GIVEAWAY: Win A Theragrow Hair Helmet ($495 Value)

I am so excited to team up with theragrow to give one lucky Sarah Scoop reader the chance to win their own theragrow hair helmet and harness the power of hair regrowth in a helmet.
For 40% of women who suffer with hair loss and the self-consciousness it leads to; finally, there is a discreet FDA cleared at-home product designed strictly for women. Theragrow™ is a helmet worn at home that harnesses the power of laser light to minimize hair loss and promote hair growth. It delivers the same precise wavelength and dosage of energy proven to rejuvenate hair follicles and effectively regrow hair.
Only lasers with a wavelength between 670 and 686 nanometers can penetrate deep enough to reach the base of the hair follicles and stimulate growth; a depth of 3 to 5 millimeters. No other light source, including devices using LED light, can achieve this.
By treating the base of hair follicles, Theragrow’s proprietary cold laser technology ensures the mitochondria – the energy generator of hair cells – is reactivated. The mitochondria then produce cell energy that is absorbed by hair follicles stimulating new hair growth.
More than half of women experience significant hair loss by age 50, but the process begins much earlier. Topical medications work for less than half of the women who try them and most women are not candidates for hair transplants.
“We are excited to provide a viable, cost- effective solution specifically for women who haven’t seen adequate results from topical treatments and cannot take the only prescription drug available because it is only FDA cleared for men. More than 90% of women in a recent user group reported positive results from treatments delivering the precise weekly amount of laser light energy you get with Theragrow, explains Tamim Hamid Ph.D., Theragrow Inventor, CEO of Theradome Inc.
The lightweight Theragrow™ helmet houses 40 individual lasers. It provides maximum scalp coverage to treat all areas affected by androgenetic alopecia, the condition suffered by most women reporting hair loss.
After the first treatment the process of halting hair loss and rejuvenating your hair follicles to grow healthier, stronger, thicker hair begins. Laser light therapy targets the stem cells at the base of hair follicles. It’s working deep beneath the surface even before you see visible results.
Low-level laser light technology has been proven to: Repair, improve and grow hair in women.
1-3 Months
  • Reduced hair loss
  • Increased hair thickness and density
2-6 Months
  • •Thicker hair
  • •Fuller overall body
6-9 Months
  • Visible new hair growth on top and crown of head
The theragrow has a retail price of $495.00 and 1 lucky Sarah Scoop reader will win.  
Just enter below. 🙂

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Disclosure: Prizing provided by kmrPR and theragrow. 

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  1. I am desperate for this product! I’ve been losing hair since I had my 4th child 18 months ago and it doesn’t show signs of recovering. My husband and kids have lovely, thick hair (well, all of them except for the baby) and I hide from pictures because of my hair. I would love to try Theragrow!

  2. I would like to try it to see if I can stop the hair loss I have now and maybe grow a bit more.

  3. My hair is definitely thinning and i am interested in this technology. Would love to give this a try!

  4. id like to win so i can see if it will work on me i have baldness and this would so helpme out in confidence

  5. My hair has been significantly thinner every since I went through chemo 14 years ago. I try to tell myself that it doesn’t bother me, and the only important thing is that I don[t have cancer anymore. (hurrah!) (My usual statement regarding my hair is “It’s mine. It’s attached. And I don’t take it off at night. There’s no such thing as a bad hair day.” And to some extent, that’s true. However, there is no doubt that it IS significantly thinner (and my eyebrows and eyelashes are barely there.) I know I’d feel better about myself with improvement regarding my hair. (Yes, it’s better than my husband… I assume this product is for women only, and that we couldn’t share it?)

  6. i got super thin hair. clumps in the shower are depressing. when i was pregnant i had beautiful hair.. after it all fell out and continues..

  7. My husband is super sensitive about his hair loss. He tries and grows it but only to have patches and he look like he has mange .

  8. I would like to try something non-invasive to help my receding hairline and this may be what I’ve been hoping for all along.

  9. One of the parts at the back of my head is really starting to thin out & I’d love to experience the results of the Theragrow hair helmet system.

  10. Hair loss runs in my family. We all have very thin hair- so if this works my mom and sister would want to use it too.

  11. I started losing my hair due to stress when I was 34. Now I’m hitting 60 and there is barely any hair on the top of my head – still grows on the sides and back though. It looks ridiculous but there’s been nothing I could do about it. This laser treatment might just be the thing to bring back my hair. I’m so self-conscious about it, I feel awkward meeting people for the first time, I know they’re trying not to stare at my head. Help!

  12. I want to win because the hair around my temples is thinning. It would be nice to have it grow back a little bit.

  13. I want to win because I’ve had thinning hair for many years and would love to see if this could help me.

  14. I would like to win becasue I’m getting a bald spot right on top, in the front of my head. I no longer have bangs. I can’t ware any kind of hair style because of it.

  15. I look at my hair fallout and remember my mother’s hair—I’d like to head this problem off, no pun intended.

  16. I had thick, full hair…lots of body…until my thyroid began to fail. I want my hair back! That is why I so very much want to win. 🙂 Thank you.

  17. Ive always had very fine hair and it’s bone straight. For the last few years its getting thinner and it’s very noticeable. People have commented about it. I’ve tried everything and I could never afford this helmet myself

  18. I’ve had thinning hair for a long time now and I’m only 36, and with being female it’s hard on my self-esteem.

  19. I had lots and lots of fine hair. But now I have been losing it quite excessively. I am hoping to reverse the effects of hair loss

  20. I got into a fistfight, first one in 2 decades, hopefully the last. lol
    My psycho cousin is a hair-puller & I have a tiny bald patch behind my ear so I’m crossing my fingers!

  21. I want to win because I am sick of strangers telling me that I have thin hair (which is so rude by the way.) I’m also tired of losing strands of hair all the time.

  22. I would like to win this for my grandma because she suffers from hair loss. I know she will love this.

  23. I would like to win this for my friend who is balding prematurely. She is very self conscious about it and this would help her regain confidence.

  24. I would love to win this I’m only 23 and my hair is already thinning I’m loosing my hair starting from the top of my crown in the front I can’t even put my hair back without noticing the little hair it makes me sad.

  25. I want to win this because my hair is falling out pretty badly and I’d love to try something that’ll help repair it.

  26. I would like to win this for my mom. She is in her 50s now and has always had thinning hair and it only seems to be getting worse.

  27. My hair is thin since I had chemo & radiation for my cancer & I would love to share it with my mom whose hair is so thin & sparse she gets sunburn on her entire scalp if she doesn’t hear a hat

  28. I’m someone who’s self-conscious about hair loss and now I’m almost 50, and I’m afraid it will get worse.

  29. My hair used to be beautiful, long, thick, blonde & to my waist but a few years ago my hair was destroyed because of medication I was on at the time. Years later I am still not back to normal!

  30. I want to win this for my Mom (who is also my best friend) who has had problems with her hair thinning…so much so you can definitely see a lot of scalp. She uses a powder on her scalp to help hide it how thin her hair has gotten, and if this really works, she would be the perfect before and after photo!

  31. I have always had very fine hair. But the last couple opf years it is getting thinner. I am having to pay close attention as I do my hair to make sure there are no gaps in coverage.

  32. My hair is thinning around the edges and the crown of my head. I am willing to try anything at this point.

  33. I would like to win as my thinning hair is just embarrassing. There are days when I do not want to even get out of bed.

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