Gift Guide For the Fitness Lover In Your Life

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about gift giving! Do you know someone who can be found at the gym during their free time or loves to exercise in general? If so, this is the gift guide for them! Here are some items that fitness junkies will love!


Sojourner Bags

These fanny packs can store workout essentials in one spot and are easy to carry to the gym. They come in all types of trendy designs.

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SUTRA Superfoods 

This hot beverage is made with superfoods and is the perfect drink to cozy up with and recharge after a workout.

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FitPossible Planner 

FitPossible is a 12-week planner designed to track progress with before and after photos. FitPossible includes sections for fitness and meal planning, workouts, mood journaling, reward goals and more.

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Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

This portable water bottle that is perfect for a variety of fitness activities. The water bottle is BPA-free, leak-proof, hygienic, and durable.

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Sarah Marie Design Studio

Sarah Marie Design Studio is a lifestyle brand inspired by running. It offers many items for runners and fitness enthusiasts. This brand has been featured on The Today Show and has workout clothing as well as accessories.

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Yoga Club

Yoga Club is a women’s subscription box and personal styling service for yoga and fitness apparel. The box includes many high quality brands such as Free People, Teeki, Onzie, Glyder, and more. To top it all off, the apparel in the subscription box can be up to 60% off retail value. This is the perfect gift for fitness lovers!

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ShowerPill Body Wipe

This body wipe is an extra-thick disposable wipe that works like a washcloth to clean your entire body when you don’t have time or access to a shower. They are anti-bacterial and therefore remove germs. These wipes work for people of all ages and lifestyles.

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Hair Warrior

Hair Warrior is a hair treatment that you put on prior to working out. It protects your hair from salty sweat so you can leave the gym feeling fresh and clean. This makes a great stocking stuffer and has been featured on Good Morning America.

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Contigo Shake & Go Fit

Perfect for an individual with an active lifestyle, Contigo Shake & Go Fit is an on-the-go solution for a post workout drink. Whether you want to mix a protein drink together or just bring water, this is the perfect accessory to bring to the gym.

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Avitae offers caffeinated water that provides an all-natural energy boost so you can skip the coffee before hitting the gym early in the morning. Caffeinated water is the perfect way to ensure you are hydrated before the gym and can be a replacement for regular water in the morning.

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Westlab’s Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt

Rich in essential skin minerals, Westlab’s Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt is a great way to naturally detoxify for radiant skin. Westlab only uses high quality Himalayan Salt but offers this product at a low price.

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Perfect for people who are constantly on the go, FitKit provides a packable alternative for working out as well as all the necessary tools for a full body workout. It also provides nutrition tips for constant travelers. FitKit is TSA friendly so it can be brought along on trips and vacations. 

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EatSmart Precision GetFit Scale

Perfect for those working towards a healthier lifestyle, this scale allows individuals to estimate their body weight, percent of body fat, muscle mass percentage, and percentage of total body water and bone mass. 

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Tennis Anyone Gift Basket

Have a friend who wants to get into playing Tennis? This gift basket is for them! They don’t have to be a major tennis player to enjoy this gift.

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This wearable safety light is hands-free and perfect for nighttime exercise and running! RunLites are gloves that have reflective strips and other elements to help people to be seen when exercising in the dark. 

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Bloom Bras

Advocating for inclusive undergarments for working out, Bloom Bras are designed to fit a variety of sizes. Bloom Bras strives to provide comfort and support for women when working out so women can enjoy being active. These sports bras are perfect for both indoor and outdoor workouts.

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Vibrating Foam Roller from TriggerPoint

Clinically proven to aid in the recovery process, the compact Grid Vibe relaxes muscles and helps reduce pain. Not only is it compact, but it is travel friendly as well. The vibrating foam roller is easy to pack in gym bags, back packs, and suitcases. It also has a rechargeable battery, maximizing convenience.

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Do you know someone who needs a little zen in their life? BuddhiBox is a natural, eco-friendly subscription box that promotes a yogi lifestyle by helping people really live on and off the mat.

This monthly subscription box is designed to not only inspire your workouts, but your life overall. Plus, BuddhiBox is dedicated to giving back and donates a portion of each month’s sales to a different nonprofit organization.

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Color Block Bra

Get the support you need while working out with this Asics sports bra. The bra features removable padded cups which can be used for extra support when needed. Plus, you’ll be looking stylish at the gym!

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MELT Performance

Specially designed for the fitness-focused, MELT Performance naturally heals existing pain by reducing chronic pain through rehydrating connective tissue. MELT performance builds upon the hard work you put into your exercise routine and works for anyone who is seeking a pain-free life.

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SmartScale + Visual Body Analyzer

The perfect holiday gift to help transform your body, SmartScale + Visual Body Analyzer is a wireless scale that measures body fat percentage. Results can be transferred wirelessly to the incentaHEALTH Smart Scale app using bluetooth.  You can track your progress as you achieve your goals!

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Thermopiles Tight Leggings

A good pair of leggings is crucial for working out. This pair is especially great for the cold weather with brushed fabric that keeps you warm and cozy.

This is a gym essential and is the perfect gift for the fitness enthusiast!

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Hang Accessories Paint Print Athleisure Yoga Tote Bag

This tote bag is the perfect item to bring along to your next yoga session! The bag features handles on the outside of the bag to slide your yoga mat through. Inside, the tote includes pockets for gym clothes, a water bottle, tablet, and much more. Each tote bag also comes with a matching shoe bag, dry and wet bag set, and a removable crossbody strap.

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Steve Henderson Collection Yoga Mats

Perfect for a yogi, these yoga mats feature stunning fine art designs by Steve Henderson. What better way to relax while doing yoga than staring at beautiful artwork on your mat? The artwork adds such a beautiful touch and this gift can be personalized to fit any yogi’s style!

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Vyve Splashpants

Vyve splashpants are perfect for both regular workouts and water-related activities like water aerobics or paddle boarding. They are versatile and made from compression fabric, making them perfect for the ultimate workout.

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DynaFlyte 2 from Asics

Created with FlyteFoam® midsole technology, this sneaker is perfect for working out. The shoe provides lightness as well as a reduced chance of blisters so you can keep going on the workout grind.

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If you’ve got a fitness fanatic in your life, these holiday gifts are sure to bring them happiness this holiday season!

Make sure to check out more of our holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list!

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