Gift Ideas for The Man Who Has Everything

It doesn’t matter whether you have an anniversary coming up or whether your significant other has a birthday on the horizon, it can be ridiculously difficult to know what gift to give to the guy in your life who seemingly has everything. He doesn’t want for money, has all of the gadgets any human being could possibly want, enjoys vacations, has a great little sporty set of wheels on the drive and isn’t the most forthcoming when you are trying to spot those all-important gift-giving hints. He is content, laid back and perfectly happy with his lot. While this is admirable, it is also frustrating and makes gift giving an unnecessarily stressful process.

So where do you start? What should you buy the man who has everything? Take a look at this gift guide for some of the more unique and unusual presents that you might want to give to your soulmate.

For The Speed Demon

If your nearest and dearest loves nothing more than experiencing the speed of a well-tuned machine, the power of a roaring engine and the handling of a sporty little number, then it’s time to consider all things motoring related. While you might not be the most automotive minded individual on the planet, there are plenty of speed driven, and adrenaline-fuelled experiences available that can satisfy even the most ardent need for speed.

You could choose to take your other half for a day at the track. Witnessing Formula 1 cars performing at their aerodynamic best, smelling the brakes of the touring cars as they screech around the hairpin and hearing the roar of the Indy 500 engines could be enough to send your guy into a tailspin. He will adore this experiential gift. Often the finest gifts aren’t those that you can unwrap but those that you can enjoy together and use to create memories.

If your significant other is more interested in getting hands-on and relishes the opportunity to actually get behind the wheel, why not treat him to a lap or two around a track in a Lotus, Porsche or Lamborghini. You could even think outside the box a little and get him a monster truck drive, a sand dune buggy experience or an opportunity to go dirt track rallying.

For The Well Groomed Guy

Pampering doesn’t have to be for the ladies. There are plenty of opportunities to gift your guy something that will make him feel like a million dollars. If he is into the hipster-esque facial hair, why not treat him to a barbershop session where he can find his beard trimmed, experience a masculine facial and get his barnet coiffed and maintained.

If he cares about his appearance yet worries about the realities of getting older, you could choose to purchase one of the many drug-free hair growth shampoos on the market to boost his confidence. Alongside this, you might want to source a musk-laden aftershave, toiletry kit and facial hair wax. Get him some nose hair trimmers, a moisturizer and some kit that will enhance his self-esteem, make him feel good about his looks and leave him worrying less about the aging process. When he starts to turn heads with his newly well-manicured look, he’ll keep up with his rugged grooming regime.

For The Foodie

Forget a meal out at your local restaurant to celebrate your guy’s birthday. Instead, head to a hands-on culinary experience. Book a session with a nationwide cooking school and take part in some classes together. If your man loves tacos and burritos, try and cook up a Mexican fiesta full of spice and chipotle. If minimalist oriental cuisine is more your other half’s scene, you could head to a sushi making class or two, produce some California roll masterpieces and learn the art of preparing fugu.

After you’ve experienced the joys of creating a feast fit for a king, it’s time to take pleasure in the eating. Head for a sublime dining experience at one of the many nationwide Michelin starred eateries. Take your significant other on a culinary journey and select a tasting menu. This way, he can try a little bit of everything and enjoy a seven or eight-course culinary extravaganza. The taste sensations will just keep on coming as you enjoy more amuse bouches than you can shake a stick at.

For The Adrenaline Junkie

While the thought of leaping out of an aeroplane with nothing but a parachute on your back leaves you feeling sick, your other half may jump at the chance to do something so death-defying. If he enjoys all things adrenaline pumping, take a look at the range of experiences that he could take part in. If he loves heights, you could consider a bungee jump, a wing walk or a helicopter ride. If he’s more into water sports, he may relish the opportunity of getting behind a jet ski, heading out for a powerboat ride or piloting his own hovercraft.

The great thing about these experiences is that they are well regulated and provided by companies that ensure expert tuition. Your guy isn’t simply going to be given an elastic cord, told to strap it on his back and leap from the bridge when the time feels right. There will be a couple of hours training, safety videos will be watched, and the experts will ensure everything is fully understood before any skydive or abseil takes place.

If your guy is unbelievably tricky to buy for, try and focus on an experience rather than a physical thing. Experiences are becoming more popular as gifts as people place more importance on making memories and they can give your loved one the chance to do something that has been seemingly unattainable before. If you’re stuck for gift giving ideas, take a look at this list for inspiration and make your man’s next birthday one to remember.

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