama

2 people on sailboat

401. You Only Live Once

402. Young at Heart

403. Young Love

404. Zephyr

405. Zero to Sixty

406. Zig Zag

407. Zipper

408. Zulu Warrior

409. No Bad Luck

410. Open Waters

411. Not the Coast Guard

412. Carpe Diem

413. Recreational Activity

414. A Good Time

415. Moby Dick

416. Feng Shui

417. Wide Open Seas

418. Pura Vida

419. The Good Life

420. Double Entendre

421. Long Live the United States

422. Dry Sense of Humor

423. Creative Juices

424. Zig Zag Zig

425. Without Further Ado

426. Water Sports

427. Ye Olden Days

428. My New Ship

429. Nothing But Fishing Trips

430. The Sea Raven

431. The Great Moniker

432. The North Star

433. Right Place Right Time

434. The Bacchus Boat

435. Good Fortune

436. The Tip of the Iceberg

437. Float On

438. Take It Easy

439. On Island Time

440. In Reel Life

441. Sea Limo

442. The Baits Motel

443. Sea Me Now

444. Nacho Boat

445. Frank Ocean

lots of sailboats tied up

Naming Your Boat

Finding a good name should involve some thought and reflection to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your boat.

Naming your own boat can be a fun and creative process. When coming up with the perfect boat name, there are many a great option to choose from.

Creative, funny, or classy boat names can all make for a great name for your vessel. If you are looking to add a touch of class to your boat, consider a more sophisticated name.

Naming your boat is a great way to personalize it and give it an identity that reflects your own personality. Whether you’re looking for something cool, funny, or have a special meaning in mind, there are plenty of creative options out there.

For example, if you’re into Greek mythology, why not pick one of the many gods or goddesses as your boat’s proper name? Or if you want something more unique and fun, there’s a great collection of cool names based on the type of boat or other themes. No matter what kind of style you prefer, naming your vessel can be a fun experience!

Things to Remember

If you’re getting a sport fishing boat then why not pick one of the many humorous fishing boat names out there? Or if you want something more unique and hilarious, there’s an endless array of cool ship names and offensive boat names available.

Naming a boat can be incredibly fun and rewarding. There are so many options out there, from funny fishing boat names to witty boat names and hilarious boat names. Whether you’re looking for something classic or downright outrageous, there’s sure to be something perfect for your vessel.

men on sailboat

Whether you’re looking for something classic or outrageous, there’s sure to be something perfect in our list of boat names. It may take a lot of times to choose the best name from such opportunities but it will all be worth it when you have found your favorite boat name!

Whether you want something classic or downright outrageous, there’s sure to be something perfect for your vessel in the vast list of boat names out there. From funny fishing boat names to witty sea vessels and a list of funny boat names, you are sure to find your favorite boat names to choose from.

Final Thoughts

The list of names for boats is almost endless, with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a clever name inspired by your favorite movie or a fun name that will make everyone smile, there’s sure to be something perfect on the list.

Finding the perfect boat name can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With so many popular name choices and nautical pun ideas out there, you’re sure to find your favorite name in no time.

But beware: picking a funny sailboat name may draw unwanted attention from other boaters! For example, naming your vessel after the Roman god of wine will definitely get people talking.

The best thing about finding a great boat name is that once you’ve found it, it’s yours forever! That makes it all worth it in the end.

Finding the perfect boat name can be a daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With so many unique name ideas and word play, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your vessel.

From cute boat names to classic name ideas, and even short names for a small boat, there’s something for everyone. You can even consider naming your boat after a famous female figure. No matter what name you pick, you are sure to have lots of fun on your boat!

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