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50 Hallmark Halloween Movies List For This Fall

Hallmark, originally known as Great American Family, has an extensive list of movies and tv shows to get you excited about Halloween and the holiday season.

With this time of the year being summer with sizzling grills and hotdogs, Autumn is just around the corner. Say goodbye to pools and lakes and say hello to Pumpkin Spice, fall leaves and hallmark’s fall movies.

For any fan of Hallmark, grab your popcorn and drinks to get ready for this upcoming Saturday night. We have compiled a list of 50 of Hallmark’s fall and Halloween movies for you that are also feel-food romances.

Best Hallmark Halloween Movies

1. Pumpkin Pie Wars (2016)

two adults clashing over pumpkin pie in kitchen
Photo: Jennifer Juniper Angeli, Eric Aragon Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

If you love pumpkin pies as much as I do, then you’re in for a sweet treat. Starting off as one of the first fall Hallmark movies is the Pumpkin Pie Wars. The movie begins with Faye and Lydia working hard in their own bakeries.

They used to work together but had a falling out 10 years ago at a local Pumpkin pie contest.

Now their children and co-workers carry the tradition and enter the pumpkin contest. They go head to head and realize that maybe they do work better together.

2. Harvest Moon (2015)

In Harvest Moon, rich city girl Jenny played by (Jessy Schram) is taken by surprise when she finds out her family is going bankrupt.

She travels to the struggling pumpkin farm her father bought as an investment to help her family get out of this messy situation. The longer she stays in the small town the more used to the countryside she becomes.

3. October Kiss (2015)

In October Kiss Poppy a young woman is having trouble finding out what she is good at. She goes from job to job and does the same with her dating life.

One day she answers the ad for a widowed single dad looking for a nanny to take care of him. Poppy thinks she may have found her calling as she connects with the kids as Halloween approaches. 

4. Good Witch: Halloween (2015)

One of Hallmark’s holiday movies Good Witch: Halloween is one of many movies in the Good Witch series. The movie follows Cassie, played by (Catherine Bell), and her daughter Grace who are both witches who use their powers for good to help their community.

In this installment, Cass has a new guest at the Grey House, a bed and breakfast Cassie owns. Her newest guest (James Denton) will be intrigued by Cassie and her “good fortune” this Halloween.

5. Harvest Love (2017)

In Harvest Love Luna a widowed surgeon is taking a break from her job to focus on her son. She travels back home to her family’s pear orchard.

While at the pear orchard, she meets Will her family’s farm hand, played by (Ryan Paevey). He shows her the ins and outs when it comes to farms and she starts to think that maybe she should stay.

6. Midnight Masquerade (2014)

In Midnight Masquerade Elyse a young businesswoman inherits a multi-billion dollar corporation from her father. When she becomes the CEO, Elyse has to deal with a lawsuit from a rival company at which Rob (Christopher Russell) works.

Rob is treated badly by his boss, and when Rob meets Elyse he becomes smitten with her. With Halloween approaching and to get into the Halloween spirit, Elyse invites the rival company to the Halloween costume ball.

Rob goes to the ball in a prince costume and dances with Elyse while wearing a mask. Elyse wants to find the man who she danced with that night and goes on a search for him.

7. Love at Look Lodge (2020)

Love at Look Lodge follows Noah as he goes on a weeklong vacation at a lodge called Long Lodge for his sister’s wedding. He needs a break from work and needs help to finish planning his sister’s wedding.

He asks Lily, who wants to be an activity director at Look Lodge. Noah hires her and she is thrilled to be given the chance to work there. Fraternizing between the workers and the guests is forbidden at Look Lodge but can true love bend the rules?

8. Under the Autumn Moon (2018)

Under the Autumn Moon is a beautiful movie that follows Alex, a dedicated executive who tries to pitch the idea of buying a ranch for her company retreats to her boss.

She’s given the okay and travels down to meet the owner of the ranch by the name of Josh to see if he is interested in selling. She is given a hard no from Josh unless Alex can promise she can preserve the ranch’s history.

While Alex gets to know Josh a little more she wonders if there’s more to life than work.

9. You’re Bacon Me Crazy (2020)

In You’re Bacon Me Crazy Cleo (Natalie Hall) is the owner of an Italian food truck and wants to enter a food truck competition.

One of her rivals Gabe owns a bacon-themed food truck. Gabe tries to win Cleo’s heart while she tries her hardest to focus on the competition.

10. Love in the Limelight (2022)

Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega  kissing on bench
Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Fred Hayes

Based on the true love story of actors Willie Aames and Winnie Hung, Love in the Limelight, co-written by Willie and Winnie follows the character, Summer (Alexa PenaVega) who has been penpals for years with Nick (Carlos PenaVega) the lead singer of a popular boy band.

Summer has always had a crush on Nick since she was a teenager, and they finally get the chance to meet for the first time. While Summer’s father disapproves of singers and artists, Summer and Nick just can’t help how they feel for each other.

11. Romance in Style (2022)

Considered a new film on this list, Romance in Style follows Derek, a publishing mogul whose focus is for the magazine he works for to become more inclusive. So, he decides to include plus-size models.

He comes up with the idea from Ella, played by (Jaicy Elliot) a plus-sized fashion designer who creates clothes for plus-size women and who preaches body positivity. While Ella and Derek work together they start to fall for each other.

12. Dating the Delaneys (2022)

Dating the Delaneys is about three generations of Delaney women who explore relationships and love. Maggie’s ex-husband Michael, played by (Paul Campbell) is getting married and she needs advice and practice on how to date after being single for 20 years.

Michael decides to help Maggie and they go on pretend dates, while Maggie is slowly growing her confidence back, she is also wondering if she made the mistake of divorcing her ex-husband. 

13. Autumn Stables (2018) 

In Autumn Stables, Autumn owns a ranch and decides to sell her ranch after her husband dies due to her struggling to pay the mortgage. She is persistent to sell the ranch to somebody who promises they won’t change a thing about it.

When she meets Jake, he seems like the perfect candidate but Jake has a different idea to instead to change the ranch and split it up.

Jake decides to keep this from Autumn and as Autumn decides to show Jake the ropes around the stable, Jake can’t help but realize they maybe their relationship isn’t strictly business at all.

14. Follow Me to Daisy Hills (2020)

Considered one of the new hallmark movies Follow Me to Daisy Hills follows Jo (Cindy Busby) who owns a general store with her family in Daisy Hill.

When the store starts to struggle and lose money, her father calls in a favor and asks Duke who used to live in Daisy Hills to come down and help figure out why the store is failing.

The only problem is Duke is Jo’s ex-boyfriend and they can’t seem to get along and agree on the same approach to save the store. The longer Duke is in Daisy Hills and the longer he spends with Jo he starts to rethink if he should go back to the city.

15. My Best Friend’s Bouquet (2015)

My Best Friend’s Bouquet follows Josie, a hopeless romantic who catches a bouquet at her friend’s wedding. The bouquet is said to have magical intuition, whoever catches it is meant to find true love.

Josie’s best friend Alex is madly in love with her and won’t share his feelings with her on the count that she does not feel the same way about him.

When Josie starts dating a fellow guest that attended the wedding she thinks the bouquet has done its job but she starts to wonder if the bouquet strayed her in the wrong direction.

16. Country at Heart (2020)

In Country at Heart, Shayna, an inspiring country singer whose career never made it off the ground meets Grady Connor, a famous Nashville country singer.

They work together and start a songwriting collaboration for country music star Duke Sterling.

While Shayna and Connor work on their hit song they begin to discover they have more than music in common.

17. Marry Me in Yosemite (2022)

Marry in Yosemite is about a girl named Zoe (Cindy Busby) who is a photographer sent by her publisher to explore and capture the beauty of Yosemite.

While at Yosemite she meets tour guide Jack played by (Tyler Harlow). Jack teaches Zoe all about the nature and conservation of Yosemite and on their journey, Jack opens Zoe’s eyes to new possibilities.

18. Good Witch: Spellbound (2017)

In Good Witch: Spellbound, Cassie returns as the good witch we all know and love. When a prophecy is unearthed in city hall, the town is hit with a curse.

Cassie is determined to fix these mistakes and realizes that Dr. Sam might be the key to ending this madness.

19. Growing the Big One (2010)

Growing the Big One follows a radio talk show host, Emma who inherits her grandfather’s pumpkin farm.

Her talk show and her grandfather’s pumpkin farm aren’t doing good, so she decides to go down into the country and run her grandfather’s pumpkin farm while hosting it live for her viewers to watch.

When Emma finds out the pumpkin farm is in debt, she decides to enter the pumpkin-growing contest with her neighbor Seth. Together they team up to grow the biggest pumpkin to save her talk show and her grandfather’s farm.

20. Oliver’s Ghost (2011)

From left to right: Martin Mull, Nicholas Stargel, Cameron Daddo, Bridget Ann White, Daniela Bobadilla and Rhea Perlman.
Hallmark Media

In Oliver’s Ghost, a young boy named Oliver moves with his family from the city to the suburbs. One night, Oliver discovers a ghost living in his house. But finds out he is the only one who can see and hear them.

21. Love, Fall & Order (2019)

Love, Fall & Order follows a corporate lawyer who lives in the city. Claire moves back home to save her father’s Fall Fest held on her family’s pumpkin farm. Her family is faced with legal action from people who claim some of her father’s land as theirs.

Claire decides to fight this head-on, going against attorney Patrick her old schoolmate. Patrick and Claire have many encounters and when they start to fall for each other they’re putting both of their cases at risk.

22. Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps (2018)

You’re in for a treat with this thriller as the first movie in the Morning Show Mystery series. In Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps, Bille Blessings played by (Holly Robinson Peete) is a morning show host.

When one of her executives dies of a strange case of food poisoning, she is seen as a prime suspect. Not wanting to be framed for murder, she takes matters into her own hands and works with Detective Ian Jackson played by (Rick Fox) to find the real murderer.

23. Roadhouse Romance (2021)

One of Hallmark’s feel-good romances Roadhouse Romance is about a girl named Callie who has just finished serving in the military and decides to head back to her hometown. Upon returning home, she has found that everything has changed.

Her family’s BBQ restaurant is struggling and the man she loves has found another. When director Luke played by (Tyler Hynes) makes a detour in this little town, he bonds with Callie and she gives him a new perspective on southern hospitality.

24. Autumn in the City (2022)

Piper moves to New York City to find her passion, but she’s had no luck in doing so. She meets Austin, who aspires to be a writer.

While Austin teaches Piper how to be a real new yorker, Piper teaches him to follow his dreams. They decide to team up and write a children’s book together, and they become closer thanks to the fall season.

25. Love, of Course (2018)

Love, of Course is a romantic film following Amy who is helping her daughter move into college. In doing so, she runs into Noah a professor teaching at her daughter’s school.

Amy manages to get a job working the annual Fall Harvest Festival where she runs into Noah again. With all of these coincidences, they can’t help but think it’s fate. 

26. Autumn in the Vineyard (2016)

Autumn in the Vineyard tells the story of Frankie and Nate who to their surprise both have claims for the ownership of Sorrento Farm, a grape vineyard.

They decide to split the vineyard down the middle and take one half for each other. Both Frankie and Nate enter the Best Wine competition at one of the Autumn Harvest Fall Festivals.

Their rivalry won’t be the only thing that brings them together.

27. Sweet Autumn (2020)

Maggie’s aunt Dee left her candy shop to Maggie and maple farmer Dex. Not only leaving the candy shop but she left letters separately for Maggie and Dex to open on each day of the Sweet Autumn festival.

Maggie and Dex clash head-on when they have different visions for the candy shop. While both of them read their letters, they realize they might have more in common than just candy.

28. Home for Harvest (2019)

A travel writer named Katie is sent back to her hometown from the big city to write a piece assigned by her boss. While in her hometown she reconnects with old friends, family members, and even her ex, who doesn’t have the best intentions.

While Noah and Katie bond she realizes that what she’s been missing has been what’s in front of her.

29. Falling for Vermont (2017)

Falling for Vermont tells the story of a best-selling author who gets into a terrible car accident while trying to escape the media. She crashes her car and ends up in an unknown town in Vermont with amnesia.

Doctor Jeff lets her stay in his guest house until she regains her memory back. While in Vermont, Katie starts to enjoy her new life and develops a feeling that maybe this happened for a reason.

30. Raise a Glass to Love (2021)

Juan Pablo Di Pace and Laura Osnes riding horses
Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Steve Wensley

Raise a Glass to Love is about an aspiring Master Sommelier who decides to move back home to her family’s vineyard. When she mistakes winemaker Marcelo for a customer he decides to show her the ropes when it comes to all things wine.

Jenna and Marcelo clash when it comes to the wine business that her parents own, but the two come to find out they may be more similar than they thought.

31. Taking the Reins (2021)

Samantha is a writer that is sent back to her hometown to write an article on the horse jump tournament in which Samantha’s father is competing.

Unbeknownst to Samantha, her father hired Luke, Samantha’s ex-husband to be his trainer for the event. Luke and Samantha have to spend time together to help her father win this tournament and they make for a very good team.

32. Truly, Madly, Sweetly (2018)

Truly, Madly, Sweetly is a delightful journey. The cupcake food truck owner Natalie has always wanted her own bakeries, but for right now she settles for her cupcake food truck.

Eric, a finance manager inherits a building from his aunt when she dies, unknowingly Eric’s aunt was a longtime customer of Natalie and he has to share the building with Natalie.

As Eric and Natalie work together to renovate the building, their relationship starts to turn into something more.

33. All of My Heart: The Wedding (2018)

In the sequel to All of My Heart, All of My Heart: The Wedding is about Jenny and Brian owning an Inn together and they are about to have the wedding of the season.

When one of Jenny’s distant relatives tries to stake her claim to the house, Jenny and Brian must find a way to raise enough money to keep their home. With their courage and strength, anything is possible. 

34. Falling For You (2018)

Radio host Lacey is hosting a bachelor bake-off to save her radio station from lack of funding.

When her leading man backs out last minute she receives help from Zac, a businessman whose just in town visiting.

While Lacey and Zac spend time together on the back-off set Lacey shows him there is more to life than just work.

35. Fly Away with Me (2022)

Fly Away with Me tells the story of an aspiring writer and her macaw living in her dream condo. The only problem is the condo has a strict no pets policy.

She feels conflicted until she finds out her neighbor Ted, played by (Peter Mooney) has a dog that he keeps hidden from the landlord.

36. Murder She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Mystery (2015)

The owner of a bakery and cafe, Hannah Swensen is a prime suspect in the murder of her best friend and her supplier delivery guy.

The local police department called in Detective Mike Kingston to lead the investigation. Hannah and Mike clash head-on with them trying to solve the case in their own unique way.

37. A Harvest Wedding (2017)

Sarah is hired as a wedding planner in her hometown. The soon-to-be couple is having the wedding on their family farm.

When she returns home she finds out the person running the farm happens to be the brother of the groom who so happens to be her ex-boyfriend, David.

The more time Sarah and David spend together planning a wedding the more they realize they just might have more in common than they think.

38. Pumpkin Everything (2022)

Pumpkin has been a big thing in recent years and should obviously be the star of Hallmark’s new movies. In Pumpkin Everything, novelist Amy returns to her hometown to help look after her grandfather and his pumpkin-themed store.

Amy works with the assistant manager of the store, Tim. While Amy and Tom work together at the store, they develop feelings for each other.

39. Autumn Dreams (2015)

Jill Wagner and Colin Egglesfield dancing
Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

Annie and Ben are engaged but just not to each other. Annie and Ben got married when they were a young man and young woman and 15 years later they find out that their annulment was never finalized.

They meet back up together to file the paperwork and when their romantic feelings start to come up to the surface, they start to wonder if their past was a mistake.

40. Game, Set, Love (2022)

One of Hallmark’s fall films is Game, Set, Love. Former tennis player Taylor agrees to coach her old partner Ashley for a new tennis tournament she has coming up.

Ashley is playing with Will, a professional tennis player known for being a bad boy. When Ashley gets injured, Taylor must take her place and reluctantly plays with Will.

While Taylor and Will spend time together they realize they are in fact the perfect match.

41. Marry Go Round (2022)

Similar to the movie Autumn Dreams in Marry Go Round Abby is an executive who has big plans. Her plans involve moving to Paris and getting married to the love of her life Edward.

The only problem is she’s still married to her high school sweetheart Luke. Abby travels back to her hometown to finalize the divorce.

However, Abby and Luke decide to spend some time together which gets Abby thinking maybe this happened for a reason.

42. Wedding of a Lifetime (2022)

This movie is a part of the new releases on this list, in Wedding of a Lifetime, Jake, (Jonathan Bennett) and his high school sweetheart Darby have been engaged for 10 years only to call it quits.

When they are about to tell their friends and family the news, they are surprised by their friends and family who nominated them to be a finalist in the “The Wedding of a Lifetime” contest.

This is a wonderful lifetime chance to win their dream wedding. As they participate in the contest, the competitiveness brings back their drive and maybe even their marriage. 

43. Love on a Limb (2016)

To bring some fall color to this list we included Love on a Limb. Aimie is a force to be reckoned with and she is always up for a fight. When she finds out her hometown oak tree is set to be cut down, she takes it upon herself to try and stop it.

Standing in her way is Kyle a landscaper hired by the mayor to cut the tree down. In her last attempt to save the tree, Aimie chains herself to the tree.

Kyle and Aimie are both determined and they realize that the tree can bring them closer than just enemies.

44. Over the Moon in Love (2019)

Brooklyn a matchmaker whose business isn’t doing so well gets the opportunity to be featured in a magazine. All she has to do is set up a writer for the magazine, Stefanie.

The only problem is the writer has eyes for Brooklyn’s childhood friend Devin. Brooklyn tells Stefanie exactly what to say to Devin to make him like her.

While Devin and Stefanie start to fall for each other, Brooklyn has to hide her feelings and hide the truth from Devin that she is actually the one and that Brooklyn is the voice behind the facade.  

45. Bottled with Love (2019)

In Bottled with Love, Abbey is a career-driven executive who lives in Boston. After being stood up, she decides to write a letter in a bottle about how she desires to find love.

She throws the bottle into the ocean and months later it is found by a man fishing. After Nick reads the letter, he is determined to find this mysterious woman with just her email.

Nick and Abbey form a relationship online. Unbeknownst to each other they work together at the same company and they don’t get along.  

46. Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds (2020)

In Perfect Picture Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds, Detective Sam is investigating a murder and a priceless necklace stolen from a museum.

When photographer Allie wants to get involved, she and Sam have issues working together. But what they don’t want might just be what they need.

47. Love Strikes Twice (2021)

We all know the saying new year new me, but have you heard of this new saying new year old me, in Love Strikes Twice, Maggie is a workaholic whose marriage is on the rocks.

She goes to her hometown for her parent’s 40th wedding anniversary and wishes for a do-over with her life. She woke up 15 years earlier and now she’s 22 years old again.

Maggie has to pick the right person and decide if she would marry her husband Josh all over again or pick her college sweetheart Rick.

48. All of My Heart: Inn Love (2017)

Onto the second installment of the All of My Heart movies, All of My Heart: Inn Love follows Jenny (Lacey Chabert) and Brian who are in love. They are about to open their own bed and breakfast in the Inn they own together.

When an unfortunate storm hits their town they are faced with many setbacks. Brian has to leave Jenny and go back to the city for a short amount of time but with all these problems they face, they wonder if they will be able to open on time.

49. Love Struck Cafe (2017)

Cassidy Nugent and Andrew W. Walker
Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

An aspiring architect is sent back to her hometown to convince her childhood mentor to sell her family’s home so the company Megan works for can make the town’s lake into an entertainment center.

When her father suffers an accident, she decides to help out at the cafe owned by her family. She runs into her first love Joe who broke her heart years ago.

The longer Megan stays in her hometown the more she’s opposed to the the task she’s been given.

50. Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House (2016)

Another one in the Good Witch series is Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House. Cassie, a witch who uses her powers for good just released her newest book.

She goes to the Grey House, a historical landmark and one of the oldest homes in Middleton. Cassie ends up putting on a special event in Middleton to bring jobs to the citizens.

Final Thoughts

Fall is considered the most colorful time of the year with all the pretty leaves and flowers. You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to watch a Hallmark movie about a lost Valentine when they’re some great ones on this list that have Halloween and fall vibes.

All of these hallmark films are available on Hallmark channel DVD. Hallmark Fall Movies are just one of the categories of the many Hallmark movies. Make sure to check out other categories on the Hallmark website like Hallmark Christmas Movies and Hallmark’s Hanukkah movies.

Here’s a list of movies to get you into the Christmas spirit and some inspiration for some Christmas gifts.

Check out November Christmas, Noel Next Door, A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe, A Melody Christmas featuring pop princess Mariah Carey, A Big Fat Family Christmas, A Royal Corgi Christmas, The Christmas House, You, Me & the Christmas Trees, and My Southern Family Christmas.

best hallmark halloween movies list

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