Go Green With These Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Tips

Lots of people are now more determined than ever to turn their life eco-friendly. Especially as the dramatic effects of climate change are now very apparent. A few years ago, going green might have seemed a very expensive thing to do. However, it now looks like we need to become more environmentally friendly for the planet to survive.


As a result, the associated costs have plummeted. So if you have ever wanted to make your home eco-friendly, here are some top tips.

Insulate Your Attic

It is incredibly important that your attic space is efficiently insulated. This will prevent hot air escaping from your property through the roof, which could result in you increasing the thermostat! So to use less energy, simply insulate your attic. It is now possible to insulate with natural and recycle materials that don’t have too big an impact on the environment. Once you have stopped heat escaping this way, you will start to see a significant reduction in your energy bills.

Consider Green Heating Systems

Once upon a time, the various ways in which we heated buildings and properties were not environmentally friendly at all. But all that has changed. Many heating systems are now a lot more efficient, which means homeowners don’t have to turn up the heat quite as much. And even stoves and open fires are eco-friendly thanks to green pellets that can be burnt on them. You can find out more on the Stove and Fireplace Center website.

Buy Recycled Furniture

One of the latest interior design trends is to use furniture that has been made from recycled materials. The choice of this kind of furniture is slowly increasing, but you should expect this trend to seriously take off over the next couple of years. There is also a big demand for upcycled items as well. Adding upcycled furniture is a great way of adding some quirky touches to your decor.

Use Locally Sourced Building Supplies

Next time you are thinking about doing some DIY, you should try and find all your materials from the local area. Call your local homeware store to see if they have everything that you need. That way, you won’t be increasing your carbon footprint by ordering materials and tools that need to be delivered from other states. This also counts for hiring workmen to do jobs in your home. Go with a local firm rather than hiring a company who has to travel from out of town.

Be Mindful Of Your Electricity Consumption

Do you know exactly how much electricity you are using throughout the day? You may be shocked to learn the real number! So you need to be mindful of all the electricity that you are consuming. Make sure you turn the lights out whenever you leave a room. Switch your TV off; don’t just leave it on standby. Getting into these little habits can make a really big difference!

Everyone needs to go green soon if we are to protect the planet against climate change. Have you considered it yet?

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