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Disney Resort's 64th Birthday Celebration
Disneyland Park’s 64th Birthday Celebration

I am pining for a day when I can safely visit Disneyland again. Like many, I have built several special memories at the Happiest Place on Earth that are close to my heart. It is a plus that the dole whip always hits the spot on a hot Anaheim day, and I’ve been known to cry during the fireworks. Those Disney Imagineers really know how to make a gal nostalgic.

Growing up in the area, I have been lucky enough to attend Disneyland quite a few times.

Buy your tickets online

I’ve waited nearly an hour trying to get tickets in person. Considering that Indiana Jones takes the same amount of time means that this wait is too long. And if you’re worried about not having a physical ticket for sentimental sake- worry no more. When a castmember scans your phone at the entrance, your physical ticket prints with it.

Save money and bring your own food

Disneyland food is pricey! Especially when you are in a large group. I’ve had many people that I’ve gone to Disneyland with be shocked when I brought my own food inside the park. Contrary to popular belief, this is allowed! They request that you eat your own food in picnic areas. But in all honesty, I’ve inhaled my homemade sandwich in line for Small World before. I call it time-saving and efficient and my friends call it annoying!

If you are going to buy food, save time when doing so

Like I said, I love a Dole Whip. That is typically my treat for the day, but the lines can be ugly. You can avoid them with mobile ordering on the Disney App! This app has many helpful features like a digital map and provides wait times for all the rides in the park.

Disneyland train
Credit to Disneyland Resort

Rider Switch is your best friend

Although the park was built for children, parents deserve to have just as much fun! If parents are with a child that does not meet the height requirement ask a cast member if Rider Switch is offered at that attraction. If it is, they will divide the party into two; one will supervise the child and the other will wait in line and ride the attraction. Then the parties will switch and can skip the line.

Extend Your Park Time

Disneyland’s closing time depends on the day, but if you’re itching to get a few extra minutes in, take this tip. If the park is closing at 12 a.m., you will still be allowed to ride an attraction if you are in line at 11:59.

Entertain Yourself in Line

Each Disneyland queue has something special about it and they know how to keep you entertained. My favorite queue award goes to Indiana Jones Adventure. It has booby traps that invite guests to activate them. I think the most special part about this line wait is that there are secret message ready for decoding. Yup! Translate those Mara-glyphics using this nifty tool.

Disneyland Castle Attraction
(Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort)

Capitalize on the free things

Yes, that’s right! Free! There a few small free things available in the park. Celebration pins for numerous occasions are available at the City Hall when you enter Main Street. Once, you disembark from the Jungle Cruise you can ask a skipper for a map of the area you just explored. Sometimes these run out, so ask early in the day. Also, want a great photo in front of the castle? You can ask a PhotoPass cast member to take a photo for you free of charge.

Tour Walt Disney’s apartment

Alright, I have not tested this one myself, but Popsugar has. If you plan ahead, you can book the “Walk in Walt Disney’s Footsteps” tour of the park which includes this famous location!

Bring a personal fan

Disneyland can get hot, especially during the summer months. Practice some self-care by packing a handheld fan to keep you somewhat cool as you walk across the park.

Small World ride attraction
Credit @DLPReport

Don’t lose your car

The heat, walking, and exhaustion can lead to your memory being non-existent. It has never happened to me, but I have heard horror stories from friends who have forgotten where they parked their car after walking miles all day. I recommend texting yourself your parking number as soon as you exit your car.

Put your phone on airplane mode

Throughout the day you’ll be taking pictures, looking at waiting times on the Disney app, and playing games on your phone to pass the time in line (Heads Up is a popular choice to get the whole group involved). So your phone will lose battery and quickly. Whenever you get the chance you should put your phone on airplane mode, especially when on underground rides like Indiana Jones, so your phone is not trying in desperation to reach WiFi. I would also recommend bringing a portable charger in case your battery gets close to the wire.

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