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100+ Best Gen V Quotes That Pack a Punch

These Gen V quotes help to exemplify the brutal world of The Boys. This Amazon Prime spinoff is full of cruelty and parody of both the superhero genre and celebrity culture.

This show is set at the Goldolkin University for Crimefighting where we follow a crew of young superheroes willing to do whatever it takes to join the superhero team “The Seven.” All the while, the school has a dark side this troubled cast has to contest with.

Gen V features a cast of characters boasting a range of abilities, from mental control over blood to shapeshifting. If you enjoy high stakes action and well-crafted CGI with a story full of dark humor, then this is a good show to check out.

Here’s the scoop on the best movie quotes from Gen V!

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Gen V Quotes That Will Give You A Taste Of The Show’s Shock Factor

  1. “Ladies and gents, Supes and civvies, rip up the history books,’cause in New York this morning, Godolkin University all-star A-Train was just drafted into La Siete.”
  2. “I’ll always protect you.”
  3. “Wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up protecting a city one day.”
  4. “Don’t mess it up.”
  5. “So whether you want to walk the mean streets or the red carpet, Godolkin is a safe space for you to thrive.”
  6. “Uh, my YouTube show. Fun Sized with Little Cricket?”
  7. “I guess kids were jumping out and flying off.”
  8. “Dude, his workouts are practically the social event of the season.”
  9. “Uh, dude, I am not sweating The Incredible Steve. Or anyone that has ‘the’ in their name.”
  10. “It’s not about the talent. It’s about the drive.”
  11. “You were six years old in a Maeve costume, just dreaming about making ‘The Seven.’”
  12. “Being a hero is, uh…It’s not what you think.”
  13. “I won’t, ’cause I’m all about consent. But I could. So…you should.”
  14. “Or I’m just a very good magician.”
  15. “Fred McCallister of Scarborough, U.K.”
  16. “That being a hero, a real hero, is not about glory. It’s about sacrifice.”
  17. “And I can’t tell you how sorry I am to tell you this, but…you’re being expelled.”
  18. “How you feel? ‘Cause I’m sweating cocaine.”
  19. “I have million dollars’ worth of Golden Boy merch at the Port of L.A. that I’m gonna have to set on fire.”
  20. “Classic superhero story.”
  21. “Try selling that to Dallas and Fort Lauderdale.”
  22. “I mean, honestly, if you want the harder stuff, just give me an hour, I can pull it together.”
  23. “Modesty, yeah. People love modesty.”
  24. “I had to rescue Matchbox Twenty from that nutjob at Lollapalooza before my first national interview, and here you are.”
  25. “Made of steel.”
  26. “The Guardians of Godolkin.”
  27. “You can say literally anything to them and they will still take the photo.”
  28. “I just don’t understand how the most sane person that I’ve ever met just loses his mind and I’m the only one curious about it.”
  29. “Because I ask you, at a time like this, is there anyone more important than the artist?”
  30. “Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical.”
  31. “Please bring the funk, not the junk.”
  32. “Did you think I picked you ’cause you get tiny?”
  33. “Well, I thought you were really good in Teacher’s Pet.”
  34. “Like, I kind of hate myself for it.”
  35. “And the view from Seven Tower doesn’t hurt.”
  36. “They call it the Woods. It’s, like, this hospital or something.”
  37. “Is Andre measuring the drapes for his room at Seven Tower yet?”
  38. “She’s either gonna crash and burn or become the Black Starlight.”
  39. “Well, I got a lot more than powers. I got a broken brain!”
  40. “Drug or no drug, you’d still be weird.”
  41. “Thank you, Cate, for having the brilliant idea to ping my phone and then save me from my stone-cold idiocy.”
  42. “We use our powers!”
  43. “Okay, I’ve been through this Lifetime movie before, so I’ll just play the trailer.
  44. “Mom, do not measure me.”
  45. “With Luke gone, this free-for-all for number one is gonna get ruthless, and you have a target on your back.”
  46. “I like you, Jordan. I just wish I liked your numbers.”
  47. “If everyone’s gonna be worshiping Brink and messing all over Luke, then I at least want to get some Grey Goose out of it.”
  48. “I’ve always just been me.”
  49. “Remember, just recon. No tiny action hero mess.”
  50. “So let’s give Marie and stars like her the future she deserves.”
  51. “You’re gonna get yourself killed.”
  52. “They don’t think I pay attention. But I do.”
  53. “I’m surprised you can walk straight with everyone’s tongue lodged up your butt.”
  54. “I couldn’t control the blood, and it sliced through my mom’s body.”
  55. “Don’t spend a minute crying over them.”
  56. “This is the grossest thing possible!”
  57. “I mean, maybe Sam penetrated the ear canal?”
  58. “But you guys are gonna get a green van and a talking dog and solve it?”
  59. “Plunging its depths?”
  60. “I’m gonna Johnny Depp someone so hard they’re gonna want to crawl into a hole and die.”
  61. “If he finds out what you’re doing, you’re lucky you end up in prison.”
  62. “I mean, my superpower is puking.”
  63. “Bull’s-eye. Heart rate just elevated.”
  64. “And that’s how you break a witness, folks.”
  65. “You keep doing the dumb thing.”
  66. “Pretty spot to confess your sins.”
  67. “Fortunately, Godolkin University remains as resilient as ever.”
  68. “Seems like it was a pretty awesome party.”
  69. “Do your girl a solid and choke me out of my misery?”
  70. “My mom called me a monster, then made me swear never to do it again.”
  71. “Toe socks are weird, Emma.”
  72. “I remember Tek Knight being here, I remember talking to him, but I don’t remember why.”
  73. “Babysitting psychopaths is literally your job.”
  74. “Cutting up Supes and seeing how they tick is a skill that won’t quite shine on your LinkedIn profile.”
  75. “Cate, I think this is way, way bigger than Rufus.”
  76. “This is way above your weaselly pay grade, but you’re with us for a reason.”
  77. “At superhero school? Jesus!”
  78. “The virus only affects Supes.”
  79. “I agree with you, Dr. Cardosa, but we mustn’t get premature.”
  80. “She’d crank up the Jonas Brothers and she’d hump a Soldier Boy pillow.”
  81. “I fart ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’.”
  82. “You really want to live, then the single most important thing I can tell you…”
  83. “That boy could be Homelander strong.”
  84. “No matter how hard you try to be a hero… you’ll always be a murderer to me.”
  85. “You have hair.”
  86. “It’s a little late in the day to worry about what Vought wants, Edison.”
  87. “Stay out of our heads. Then maybe we’ll trust you.”
  88. “And you got to stop turning into a dude when you want to make a point to us.”
  89. “I mean, he’s kind of sketch, but for five ecstasy pills, he’ll use his pyro powers to incinerate everything, no questions asked, which is good.”
  90. “I mean, in my defense, he was a puppet at the time, so…”
  91. “Okay, that is a normal amount of toys.”
  92. “But you’re so sweet. I mean, when you’re not slaughtering a bunch of dudes.”
  93. “This is a war. Us against them.”
  94. “I’m not a Find My Friends app.”
  95. “We all saw Homelander kill a human in broad daylight, unprovoked. Is he gonna be held accountable?”
  96. “Humans aren’t our peers.”
  97. “You will not control us.”
  98. “My daughter’s gonna be so jealous that I met the Guardian of Godolkin today.”
  99. “I know that you’ve fought for everything you’ve ever got in your life.”
  100. “Two paths, Marie. You have to choose. You can’t have both.”
  101. “You’re not here to study. The school is here to study you.”
  102. “You have ruined countless lives.”
  103. “You can’t help it. It’s your species.”
  104. “But I don’t regret being able to take care of my family.”
  105. “Is ‘Gangnam Style’ still a thing?”
  106. “Who better to replace Translucent than Translucent’s son?”
  107. “Whoever kills these rogue supes gets in The Seven.”
  108. “What… kind of animal are you?”

Before watching Gen V, it will help to watch the first three seasons of The Boys as this will give you context to the whole world this show portrays. However, it shouldn’t be too hard to pick up on the story if you don’t have the time.

Watch the series now on Amazon Prime!

Best quotes from Gen V that pack a punch in a superhero world.

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