Goodbye Student Life – Time For A Grown Up Home Décor

One day, it happens all of a sudden: You are standing in front of your bathroom mirror, and the revelation hits you without warning. You are a grown-up. You work, you pay your bills, you wash your own clothes. You might even have the odd gray hair already. More importantly, your clothing style has changed. You don’t wear anymore what you use to wear at college. You wear smart business fashion. But has your home décor evolved with you? No? Don’t worry, here’s a little guideline to bring your home into adulthood too!


Invest In Your Décor More Than In Your Wardrobe

Your house is your sanctuary: This is where you live and where you build all your dreams for tomorrow. Now before you think any further about this, take a look at your office workwear. You will probably find classic trousers, at least a black dress, and classy heels. What conveys a message to others about you. Your style says that you are a hard-working and elegant woman. Now, go back to your home décor. What does the old IKEA shelf say about you? What does the ancient student bed show about your personality? If you start to notice a gap between who your clothes say you are and how your furniture describes you, then it’s time to rethink your house!

Play With Colors

You can give what is called an accent to a room, or several rooms, by adding little touches of color. To keep it at a sensible and tasteful level, you should only be picking one of two additional color schemes into a neutral-colored room. For example, you can place a few sophisticated items in a candy apple red shade, as you can see in a previous article, to clash with your magnolia walls and your beige sofa. Be careful not to overdo it: It’s all about the little details. There is no need to create a vast explosion of color that will invade the entire space. Think of it as room accessories, just like you would think of a belt for your daily outfit.  

Less Furniture But Better Quality

During your student life, it’s not uncommon to gather a little more pieces of furniture than you need. But, the student years have their own wild side and do not respond well to reason! Who knows? Maybe at the time it made sense to have eight different chairs and twenty pictures on the wall…? A few pieces of furniture are more effective than too many, so select them carefully. Don’t hesitate to browse specialist websites, such as for example, so that you can compare the various shapes and designs and identify what works best for your taste and your space!

Welcome The Natural Shades Back

As you grow up, your tastes change, and your needs do change as well. While there was a time when a red light bulb was a funny addition to the bathroom, for example, that time is now gone.

Your home décor needs to be a space of relaxation, and therefore needs to be easy on the eyes. Consequently, you need to keep things as natural as you can, such as earth-colored furniture and walls for most of the house, and a lot of natural light. Colorful and occulting curtains will become a factor of stress over time, so make sure to facilitate the access to the windows as much as you can.

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