A Guide to Buying a Watch for a Special Friend


If you’ve been trying to think of a good gift for somebody special, you may have come to the conclusion that a watch would be a nice idea. Watches are great gifts: you can never have too many of them, and they can definitely add style to an outfit. This guide will help you to buy a watch for a special friend, so you can be confident in your choice:

Take a Look at The Jewelry They Already Own

If you can, take a look at the jewelry collection they already own to help you get an idea of what they like. You should pay attention to the colors they seem to like, the brands, and the style. Brand isn’t so important if you can get the color and style right though. Some people prefer pops of color, others silver and others gold. Some like vintage style, while others like glam and modern. Try to dissect their jewelry collection so you can make a good choice.

Try to Describe Their Style

How would you describe your special friend’s style? Are they classic? Glamorous? Unique? The watch you choose for them should match up. Somebody who has quite a unique style isn’t going to want to wear a plain watch, and somebody who has a classic style won’t appreciate something too ‘out there’. Somebody with quite a unique sense of style would more than likely appreciate a style with interchangeable watch bands – think of the fun they could have! Those with a classic style will probably want as little fuss as possible.

Come Up with a Budget

Watches can come in all different price ranges, so it all depends on the money you have to spare. Would you rather spend £20, or £200? It obviously depends on the occasion, how much money you have, and what this person is to you. You can still find pretty, decent watches for a bargain price. Consider doing some research online so you can get the best quality watch for your money.

Ask Them for a Shortlist

If you want to ruin the surprise, you could ask your friend to make a shortlist of watches that they like. That way, they don’t know exactly what they’re getting, and you know you’re buying  them something they actually like. You could even pick a watch that isn’t on the list but looks as if it fits in with the styles they like.

Compare Online

Don’t buy the first watch you see that they’ll like. Instead, search other stores and look online to see if you can find it cheaper! Beware: if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. You don’t want to end up buying them a fake, low quality watch for the sake of a bit of money. Make sure any site you look on is legitimate by researching it before you hand over your cash. If you’re careful, you can get the best deal and the best watch.

Happy shopping!

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