Gulden Draak: An Authentic Beer You Need To Try #ConquerTheDragon

There is something about summer time, country music and an ice cold beer that just puts me in the best mood.  I have been counting down the days for warm weather and it is finally here again!  Recently, I added a new dark beer into my summer must-haves, Gulden Draak.

There are beers – and then there is Gulden Draak, a dark brown triple ale more than 300 years in the making, created for those who are passionate about beer.

Gulden Draak is the must have dark beer for those of you that love a good, dark, authentic beer.  I recently had the chance to try Gulden Draak and really enjoyed the bold taste.  The entire brand is all about dedicated, inclusive and bold nature. The Gulden Draak beer is considered a top international beer.  It is a dark triple, which in itself makes it an exceptional beer.  What I think makes it good and different from other dark beers is the unique taste.  The beer is flavored with hints of caramel, roasted malt and coffee in combination with the creamy hazel head that makes it unique.

Gulden Draak

It is a beer that is worthy of its name.

Here is the breakdown scoop on what to expect from your glass of Gulden Draak:

  • Colour : Dark with caramel-coloured foam head Alcohol content : 10,5% 23° Plato Aroma : alcohol, burned malt and coffee
  • Taste : very full in the mouth with touches of chocolate, caramel and alcohol After taste : bittersweet and very long
  • Packaging : bottles 33 cl, 75 cl, 1,5 l and barrels 30 l Fermentation both in the bottle as in the barrel, ensures a preservability for years with evolution in taste.




I suggest you give Gulden Draak a taste.  It is a beer that has been brewing since the 1700s and steeped in legacy and tradition. Plus, I love the fun dragon that goes along with Gulden Draak.  The dragon on each bottle is a legend for the Gulden Draak beer brand.  The story behind it is that it is the “dragon that protects a unique and precious treasure”.  You know it’s going to be delicious when it’s protected by a dragon.

For more information and to join the fun follow along on social media with #GuldenDraak #ConquerTheDragon & the official Gulden Draak social media sites:

Now, go give that dragon something to talk about and give Gulden Draak a taste!!

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