4 Simple Ways to Give Your Front Yard A Stunning Makeover

Front yards can often end up looking unloved. What’s worse, an unloved front yard can wreak havoc with your home value, pushing it down by more than 5 percent according to a study by HBOS. With that said, there’s plenty of easy DIY things you can do to spruce it up again. Take a look at some of these ideas.

Grab The Trimmers

When it comes to your front garden, it’s the trees and shrubs that keep it looking its best. But if they’re unkempt, it can make your house look a lot less appealing.

If you want to sort out your bushes and your hedges yourself, you’ll need to invest in a good pair of shears. Shears are perfect for chopping away at wayward pieces of greenery and make for a fun DIY project to do around the house. Once you get a handle on the basics, you can start pruning your hedges into all sorts of interesting and appealing shapes. Make sure you focus on cutting away any branches that are heading towards your house, as these can cause damage to the masonry if they’re not cut back.

Scrub Your Driveway

When your driveway was first built, it looked bright and beautiful. But over time it got dirty and was weather-beaten by the rain, frost, and sun. You probably haven’t noticed it happened because it’s such a slow process, but your driveway is probably four or five shades darker now than it was when it was first built.


When people clean their driveways, it makes an enormous difference to the front of their home.  You can see before and after pictures on sites like Miracle Maintenance.com. Before being cleaned, driveways are dark and unappealing. Afterward, they’re bright and fresh, complementing the rest of the front yard.

Make Sure Your Edges Are Well Defined


The edge between your garden and your driveway should be well-defined. If it’s not, then it can look untidy. Separating the garden from the driveway is a great DIY job. All you really need is a trowel for smaller jobs. Go around the edges of your flower bed or lawn and make sure that plants are separated from the paving. If you’ve got a lot of edges, you might find it beneficial to invest in an edger. Some edgers come as an edger/weedwhacker combo, saving you both time and effort.

Add Lots Of Color

One of the problems with the trend towards xeriscaping is that there isn’t much of an opportunity to add color. Front yards can often end up looking more like quarries than gardens. Adding color can help make a home pop, no matter how good the landscaping is according to blog.coldwellbanker.com. Try re-coating your front door and window frames with a fresh lick of bright paint. You can also get companies to come and power wash the dirt and grime from the front of your house, restoring its original colors.

The bottom line is that there’s no reason you should have to put up with a drab front yard. Makeovers are easy, DIY-friendly and help bump up the value of your property.

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