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Gifts for Nanny Christmas: Top Picks for 2023

If you are looking for the best nanny Christmas gift ideas, we are here to help!

During the festive season, showing appreciation to your beloved nanny with a thoughtful Christmas gift goes a long way.

While a gift card to their favorite store is a great way to express gratitude, consider going the extra mile by offering a cash bonus, an industry standard during this time of the year.

A woman is assisting her daughter with a Christmas gift for their nanny.

This holiday bonus, equivalent to a week’s salary or more, recognizes their dedication and the joy they bring into your home.

Whether they’re a live-in au pair or helping you through long days, a generous Christmas bonus not only provides financial support but also conveys the heartfelt thanks that make the holidays truly special.

In addition to an annual bonus, gifts are a great option!

Here is the scoop on the nanny Christmas gift ideas!

Best Gifts for Nanny Christmas

Looking for the perfect holiday present? Discover our selection of the top gifts for nanny this Christmas, ensuring a memorable and thoughtful surprise.

1. Nanny Ornament

WolfeDesignPDD Nanny Ornament

When looking for a special gift for your nanny this Christmas, this Nanny Ornament stands out for its quality and thoughtfulness.

The ornament is crafted from high-quality ceramic material, ensuring it will last for many holiday seasons without showing signs of wear.

The heartwarming nanny definition printed on both sides of the round ornament adds a touch of personality and charm.

2. Good Morning Nanny Spoon

Muktoujaumai Spoon

The Good Morning Nanny Spoon is an excellent way to express your gratitude to your nanny for their hard work and dedication.

This stainless steel spoon is designed with an industrial standard engraving, adding a touch of charm and personalization to the gift.

Its perfect 7-inch size makes this Good Morning Nanny Spoon suitable for a variety of tasks around the kitchen

3. It Takes a Village Candle

Christmas gifts for nanny.

The “It Takes a Village” Candle is a versatile and heartfelt thank-you gift suitable for both women and men.

With its meaningful message, it’s an excellent choice to show appreciation to anyone who plays a significant role in your life, whether it’s parents, teachers, mentors, friends, or family members.

After your nanny has a long day, they will love relaxing with this candle. They will even enjoy this candle on their vacation days or during a spa day.

Crafted from natural soy wax and featuring a cotton wick, this 9oz candle provides a longer and cleaner burn, lasting up to 50 hours.

4. Nanny Cookbook Stand

Nanny Recipe Cookbook Holder Stand

Delight your beloved nanny with this beautiful and functional Nanny Cookbook Stand.

With custom engraving that reads “Nanny’s Kitchen – Where Great Meals, Sweet Treats & Loving Memories Are Made,” this cookbook doubles up as a useful tool during their culinary endeavors.

The foldable high-quality metal hinge design allows for easy storage and compatibility with electronic devices like iPads and smartphones.

5. Nanny Thank You Mug

DQG CVT Best Nanny Gift - Funny Coffee Mug

This Nanny Thank You Mug is an excellent choice for a Christmas or Birthday gift for your nanny, making them smile and feel appreciated.

The flowers and the funny quote give a touch of humor and personality that make this mug unique.

The Nanny Thank You Mug is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to purchase a thoughtful and affordable gift for their nanny this Christmas.

6. Best Nanny Ever Sunflower Shirt

Best Nanny Ever Sunflower Shirt

The Best Nanny Ever Sunflower Shirt is perfect for your family’s beloved nanny as a thoughtful Christmas gift.

The shirt’s high-quality cotton material and heather grey color option provided the perfect blend of comfort and style.

The sunflower design along with the words “Best Nanny Ever” truly convey how much you appreciate your nanny’s hard work and dedication.

This shirt is one of the best holiday gift ideas from any nanny family.

7. Goals Today Mug

Gifts for nanny

The Goals Today Mug is a versatile and durable choice for your coffee or tea needs, printed with a motivational message on both sides.

Made from 100% pure white ceramic, this 11-ounce mug is safe for both microwave and dishwasher use, making it suitable for everyday use at home or in restaurants.

Packaged in a protective gift box with bubble wrap, this mug a perfect treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone special, and it comes with a money-back guarantee, ensuring both satisfaction and quality.

8. Nanny Travel Makeup Bag

Nanny Gifts Zipper Travel Makeup Bag

The Nanny Travel Makeup Bag is designed specifically as a Christmas gift for nannies, with a heartwarming message and beautiful looks that showcase your appreciation.

Made from durable material, the bag features double-sided printing and a high-quality zipper that keeps cosmetics secure and easily accessible while on the go.

Any nanny can rely on this bag to hold cosmetics, toiletries, and other essentials without worrying they’ll spill out.

9. Tiny Human Tamer Shirt

Tiny t-shirt perfect for nanny, great for Christmas gifts.

The Tiny Human Tamer Shirt is a charming and humorous gift for moms and caregivers, made from a comfortable blend of materials, including 100% cotton for solid colors and a cotton-polyester mix for heathered options.

Imported and easy to wear with a pull-on closure, this shirt features a distressed design that adds to its charm.

This Tiny Human Tamer Shirt is the perfect gift choice for those who bring order to the chaos of childcare, whether it’s for Christmas, Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

10. Nanny Is My Name T-Shirt

Nanny Is My Name Funny Graphic Gifts for Nanny Grandma T-Shirt

The Nanny Is My Name T-Shirt is a lighthearted present perfect for Christmas or a birthday.

Made from a blend of high-quality cotton and polyester, the shirt provides a soft and comfortable feel while wearing it.

Showcasing a witty and entertaining graphic, this Nanny Is My Name T-Shirt is sure to bring a smile to a nanny’s face.

11. Thank You for Helping Me Grow Plant Pot

Ceramic mug Christmas present for nanny.

The “Thank You for Helping Me Grow” Plant Pot is an exquisite ceramic pot that features a heartfelt message along with a bamboo saucer, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

This charming succulent planter serves as an ideal gift to express your gratitude and appreciation to teachers who have made a positive impact on your life. Your nanny will even loving posting this gift on social media!

This thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to convey your thanks and admiration for their dedication and efforts.

12. Superhero Nanny Accessory Bag

GJTIM Nanny Gift Make Up Accessory Bag

This Superhero Nanny Accessory Bag is a cute and practical gift choice for nannies this Christmas.

Made of canvas with a metal zipper, this bag is soft, comfortable, and resistant to dirt and abrasion. There are so many good ideas for the right gift for your nanny. Just be sure to check the gift’s privacy policy before checking out.

The Superhero Nanny Accessory Bag is also easy to clean, ensuring that it remains fresh and presentable over time. The 3D printing technique used offers exquisite patterns and a touch of flair, making it an interesting and visually appealing gift.

13. Nanny Wooden Sign

KongMoTree Nanny Wooden Sign

This Nanny Wooden Sign is a delightful gift that any nanny would treasure.

The high precision UV printing technique used on the sign ensures bright colors and lifelike graphics that capture attention.

The rustic Nanny Wooden Sign’s design of the plaque complements any farmhouse, home, or living room decor, making it a versatile and thoughtful present.

14. Thank You For Being Awesome Tumbler

A tumbler for nanny, perfect for Christmas gifts, with a heartfelt thank you for being awesome.

The Thank You For Being Awesome Tumbler is the perfect gift for all the fabulous people in your life, from family members to coworkers and friends.

Made from premium 304 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, this double-wall, vacuum-insulated tumbler keeps hot drinks hot and cold beverages cold for hours without sweating like lower-quality alternatives.

The Thank You For Being Awesome Tumbler’s timeless design features laser-engraved artwork that won’t fade, making it a gift that will be cherished and used daily.

15. World’s Best Nanny Mug

Andaz Press 11oz. Coffee Mug

The World’s Best Nanny Mug is a lovely gift choice for nannies during the Christmas season.

With its thoughtful text reading “World’s Best Nanny” alongside an attractive floral design, this 11oz mug will show your nanny how much they mean to you.

The World’s Best Nanny Mug is made of high-quality, UV-protected ceramic, ensuring it will not only be a sentimental keepsake but also a practical one.

16. Best Nanny Ever Picture Frame

FONDCANYON Best Nanny Ever Picture Photo Frame

The Best Nanny Ever Picture Frame beautifully captures and presents a special moment shared between a nanny and their children.

Its wooden design gives off a warm, homey appearance, making it a fitting addition to any room’s decor. This is a more more personal gift from one of our favourite shop options, and you are sure to love it!

With its adaptable and unobtrusive style, you can easily find the perfect spot for the Best Nanny Ever Picture Frame in any room.

17. Huge Thank You Sign

Christmas gifts for nanny

The Huge Thank You Sign is a unique and heartfelt desk card that serves as a perfect Thank You gift for your nanny.

Engraved with a sincere message, “For all that you are and all that you do, I just want to say a huge thank you,” it’s a thoughtful way to express gratitude and create lasting memories.

This creative desk decor piece can add a warm and positive atmosphere to both home and office spaces, fitting seamlessly with any decoration style.

18. Canvas Tote Bag

A black and white shopping bag with the letter e, perfect for gifting during Christmas as a present for your nanny.

The Canvas Tote Bag for women offers both style and functionality with its inner zipper pouch and outer button closure.

The inner zipper pouch ensures easy storage of small, important items like phones and keys, providing easy access without the risk of items falling out.

What makes this Canvas Tote Bag truly special is its classic monogram embroidery font, making it a unique and personalized gift perfect for nannies.

19. Best Nanny Ever Bracelet


The Best Nanny Ever Bracelet is a stylish and meaningful gift perfect for expressing appreciation for any nanny.

The bracelet is made of hypoallergenic, lead-free, and tarnish-resistant stainless steel, ensuring that it is safe to wear and will keep its luster over time.

This Best Nanny Ever Bracelet has a stylish design and meaningful message, so it’s sure to bring joy to your beloved nanny.

20. Special Nanny Ceramic Ornament

HOIJAUMAI Nanny Ceramic Ornament

The Special Nanny Ceramic Ornament is a thoughtful Christmas gift that showcases appreciation towards your nanny.

Made from high-quality ceramics, this heart-shaped ornament delivers vivid colors and clear patterns.

The Special Nanny Ceramic Ornament is a heartwarming and elegant gift alternative for nannies, suitable for various occasions.

21. Dried Fruit Gift Basket

A Christmas gift for nanny featuring a fruit basket and wooden chair.

The Dried Fruit Gift Basket is a delightful treat presented on a foldable Wooden Fruit Bowl, making it an impressive and versatile gift.

This basket contains a variety of mouthwatering dried fruits, including exotic mango slices, Mediterranean apricots, California yellow peaches, pears, apple wedges, dates, kiwi, plums, and prunes, offering a burst of flavors in every bite.

The multi-use Wooden Tray can also be used as a trivet, cutting board, or a stylish fruit bowl, making it a thoughtful and ingenious gift choice suitable for your nanny.

22. Specially For You Gift Set

Psukhai Birthday Gifts

This Specially For You Gift Set offers a delightful variety of presents perfect for any special person in your life.

The standout item in this package is the 12-ounce, insulated stainless steel tumbler – a durable and functional piece ideal for both hot and cold drinks.

The Specially For You Gift Set is a thoughtful, pre-packaged gift that offers a diverse range of items catering to different preferences.

23. Thank You Lavender Candle

You've done so much for me that i don't know where to start, looking for Christmas gift ideas for nanny.

Express your heartfelt appreciation with this Thank You Lavender Candle, the perfect gift for your nanny.

Let your nanny know just how much you value their contributions.

With a clean burn lasting at least 35 hours, this soy candle, infused with natural lavender essential oil, creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

24. Thank You Necklace

A Christmas gift box with a necklace that says thank you for your nanny.

Express your appreciation with this Thank You Necklace, a stunning double circle design perfect for showing gratitude to your nanny.

Crafted with quality materials, you can choose between sterling silver or 14K gold vermeil, ensuring a lasting token of your appreciation.

The necklace comes in an elegant gift-ready package with a blank greeting card, jewelry care guide, and polishing cloth, making it a thoughtful and complete gift to convey your heartfelt message: “You give your time. You give your hands. But most of all, you give your heart.”

25. Nanny Gift Keychain

Best Christmas gift for nanny: thank you keychain.

Show your appreciation for the nanny who does everything for your children with this Nanny Gift Keychain.

Crafted from 316L stainless steel, this keychain is not only durable but also resistant to fading, rust, tarnish, and more, ensuring it will remain a lasting token of your gratitude.

Measuring with a 30-millimeter disc tag and heart charm, this dainty keychain makes a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any occasion where you want to express your heartfelt thanks to your nanny.

26. It Takes A Village Sign

Christmas gift for nanny, village

Add a touch of inspiration to your space with this “It Takes A Village” sign.

Measuring 4 x 4 x 0.2 inches, this wooden plaque is a moderate size that can easily adorn any area you desire.

Crafted from high-quality density fiberboard, this sign is both firm and environmentally friendly, making it a durable addition to your home.

27. What I Love About My Nanny Gift Book

What I Love About My Nanny Gift Book

This unique What I Love About My Nanny Gift Book makes a thoughtful and personalized gift for your nanny during the holiday season.

The prompts in the journal are simple, yet meaningful, making it easy even for young children to participate in expressing their feelings.

Each page has a unique prompt that encourages both children and parents to share special memories, traits they love, and even hopes for the future.

28. Best Nanny Kitchen Towel

World's best nanny kitchen towel - perfect christmas gift idea for nanny

The Best Nanny Kitchen Towel is a versatile addition to any home, serving as both a handy hand towel and a stylish decoration.

Its simple graphic design complements various decorative themes, making it an ideal choice for home decor.

Whether you’re using it in your own space or giving it as a holiday gift to your nanny, this towel adds a touch of charm to any setting.

29. Nanny Life Is The Best Life T-Shirt

Nanny Life T-Shirt

This Nanny Life Is The Best Life T-Shirt, with its easy pull-on closure and machine wash convenience, is not just a comfortable choice but a heartfelt gift for any nanny.

The design is sure to bring a smile to any Nanny’s face, making it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any occasion.

These cute Nanny prints celebrate the joy of being the best Nanny ever, making them a cherished addition to any Nanny’s wardrobe.

30. Best Effin’ Nanny Ever Mug

Best elfin Christmas gift for nanny coffee mug.

The “Best Effin’ Nanny Ever” Mug is a gift that a nanny will cherish for years, perfect for making her daily coffee or tea more special.

With its 11-ounce size and easy-to-grip C-handle, it’s not just a mug but a thoughtful reminder of love from a child.

Also, this mug microwave and dishwasher safe for her convenience.

31. Saintrygo 2 Pack Babysitters Gift

Saintrygo 2 Pack Babysitters Gifts

Gift-giving has never been more meaningful with this charming Saintrygo 2 Pack Babysitters Gift set.

A beautiful way to show your respect and admiration for the caregiver in your life, the duo comprises a 12oz insulated wine tumbler and a unicorn canvas makeup bag printed with “Other Babysitters Me” patterns.

The Saintrygo 2 Pack Babysitters Gift is an excellent way to celebrate and appreciate the special bond between a nanny and her charges.

32. Willow Tree The Quilt Figurine

A heartfelt Christmas gift for a nanny - a figurine of a woman hugging a child.

This hand-painted resin figurine features a seated figure in a rocking chair, cradling a toddler, and wrapped in a large denim blue stitched quilt, symbolizing the love and warmth of caretaker and child relationships.

It’s easy to maintain, simply requiring a gentle dusting with a soft brush or cloth.

Created by artist Susan Lordi, this piece captures the essence of loving connections and is a beautiful addition to any shelf, table, or mantel.

33. Nanny Wooden Heart Plaque

CAKIROTS Nanny Gifts Wooden Heart Plaque

The Nanny Wooden Heart Plaque is a charming and thoughtful gift that features a touching quote, expressing the love and appreciation for a nanny who has provided exceptional care and support.

The rustic heart design coupled with the quote creates a warm and sentimental gift that will surely make any nanny feel special.

Besides being an excellent gift for Christmas, this Nanny Wooden Heart Plaque is also suitable for other occasions like birthdays, housewarmings, and even as a simple token of gratitude.

34. Nanny Ceramic Coffee Mug

Nanny Mothers Day Gift for Nanny Birthday Gift Nanny Grandma Gifts Coffee Mug Tea Cup Paisley Paisley 1

This beautiful paisley themed Nanny Ceramic Coffee Mug is a great gift choice for nannies who appreciate practical and thoughtful presents.

With its 11-ounce capacity, it can hold a generous amount of hot beverages for a comfortable and relaxing sip.

The unique and stylish design is imprinted on both sides of the mug, which, although may not be everyone’s preference, adds a charming touch, making it a great item to display when not in use.

35. Best Nanny Ever Throw Pillow Case

Mancheng-zi Throw Pillow Case

This Best Nanny Ever Throw Pillow Case is made from durable and eco-friendly cotton linen, delivering both quality and sustainability in a simple and natural way.

Designed to suit any sofa, bed, or chair, the pillowcase adds a personal and fun touch to your nanny’s living space.

This Best Nanny Ever Throw Pillow Case also doubles as a token of gratitude and appreciation of the love and care they’ve provided.

36. I Love My Nanny Photo Frame

benerini 'I Love My Nanny' Photo Frame

The I Love My Nanny Photo Frame is an elegantly designed gift that showcases the bond between a child and their nanny.

The “I Love My Nanny” lettering, accompanied by a red heart, adds a charming touch to the minimalist design.

To make this gift even better, insert a photo of your nanny with your kids!

Also, the I Love My Nanny Photo Frame is both free-standing and wall-mountable, giving you the option to display your cherished moments in a variety of settings.

37. You are My Sunshine Wood Music Box

Huntmic You are My Sunshine Wood Music Box

The You are My Sunshine Wood Music Box is a delightful and sentimental gift, perfect for showing your appreciation towards your nanny.

The music box is hand-cranked, requiring no batteries.

The You are My Sunshine Wood Music Box is a touching gift perfect for anyone who has fond memories of the classic “You are my Sunshine” song.

38. Best Nanny Ever Stemless Wine Glass

Best Christmas gift for nanny: Best nanny ever wine glass.

Indulge in the perfect toast with the Best Nanny Ever Stemless Wine Glass, featuring a laser-etched design that creates a stunning frosted effect.

This glass is not only a heartfelt tribute to the best nanny but also dishwasher safe, ensuring its enduring charm for years to come.

Any nanny will love this wine glass!

39. Nanny Tomatoes Card

Christmas gift idea for nanny- a heartfelt card expressing love from my head to my toes.

Celebrate your Nanny’s special day in style with the delightful Nanny Tomatoes Card.

This funny and fabulous birthday card is perfect for letting the wonderful women in your life know just how much you love and appreciate them, from head to toe.

With a blank, fully customizable interior, you can add a personal touch to your birthday wishes, whether it’s heartfelt words, drawings, or a special poem.

40. It Takes A Big Heart Ring Dish

HOME SMILE Ceramic Ring Dish

This It Takes A Big Heart Ring Dish is a thoughtful and well-crafted gift for nannies, perfect for holding their small trinkets and treasures.

This It Takes A Big Heart Ring Dish is not only beautifully designed, but it also delivers a touching message that resonates with nannies.

Crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic, this It Takes A Big Heart Ring Dish exudes a premium feel while offering a safe and convenient way to store small trinkets, such as rings, earrings, and necklaces.

41. Small Sling Bag

A pink fanny pack with a gold zipper, perfect as a Christmas gift for nanny.

The Small Sling Bag is a stylish and functional accessory made from animal-friendly faux leather.

Featuring two zip pockets and card slots inside, it allows you to keep your essentials like credit cards, keys, cash, and even your cell phone organized and secure.

This classic petite purse will be the perfect addition to any nanny’s closet.

This is one of the best gift ideas for the person who plays an integral role in your family.

This versatile accessory also makes for a thoughtful gift option for a nanny on special occasions, combining style and practicality in one sling purse.

42. Simple Modern 40 oz Tumbler

A box with a white mug and a straw, perfect for Christmas gift ideas for nanny.

The Simple Modern 40 oz Tumbler with Handle is the perfect companion for on-the-go adventures, thanks to its cupholder-friendly design and convenient handle, making it easy to take with you wherever you venture.

Designed with a leak-resistant straw lid, you can enjoy your favorite beverages without worrying about spills.

Also, its double-wall insulation ensures your drinks stay hot or cold for hours, catering to your beverage preferences.

43. Sterling Silver Necklace with Bronze Heart

Nanny Gifts Sterling Silver Necklace

This Sterling Silver Necklace with Bronze Heart is more than just a gift; it’s a token of gratitude and recognition for your nanny.

The tiny 5mm solid bronze heart adds an endearing element to the design, symbolizing the love and care your nanny has showered upon your children.

The hypo-allergenic materials used mean that even those with sensitive skin can wear this elegant gift without worry.

44. Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand

Three glass vases with plants on a wooden stand, perfect as Christmas gifts for nanny.

The Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand is not just a unique home décor piece but also a fantastic photo prop, adding a touch of vintage-ins style to your space.

Fill the glass bottles with colored water, cobbles, flowers, plants, or even a little fish to create a captivating and eye-catching display that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

This terrarium features the perfect blend of natural wood and high-quality boron silicon heat-resistant glass, making it both sturdy and elegant.

45. Personalized Nanny Embroidered Shirt

IZI POD Personalized Grandma Shirt

The Personalized Nanny Embroidered Shirt is a thoughtful and stylish gift for a nanny, perfect for showing appreciation during the holiday season.

This shirt is easy to mix and match with a variety of bottoms like jeans, shorts, or leggings, making it a suitable choice for casual, work, date, party, and streetwear settings.

The Personalized Nanny Embroidered Shirt is a viable Christmas gift option for nannies, balancing both style and sentimentality.

All About Holiday Shopping

‘Tis the season for giving, and finding the perfect Christmas gift for your full-time nanny is a great thing. Good news is, there are plenty of cute options to choose from.

From lab-tested items that ensure safety and quality to cash gifts that can make a significant impact during this time of year, you have a range of possibilities.

Whether your nanny loves practical family life solutions or simply adores thoughtful gestures, you can even take advantage of free shipping to have it delivered in time for the holidays.

Whichever you choose, your thoughtfulness and appreciation will shine through, making the holiday season brighter for both you and your cherished nanny.

When it comes to nanny Christmas gifts, finding the perfect choice can be a delightful challenge.

While a generic gift may meet etiquette experts’ recommendations, consider going the extra mile to truly reflect your nanny’s style and dedication.

A thoughtful bottle of wine might be a good gift idea for some, while others might prefer a family vacation or a bonus equivalent to a week’s pay.

The essence of Christmas shopping for your nanny lies in recognizing their individuality and showing your heartfelt appreciation for the special role they play in your family’s life.

Things to Remember

Finding the ideal nanny Christmas gift is a nice way to express your gratitude for their hard work and care.

There are lots of nanny gift ideas with different delivery times, so take this into consideration when gift shopping.

While a wardrobe essential or something fashionable can be a thoughtful choice, it’s also important to consider the right price point that suits your budget.

Whether they love dressing up for cocktail parties or appreciate a cozy homemade gift, adding a little extra gift, like a book or a gift of relaxation, can make it even more special.

Whatever you choose, remember that the perfect way to convey your appreciation is by acknowledging the significant role they play in your family’s life during the holiday season.

Final Thoughts

As the year draws to a close, nanny employers often contemplate the best way to express their appreciation during the holiday season.

While a monetary bonus is a common practice in the nanny industry and certainly appreciated, many opt for thoughtful babysitter gifts as well.

Cute appreciation gifts, like indoor plants, can be a charming way to convey your gratitude.

With plenty of time to plan before the new year arrives, it’s the perfect opportunity to choose a meaningful present that reflects your appreciation for the dedicated care your nanny provides throughout the year.

When it comes to nanny Christmas gifts, it’s a chance to go beyond the usual and offer something more personal and heartfelt.

While a cute appreciation gift can certainly bring a smile, the extra effort of selecting something from their favorite shop or choosing sentimental gifts can make the holiday season even more special.

Nannies provide not just care but also peace of mind to families, and a thoughtful present is a wonderful way to express gratitude for their dedication throughout the year.

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Top picks for Christmas gifts for nanny.

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