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Get A Don Draper Style Office With These Vintage Decor Tips

Do you still miss Mad Men from your weekly TV schedule? This TV sensation focused on the lives of some advertising guys in 1960’s Manhattan. It showed that their fast-pace lifestyle was certainly very chic and sophisticated! Lots of people have since tried to copy the fashion and decor of the show into their lives. But one area that seems to have missed out on all this vintage style is the home office. Have you been thinking that it is time to do up your home workspace? If so, I would heartily recommend styling it like Don Draper’s office! It is a sure-fire way to impress all your clients and customers when they come over for meetings. Here are some vintage-inspired decor tips to help you recreate an office just like Don Draper’s!

Plants Are Vintage

For some reason, lots of people associate houseplants with modern styles and trends. However, they had them in the 1960s as well! No matter what type of office style you want to achieve, there will certainly be space for some pot plants. Some plants like cacti will work particularly well as they are very low maintenance. They’re that easy to keep alive, it’s okay to forget to water them for a few weeks! The plant pot will go a long way to helping your plants look retro. Go for a pot that sports some bold patterns, as this was a very big trend in the ‘60s!

Work Hard; Play Hard

One of the main reasons everyone loved watching Mad Men was because it was like being taken back in time to an era when it was perfectly acceptable to smoke and drink in the office. This is very much frowned upon now, but that doesn’t mean you should find some alternative ways to relax in your home office. Some people like to include Stressless recliner chairs and other lounge furniture so that they have a comfy area to relax in. If you do go for these, pick a vintage style, such as brown leather.

Add Some Lights

Lamps can add so much to a room’s decor. If you go for a very elegant lamp, you can easily make your office a very sophisticated place indeed. Whereas funky designs keep things fresh and unique. As we want to achieve an office style that would make Don Draper jealous, I would recommend going with the former option. Pick classy lamps that feature some very timeless designs.

Colors Are Everything

It is your color palette that will make or break your office decor. That’s because everyone’s taste in colors and tones changes over time. Back in the ‘60s, everyone was digging earthy shades and caramels. As I’ve mentioned before, colorful patterns were also really big, so consider adding some brightly patterned rugs and accessories. When it comes to wooden furniture, make sure you pick dark woods.

Hopefully, your new Mad Men inspired office decor will make you just as successful as all the ad men in Manhattan!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.