Great Kitchen Gadgets for Any Beginner Cook

Moving into your first place? Stressed about what to buy? Listed below are some great kitchen tools for beginner cooks. These are easy to use products that save you time. Get the scoop on some of the best kitchen gadgets for any beginner cook!

Hands-Free Baggy Holder

Like the title says this hand free baggy holder is great for keeping your baggy up while you cook. Use it for loading snacks, liquids, or icing. Great for any size baggy! This is a great reusable buy for any beginner cooks.

Available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $3.99. 

Taco Rack

The taco rack makes filling your tacos up easy. Also great for making sure your tacos do not fall over when you are eating them. Great for kids!

Available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $11.99.

Rachael Ray 2 piece lazy solid spoon

These notched spoons help prevents the mess when setting your spoon down on the counter. With a notched side, the spoon will easily fit on the side of any pot. Great for beginner cooks due to its easy cleanup.

Available at Target in a set of two for $19.99.

4 in 1 Chopper

One of my personal favorites for beginner cooks. This 4 in 1 chopper makes it easy to chop up anything from veggies to cheese. If you are like me cutting an onion is awful with tear everywhere. The 4 in 1 chopper provides an easy solution to cutting an onion. No more tear! It also comes with a lid so after you are done chopping you can easily put your food away.

Available at Walmart for $14.99

Fred and Friends Big Blue Whale Strainer

This pasta strainer is a cute and effective way to drain pasta. A lot smaller than ordinary pasta strainers, this product is great for easy storage. Due to its smaller size, straining pasta is a lot easier. Also, the cute whale design is a must in any kitchen.  Great for not only pasta but veggies as well.

Available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $ 8.99

Whisk Wiper

This whisk wiper makes clean up a lot easier. With a silicon base, simply push up and your mess is gone. Great for baking. This product is another one of my personal favorites because it helps prevent a lot of dirty dishes.

Available on Amazon includes the whisk and rubber cleaner for $19.95

Herb Scissors

These scissors are great for those who are just beginning to learn how to use their knife skills. Easily mince any type of herb with the Herb Scissors. Also great for easy clean, instead of cleaning cutting boards and knives, just simply put these scissors in the dishwasher.

Available on Amazon for $7.49.


Cover ‘n Cook by Cuchina Safe

The Cover ‘n Cook is a vented, glass plate cover for reheating and steam cooking food in the microwave. The splatter guard keeps the microwave mess to a minimum. Flip it over and it becomes a two-quart baking dish perfect for casseroles, veggies, pies and more. Microwave and oven safe (up to 450 degrees). Easily stores leftovers in the fridge for quick reheating. Made of borosilicate glassware so it doesn’t retain odors, stains or bacteria like plastic. Retail price: $29.95

Available at  Cover ‘n Cook website and Amazon. 

ElementDigital Bag Re-Sealer

This handheld gadget provides the ability to re-seal any plastic bag you have opened. Great for chips and other snacks, the Bag Re-Sealer helps prevent food from going bad and stale. Great for not only the kitchen but for picnics or pool parties.

Available on Amazon for $25.99

Williams Sonoma Egg Yolk Separator

Easily separate yolk from the egg whites, with this egg separator. Also works as a measuring cup! Includes the ability to attach on the edge of any size bowl. Simply crack the egg over the device. It catches the yolk in the cradle of the tool. Great for beginner bakers!

Available on Williams Sonoma for $9.95

Check out our other article about Top Kitchen Trends of 2018 for more beginner ideas! With this many great products, hopefully, one of these will make your time in the kitchen a bit easier.



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