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Guide For The 30 Best Socks To Wear With Cowboy Boots

Many of us love to wear cowboy boots, but it can be challenging to find the right socks to pair them with because it is an important factor. Cowboy boots and western boots are great accessories to any outfit!

In this article, we will discuss the 30 best socks to wear with cowboy boots based on comfortability, support, quality, and more. The right pair of socks can make all the difference!

If you have recently purchased new boots, you should spend some time searching for the right boot socks. Luckily for you, this is the first place you should look!

We have our own unique list of different socks you may be interested in. Here’s the scoop on some of the best products we found.

1. Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

These Amazon best sellers are perfect to pair with your favorite cowboy boots. They are soft and breathable with fibers that help control moisture throughout the day.

They have tons of arch support and stability which is great for those wearing cowboy boots for extended periods of time. The Dickies Crew Socks have ventilation channels that help enhance airflow. They also have a reinforced heel and toe for increased durability.

These socks are machine washable and are 77% cotton.

The socks do not pill, fade, get holes, or lose their elasticity, making them a very worthy purchase. At less than $15 for 6 pairs of socks, the Dickies Crew Socks are very affordable for the high quality they provide.

2. Wrangler Men’s Western Boot Socks

This quality pair of socks has excellent breathability with extra support. The Wrangler Western Boot Socks are high-quality material that helps keep your feet dry during extended wear.

This type of sock is great for hot weather because it is very lightweight. The seamless toe adds comfort and prevents irritation. These wrangler men’s western boot socks are a great option!

3. DG Hill Merino Wool Long Length Socks

The DG Hill Merino Wool Socks are much softer than your average socks. These thick socks are a great option to ensure you will have comfortable feet all day long.

They come with built-in arch support and have natural UV protection. The DG Hill socks are naturally temperature regulating which makes them a great option for every season.

These kind of socks is a great height to wear with a classic cowboy boot. However, these socks pair well with hiking and rain boots as well. 

These socks are available at Walmart and are very affordable.

4. GKX Moisture Wicking Work Boot Athletic Socks

These GKX Moisture Wicking Work Boot Socks are set at a very reasonable price. They are great to wear during hot summers while hiking, camping, exercising, and more.

The reinforced toe and heel ensure that the socks will last you as long as your work shoes do! The wicks moisture is a great addition.

These socks have high-quality cotton and a high-tech polyester blend. These casual crew socks have a spandex knitting which helps retain shape and ensure a snug fit even after numerous wash cycles.

5. Old West Men’s Over The Calf Socks

The Old West Men’s Calf Cowboy Boot Socks have a Western wear to them, along with seamless designs. These calf boot socks go great with a pair of cowboy boots.

These Old West Men’s socks have a soft grip that keeps your sock in place throughout the day. They also have double nylon reinforcement and the heel molds to the shape of your foot.

6. Socks For Heroes Moisture Wicking, Breathable Over The Calf Foot Socks

These over the calf socks are made with antimicrobial properties which help to wick moisture. Not only are Socks for Heroes great cowboy boot socks, the company also has a purpose. For every pair someone purchases, Socks For Heroes donates a pair to an American Service Member abroad. 

If you love country music, you may love these socks too!

7. KMM Full Cushion Crew Socks

These thick crew socks are a perfect choice for people working on their feet all day in steel toe boots. These socks are designed to prevent blistering and provide maximum comfort.

The KMM Full Cushion Crew Socks are a great balance between comfortability and performance. These specific socks are a good choice for those with sweaty feet.

These socks have great moisture control and are fast drying.

8. Darn Tough Westerner Light Cushion Sock

These are a great pair of cowboy socks to wear on a daily basis. They are lightweight and sustainable which makes them a worthy purchase.

The socks do not slip, bunch, or leave you with blisters. Darn Tough uses high-density knitting techniques, which leads to a more comfortable and durable sock.

Make sure the size fits before purchasing.

9. Feideer Cushioned Outdoor Recreation Crew Socks

These are the ideal socks to buy if you often have a long day spent on your feet. The Feideer Cushioned Outdoor Recreation Crew Socks have a mesh ventilation zone with breathable fabrics that helps wick moisture. They are fully cushioned with thickened toes and heels to protect your feet. 

These Feideer socks are available on Amazon Prime in multi-packs.

10. Wrangler Women’s Rayon Horseshoe Boot Socks

The Wrangler Rayon Horseshoe Boot Socks are 75% polyester, 23% nylon, and 2% spandex. These socks are knit with ultra-spun polyester that provides cooler and drier comfort. 

These socks are a good match for cowgirl boots. They are great socks that stay up your leg and do not fall down.

There is a great design on the top of the sock, making them fashionable and practical.

11. Ortis Merino Wool Outdoor Hiking Socks

The Ortis Merino Wool Outdoor Hiking Socks have smart wool which provides extra warmth and protection. The thick material makes them good cold weather boot socks

Ortis uses premium material from Australia to provide a soft and flexible material. These socks insulate when they become wet which keeps your feet warm in cold and damp conditions. 

12. Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Work Socks

The Carhartt Performance Work Socks are very soft and comfortable with odor-neutralizing technology. These are a good pair of socks for working long hours on your feet.

They are much better than regular socks because of their fast-dry technology, which keeps your feet dry in damp conditions.

You can wear these socks year-round and they come in three different heights.

13. RealTree Heavyweight Merino Wool Boot Socks

The RealTree Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks have high quality merino wool and go over your calf.

These are tall socks which means your bare skin will not be exposed to your boot shaft. Especially buckaroo boots which tend to be taller.

These socks have a reinforced heel and toe which provides durability. The RealTree Boot Socks keep your feet warm and are comfortable all year round. Wool socks will fit perfectly in your sock drawer!

14. Hanes Men’s Double Tough Crew Socks

These socks are double tough which means they can withstand more than twice the number of rubs compared to regular Hanes socks. These socks are washing machine safe and are very durable.

These Hanes Double Tough Crew Socks are very affordable. They come in multipacks on Amazon for a very reasonable price. You can choose the color and size according to your personal preference.

15. Alvada Merino Wool Socks

These Alvada socks are 80% merino wool. These socks have shaped cushioning in the foot bed which is great for hiking. They have an itch-free material that ensures comfort throughout the day. These socks are very easy to care for because you can throw them in the wash on a cold setting.

This comfortable sock will last you a very long time.

16. Wander Athletic Over-the-Calf Tube Socks

The calf tube socks by Wander are of a high-quality nylon blend. They have an extra reinforced heel and toe for added comfort. The Wander athletic socks have great arch support which reduces foot fatigue. These socks are made with high-density knitting for increased durability and comfort.

Wander provides a two-year warranty on their socks so if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can get a refund or replacement.

17. Sitoisbe Elite Cushioned Compression Socks

The Sitoisbe Elite Cushioned Compression Socks come with targeted compression and cushioning. They are anti-blister and have ankle and Achilles tendon protection. These compression socks help with calf muscles and recovery. 

Not only are these great socks to wear with cowboy boots, they are also suitable for running, cycling, hiking, and standing on your feet all day long!

18. Eastroll Athletic Ankle Quarter Socks

The Eastroll Athletic Ankle Quarter Socks have a cushioned sole and reinforced toe made of thicker yarns. The thick padding helps absorb impact and reduce friction to better protect your feet. 

These ankle socks are a great option to wear with ankle boots. Although they are short socks, they can be great for equestrian sports.

These Eastroll socks can be purchased in a multipack on Amazon Prime for a very affordable price.

19. Isaac Carter Cowboy Boots Knee High Sock

The Isaac Carter knee-high socks come with extra padding. These long socks do a great job of protecting your bare feet while you are wearing a pair of boots. This sock can be hidden under your boots or used as a fashion accessory! These socks are of the highest standard with heels, toes, seams, and designs all knit into the socks.

Although they are a little bit pricier, the quality of the product makes them worth it. 

There is only one size for this specific pair of socks.

20. Aptyid Men’s Crew Moisture Wicking Cushioned Work Boot Socks

These socks are perfect for work boots and cowboy boots. Because they are thin socks, they are very breathable and better at wicking moisture. They have great elasticity because of the elastic rubber bands used in the leg and foot arch. This ensures the socks retain their shape and fit snugly.

The heel and toe are reinforced so these socks can withstand multiple wears and washes without breaking.

21. Fruit of the Loom Work Gear Casual Sock

These socks have a particularly long shaft making them optimal for cowboy boots. These Fruit of the Loom socks are heavy-duty and made to wear with any type of boot including steel toe, hiking, hunting, athletic, etc. These are not your basic work socks, instead, they are performance socks that fight odor and wick moisture. 

The Work Gear socks are designed for all seasons – they keep your feet warm during the winter but are breathable enough for summer!

22. Wrangler Long Live Cowgirl Boot Socks

These Wrangler boot socks are made of a wool and acrylic blend to wick moisture and warm your feet. They stay up your leg and have a smooth toe seam. These socks offer ultimate support and comfort all day long. The Wrangler Long Live socks are a great option for those with sensitive feet.

These socks come in fun, stylish colors. They are machine washable and made with high-quality materials in the USA.

23. Silky Toes Turn Cuff Bamboo Crew Socks

These silky socks have unbeatable softness. They are made with natural bamboo fibers which adds softness and durability. The Silky Toes Turn Cuff Bamboo Crew Socks have a seamless toe so you do not experience any itching or discomfort. These bamboo socks have thermo-regulating fibers to allow your feet to breathe. 

This product is made by a small business and can be bought in multipacks.

24. Wrangler Horse Pattern Knee High Boot Socks

These stylish knee-high socks can be worn with just about any shoes. They are perfect for casual styles, dressy styles, boots, equestrian wear, and more.

These Wrangler socks will stay up your leg all day. The high-quality rayon that they are made with makes it feel like you are wearing silk socks. 

The horse pattern adds a fun touch to your outfit as well! These are available on Amazon in a 2-pack.

25. ONKE Merino Wool Socks with Moisture Control

These soft and comfortable ONKE merino wool socks are a great choice for every season. They have ventilation to ensure your feet will stay dry and comfortable.

The nylon blend knitting adds durability and helps prevent holes. They come with full cushioning to reduce foot pain while you wear them. These ONKE socks help avoid blisters during everyday activities as well.

26. Lian LifeStyle Activewear Wool Crew Socks

These activewear socks are made with top-notch quality. The Lian LifeStyle Activewear Wool Crew Socks have a smooth texture which makes athletic activities more enjoyable. They have stretchy layers which provide comfort and warmth. 

These socks are very trendy and come in many different colors. They are bound to look great with any shoe!

27. Mirmaru Multi Performance Outdoor Crew Socks

These performance socks are awesome for hiking, camping, mountain biking, trail running, backpacking, travel, trekking, and other athletic activities.

They are made of 55% combed cotton, 40% polyester, 2% spandex. This blend is designed to keep your feet warm and dry. They are reinforced with high-density fibers and pile cushioning underneath the foot for added comfort.

If you love being active and outdoors, you’ll love these socks.

28. Yuedge Hiking Thick Athletic Socks

These Yuedge hiking socks are high quality, breathable, and fully cushioned. They have excellent elasticity around the toes and heel areas, specifically.

These socks are durable and comfortable – they are neither too loose nor too tight. These are high-performance socks making them suitable for camping, mountain biking, backpacking, or other athletic outdoor activities.

29. Adidas Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks

These Adidas socks are cushioned on the foot for extra comfort and durability. The moisture-wicking yarns help keep your feet free of sweat. They also come with arch compression for a very secure fit.

These socks come in a variety of colors and sizes and are available on Amazon.

30. Timberland Ribbed Marled Boot Socks

These Timberland Ribbed Marled Boot Socks can be worn with your favorite pair of boots or as loungewear in the comfort of your own home. They have a cushioned heel with arch support and a logo across the toe. 

These socks are made by a very trusted brand that also sells boots. They come in one size but with many different color options.

Socks For Cowboy Boots

We all care about the comfort of our boots, which is why buying the right pair of socks is crucial. It is important to always wear socks with your boots, no matter what.

When purchasing these socks you may have to input some personal information such as your email address. You can speak with customer service if you have issues placing your order.

Thanks for reading!

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Guide for the 10 Best Socks to Wear with Cowboy Boots