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How To Give Gifts The Recipient Will Love


When it comes to giving gifts, different recipients appreciate different things. Some love really practical items that they can use often or even every day. Other like more frivolous things; special treats that they would never buy for themselves.

However, no matter what the gift itself is, there are ways to make any gift such special. There are ways to make sure you are giving a gift, or gifts, that the recipient will truly love.

1) Think about the things they love, not you love

When buying a gift for another person, it can be tempting to browse the stores (online or in person) that you love. But where do they shop? You are far more likely to find something they will adore if you buy it from one of their favorite stores. You can shop for yourself later. First- them!

2) Consider how much use they will get out it

Whether you are buying a frivolous item or a practical item, consider how much use your recipient will get out of it. Say you want to buy them something to make their work desk nicer, for example. A potted plant or a scented candle are both nice gestures, but they will run out very soon. Chose something with more longevity instead; a laptop case, or a framed photograph.

3) Think to yourself- Can I make this more personalized?

Once you’ve got an ideal of the type of gift you will buy, ask yourself if there is any way you can make it more personalized. Getting them a watch? Take it to get engraved with a special message on the back! Buy them a new vape pen, but then make it a bit more interesting with an interesting e juice. You can even make your own e juice online! Taking them on a weekend break? Ask the hotel to have a bottle of their favorite drink chilling for them in the room, or even their favorite music playing on the sound system.

4) Be sure to present it nicely

Got a great gift you think they’ll love? Personalized it, or given it an extra special touch? Don’t let yourself down at the very end with poor presentation. If you struggle to wrap presents well, there are loads of hacks to help you wrap gifts neatly. If the gift is awkwardly shaped, put it inside a box and wrap that instead. Finishing touches of bows or paper decorations always add a nice extra touch. Want to make the opening last even longer? Pop it in a gift bag also. It may also make it easier to transport to wherever you are meeting them,

5) Don’t discount the option of DIY

These points are presuming that you will buy a gift. However, don’t discount the option of DIY. It doesn’t need to matter if money is tight, or if you’d just rather make something yourself!

6) Give it with pride

Opening with an apology, a caveat or an excuse doesn’t give off the best impression. Hand over your gift with pride! Allow your friends or loved one to open their gift without concern or worry.

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