How To Get An Online Shopping Discount Code That Actually Works

The convenience of online shopping just cannot be beat, but after a while you begin to wonder if it’s really worth it.  You see a deal, it looks promising, but suddenly, taxes, shipping, and all the restrictions pile on and you find that your “great deal” really isn’t so great after all.

For me, this is a regular issue.  I get hyped when I see subscription emails for my favorite stores boasting about some big sale.  Unfortunately, it often times isn’t all its cracked up to be. If you’re in a similar boat, no worries! For those of you who love all things bath and body, I’ve got the ‘how to’ on always finding the best deal and coupons that the big retailers won’t let you know about otherwise.

I love shopping and online is seriously the best way to do it. I’m going to show you how you can actually find coupons that work to help you score discounts at your favorite stores. In my example we are going to look at Bath & Body Works. Currently, Bath & Body is offering a “$10 0ff $30 purchase,” but when you throw in tax and shipping, you’re not saving money at all.

First thing’s first: Sign up for their emails and they may offer you a one-time discount.

Unfortunately, I was offered no special code for a one-time use. I was sad, but many sites will offer them, which never hurts. But even for those sites that do offer that special one-time deal, what if I want to shop with them again at a special discounted price? It seems there are those online-shopping-magicians who find the best deals. How do they do it?  Well, after you sign up for their newsletters, you begin scouring the world wide web.

Step 2: Search coupon sites for the best single-use codes.

As you can see, simply using Google immediately pulls up several different coupon sites, all of which look very promising. However, not all coupon sites are created equal. I know some popular ones are RetailMeNot, Groupon and Coupon Cabin, so we will look there first and then compare them to my favorite site, Dealspotr.

As you can see, they all definitely advertise for the 20% off sitewide and the $10 off $30 deal, and the other “special deals” simply link back to the Bath & Body Works sales page. As nice as that is, that’s not what we can here for. We came here for special codes that will give us discounted prices on regularly priced merchandise.

Scrolling down still, I don’t see anything new or outstanding.

Step 3: I head to Dealspotr to see if it is any different

I scroll down on the right hand side and find “single use codes.”

What I find is an online-shoppers dream. A promo code that is not restricted to any one type of product or simply takes me back to the same old sales page on the Bath & Body Works website.  I click on one of the codes to be sure it works. As you can see, the “health bar” is high, meaning I have good odds of making sure the code still works.

I click on the first one, which has another 6 days of promised use. When I click on it, another page is opened, giving me more information on that specific code. I also see that other Dealspotr users have verified it, whose usernames I have blurred out so as to keep their identity private.

I copy the code to my dashboard and click the link which then takes me straight to the Bath & Body Works website. I am a huge fan of their 3-wick candles, so I add three enticing fall scents and add them to my bag. Each are regularly priced at $22.50.  As you can see, my estimated total before applying the Dealspotr code is $73.49.

I quickly apply the Dealspotr code which I had already copied and hope for good luck! And… success!  My Dealspotr code worked perfectly and chopped off a good $13.50 from my earlier subtotal.

Other helpful Tips.

Let’s pretend…What if Dealspotr, by some chance, doesn’t have any working codes that day? Well, depending on what it is you are shopping for, Dealspotr also has a handy tool that allows you to search through their own website for “Third Party Deals,” meaning the desired product is being sold via a third party website.  For example, let’s pretend you’re looking for a certain type of Adidas shoe- the Adidas Energy Cloud.

After searching for the desired shoe brand in the Dealspotr search engine and finding the Adidas page, I scroll back down again as I did before with Bath & Body Works, but instead of clicking on the “single use code,” I go for the “3rd Party Deals.”

As Dealspotr provides me with over 36 3rd Party Deals, I am free to click and scroll through the plethora of deals offered to me from 3rd Party Sites.

Voila. There you have it. Now you can save even more online and officially be one of the best bargain shoppers out there.

Be sure to bookmark this tool!

Hopefully you can be confident enough now to know that there should never be a time where you online shop and have to leave the promo code box empty. It’s just too sad! Dealspotr has over 5 million coupons, tips and tricks to find coupons than any other deal site out there. If you’re not sold yet, you get 2,000 points for signing up as a member, which will keep you in the know and on top of the best deals available.

Sign up here to join Dealspotr!

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