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Hallmark Romantic Comedy Movies List: 50 Holiday Best

Hallmark Channel movies have been a staple when it comes to the rom-com genre, which is exactly why you should keep reading more on our Hallmark romantic comedy movies list.

They have a way of reminding us of home. Whether it be Christmas romance, romantic comedies, or even romantic Christmas movies. 

You’ll notice when watching  Hallmark Christmas movies that you’ll see the most familiar faces. A few popular Hallmark stars are Lacey Chabert and Ryan Paevey.

matching hearts hallmark movie featuring a couple embracing
Photo: Taylor Cole, Ryan Paevey Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer:  Allister Foster

Yes, that Lacey Chabert, the one from “Mean Girls” also starring Lindsay Lohan, she’s a real-life friend to Lacey Chabert. 

Check out our list of old and new Hallmark movies that will get you into a laughing and loving mood.

All of these movies are available to purchase on streaming services like Amazon Prime and Amazon Video. 

1. Hope at Christmas (2018)

 “Hope at Christmas” a Hallmark Christmas classic, Sydney played by (Erica Tremblay) inherits a house from her grandmother after she passes away.

She and her young daughter decide to spend Christmas there.

While touring the local bookstore and she meets Mac, a teacher who dresses up as Santa for the children in the town.

The longer she spends in the town the more she doesn’t want to leave. 

2. North to Home (2022)

Not only is “North to Home” a romantic drama it is also a mystery movie about three adopted sisters played by (Erica Durance, Lyndsy Fonseca, and Kimberley Sustad) who come home for the holidays to spend time with their parents for a family reunion.

When secrets start to come to the surface the family will have to learn how to deal with the challenges.

3. Just in Time for Christmas (2015)

In this Hallmark film “Just in Time for Christmas” Lindsay Rogers played by (Eloise Mumford) is visited by a coachman in the middle of the night who shows her two different paths her life could lead.

She must choose between her career path and accept the job she has been offered by Yale and must move across the country.

Or stay in her hometown and marry the man she loves. 

4. Second Honeymoon (2001)

In “Second Honeymoon” Maggie and George Weston have had enough of their 20-year marriage, and they plan to get a divorce.

But to their surprise, their family has pitched in for a surprise visit for the unhappy couple to go on their second honeymoon.

While trying to keep their separation a secret they just might learn why they fell in love in the first place.

5. A Splash of Love (2022)

In this Romanic story “A Splash of Love” Rhiannon Fish played by (Chloe Turner) is a student who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Washington State and learn more about Orca Whales.

While there she meets Ben Winters, a Marine tour guide who knows the most about marine life.

While they bond over their love for sea creatures they learn that’s not the only thing they have in common.

6. The Secret Ingredient (2020)

In “Secret Ingredient” Kelly, a woman who owns a local bakery is invited to compete in a Baking show in New York City.

The baking show being on Valentine’s Day she is met with a big surprise when she runs into her ex-fiance.

Maybe the secret recipe is just the push she needed to her old flame.

7. Hometown Hero (2017)

Kelsey Drummond has a hard time when comes to dating since her being a divorce mediator is very off-putting to her respective partners.

When one of her clients needs someone to watch his dog she steps up to the plate but is very hesitant.

After spending time with the go she finds out that maybe true love isn’t too far-fetched after all.

8. A Song for Christmas (2017)

Pop star Adelaide Kay, played by (Becca Tobin) gets into an argument with her manager while on her tour bus.

She decides to sneak off and finds herself trapped in an unknown small town.

A family takes her in and while no one recognizes her except the eldest son she learns the true meaning of the holiday spirit.

Becca Tobin performed an original song called “Christmas Morning”.

9. The Christmas House (2020)

In “The Christmas House” Brandon Mitchell and Mike Mitchell played by (Jonathan Bennett and Robert Mitchell) are invited by their parents for the holidays to come back home.

They have a plan to decorate their house with Christmas decorations all around.

While all of the family members are battling their own problems and secrets they work together to make it the best Christmas ever. 

10. Playing Cupid (2021)

Based loosely on the novel “Emma”.

In “Playing Cupid” Clara is the school matchmaker, and she has a secret talent for it.

When her school teacher, Kerri assigns a project for each of her students, Clara decides to use her talent for matchmaking and make it into a business.

Using her father, David as her experiment she decides to find the one for him.

But Clara may find out that her father’s true love is closer to home than she realizes.

11. A Paris Proposal (2023)

In the city of lights “A Paris Proposal” Anna works as an account manager with her colleague Sebastian.

They don’t get along well due to Sebastian’s looser approach and Anna’s stricter approach.

But when the biggest client of her career accidentally mistakes Anna and Sebastian to be colleagues they must keep up this pretend act so she can land this client.

But with much time they learn that maybe they can each along just fine.

12. A Picture of Her (2023)

In one of the Hallmark romance movies “A Picture of Her” Beth is at a local market smelling flowers when photographer Jake who goes by the alias Shutterbox, captures her picture unknowingly to Beth.

When Beth’s picture appears on an award-winning magazine cover she is on the hunt to find Shutterbox and meet him.

But along the journey, she meets Jake. 

13. Welcome to Valentine (2023)

In another one of Hallmark’s new movies in “Welcome to Valentine”, Olivia’s boyfriend breaks up with her and to make matters worse she loses her job.

Her sister Vanessa, convinces her to come back from Los Angeles to Olivia’s hometown of Nebraska to the city of Valentine.

Olivia’s roommate convinces her friend George to take Olivia on the road trip back home in exchange for a free night’s stay.

While on the open road, George’s car breaks down mere miles from Valentine and he is forced to stay a couple extra nights in Valentine, Nebraska.

14. Love’s Portrait (2022)

In “Love’s Portrait” Lily a museum curator receives a painting of a woman who looks identical to her from Ireland.

She is sent on a journey to find the artist who sent it to her. While on the way she meets William, the man who painted it who is also unsure who sent the painting to her.

15. The Lost Valentine (2011)

Based on the novel, “The Lost Valentine”, by James Michael Pratt.

In “The Lost Valentine”, Caroline, played by (Betty White), goes to the train station every Valentine’s Day when she last saw her husband before he went missing fighting in the Pacific War.

The story gets assigned to Susan Allison played by (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and with the help of Caroline’s grandson Lucas they work together to try and find Caroline’s lost valentine. 

16. A Royal Runaway Romance (2022)

In“A Royal Runaway Romance” Princess Amelia has a portrait of herself being painted by an artist located in Chicago, when she thinks she has feelings for him she feels she has no choice but to try and make that connection.

Amelia decides to go on a road trip, unapproved by her mother to Chicago and find the artist that painted her.

The only way she is allowed to go is if she brings her bodyguard, Grady.

Her uncle assigning Grady to protect Amelia on this trip just might be what causes Amelia to find the true love and ideal man she is so longing for.

17. A Royal Winter (2017)

In “A Royal Winter” the female lead Maggie decides to go to Europe for vacation at the last minute. While there she runs into Adrian who lives in Europe.

They decide to spend time together and get to know each other.

Things start to get complicated when it turns out Adrian isn’t only a local, he is a prince that is soon to be crowned king.

And to make matters even more daring, his mother is set on royal traditions which include Adrian marrying someone who is royalty. 

18. Perfect Match (2015)

In “Perfect Match” the lead characters, a couple getting married have a hard time agreeing on anything.

The mother of the groom decides to hire her nephew who is an event planner to work with the wedding planner.

They are both in charge of the creative vision even though the event planner is the complete opposite of the wedding planner the style clashes they find out they might have more than just one thing in common.

19. The Cases of Mystery Lane (2023)

In this Hallmark drama “The Cases of Mystery Lane” Birdie Case, played by (Aimee Garcia) is an attorney married to Alden, who is very indecisive about his career.

This puts tension in their marriage, unknowingly to Birdie Alden is secretly taking classes to become a private investigator, and gets involved in a murder case.

Alden tells the truth to Birdie about what he’s been doing in his spare time but as it turns out Birdie has some secrets of her own.

20. A Taste of Summer (2019)

In “A Taste of Summer” Gabby trying to rekindle her passion for cooking, decides to move to Bright Shore, Massachusetts, and opens a restaurant.

While in Bright Shore she meets Caleb, a retired baseball player who runs his own restaurant.

Both restaurants compete in the local Summer Food Festival and have fun with a little competition.

21. A Valentine’s Match (2020)

In “A Valentine’s Match” Natalie is just fired from her job as a reality TV host, and she returns to her hometown for Valentine’s Day.

When she runs into her ex-fiance Zach their two mothers decide to get involved and give their romance a second try.

Natalie ends up running the town’s festival auction with Zach and as they spend time together they start to remember the good times.

22. A Novel Romance (2015)

In “A Novel Romance” Liam a romance novelist who has writer’s block decides to move to Portland and try to cure it.

He meets Sophie on the flight back to his hometown and befriends her.

Unknowingly to Liam, Sophie is the writer’s critic who gave negative reviews on Liam’s second novel.

Liam not giving his real identity poses as a business consultant and starts to fall for Sophie. 

This Hallmark romantic comedy is a must at do your movies list.

23. All of My Heart: The Wedding (2018)

Another one of Hallmark’s good movies is “All of My Heart: The Wedding” Jenny and Brian are finally tying the knot, even in the backyard of the inn they own called Emily’s Inn.

Things start to go astray when a distant relative of Jenny claims to have part ownership of the house.

Jenny and Brian need to raise enough money to keep their home.

This movie is the third movie in the All of My Heart trilogy that wraps this Hallmark movie series up nicely.

24. All Summer Long (2019)

Based on the novel “All Summer Long” Tia becomes the new captain of a dining cruise boat.

The waters start to become shaking when Tia’s ex-boyfriend Jake is hired as the restaurant’s chef.

Tia and Jake are forced to spend time together and work together. 

25. Love to the Rescue (2019)

In “Love to the Rescue” two families with single parents want to adopt the same dog.

Eric played by (Michael Rady) tries to adopt a dog with his family, but they run into a bit of trouble when Kate tries to adopt the same dog.

They come to an agreement to share the dogs on certain days and as the families start spending time together they learn to get to know one another.

26. Amazing Winter Romance (2020)

In “Amazing Winter Romance” the main character Julia is a journalist who is struggling to write her pieces.

Her boss sends her back home to her small town to write an article about the charms of small towns.

When she goes back home she runs into her childhood best friend Nate and discovers he has built a giant snow maze that brings tourist attraction to the small town.

While there she enjoys reminiscing with Nate and starts to wonder if she go back to the city at all.

27. As Luck Would Have It (2021)

In “As Luck Would Have It” Lindsey a young woman played by (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) travels to Ireland to buy land for a resort.

While there she enters the town’s matchmaking festival to prove how much she cares about the community.

She’s skeptical at first being sure that there is no way she is going be able to find her soulmate but she ends up matched with the town’s handsome local Brennan.

As Lindsey and Brennan get to know each other Lindsey becomes less skeptical.

28. Autumn Dreams (2015)

In “Autumn Dreams” when a couple finds out their marriage that was annulled 15 years ago had a mistake in the paperwork they are still husband and wife.

Annie and Ben must come together to correct this mistake before they get married to their partners.

29. Autumn in the City (2022)

In “Autumn in the City” Piper is having a hard time finding her passion, she has tried every job under the sun.

She moves to New York for a fresh start and meets Austin who aspires to be a writer.

Piper and Austin team up together for a writing project, while Piper continues to look for her passion.

30. Window Wonderland (2013)

In “Window Wonderland” Sloan played by (Chyler Leigh) is a department-store window decorator, who works with Jake, a coworker she can’t stand.

When she finds out her dream job of being a window dresser at a department store for Christmas has an opening she takes the leap for the chance of a lifetime.

But to her dismay, Jake also wants the job just as bad as she does.

31. You, Me & the Christmas Trees (2021)

In “You, Me & the Christmas Trees” Olivia is an arborist and knows trees down to a science.

When Jack, a Christmas tree farmer is in trouble when his trees start to die, Olivia steps in to save Jack’s tres before the town tree Christmas lighting.

32. Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle (2017)

Another one of the holiday movies is “Karen Kingbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle” Maggie is a single mother who has a hard time balancing her career and her son, Jordan.

Maggie is not interested in finding love again. When Jordan needs help with school, Maggie hires a private tutor named Casey.

Casey starts to help Jordan not only in school but filling the void of Jordan’s missing father.

33. Campfire Christmas (2022)

In “Campfire Christmas” Peyton’s parents decide to host a reunion with all of Peyton’s closest friends at their family-owned summer camp.

When Peyton reunites with her close friend Thomas, sparks start to fly.

34. My Christmas Love (2016)

In “My Christmas Love” Cynthia is a hopeless romantic when one day she starts to receive the 12 Days of Christmas gifts on her doorstep from a mystery man.

She has 12 days to figure out which of the four men is the one giving her these gifts.

35. Noel Next Door (2022)

In “Noel Next Door” Noelle is a single mother who like everybody else loves the spirit of Christmas.

When she meets her neighbor Jeremy, who hates the holiday season she realizes that maybe she might be able to warm his Grinch heart.

36. Christmas Class Reunion (2022)

In “Christmas Class Reunion” at their 15th high school reunion a group of friends reunite at Christmas and reminisce about the good times.

While they come together they reconnect with new friends and rekindle old relationships.

37. Dater’s Handbook (2016)

In this Hallmark romantic film the“Dater’s Handbook” Cass played by (Meghan Markle), has no problem when it comes to doing business.

But when it comes to dating she is out of her field.

When her sister recommends she reads the Dater’s Handbook she dates different men to test the theory.

38. The Christmas Secret (2014)

In “The Christmas Secret” Christine a single mom loses a family heirloom that has been passed down from her father to her.

After that incident, her life starts to fall apart and she starts a new job at a family-owned bakery and starts to hang out with the bakery owner’s grandson, Jason.

While Christine and Jason start to get to know each other better things start to look up for Christine.

This Hallmark romantic comedy is a great film to add to your must-watch movies list!

39. The Sweetest Heart (2018)

In “The Sweetest Heart” Maggie owns a cupcake business, her bakery starts to fail because of budget realities and receives help from an investment banker to save her business and they start to fall for each other.

Things get murky her first love Nate returns to her hometown after 14 years.

40. Royal Matchmaker (2018)

In “Royal Matchmaker” Kate is a professional matchmaker.

She is hired to find a perfect match for Prince Sebastian.

While spending time with Sebastian to get to know him better she succeeds in finding the one for him.

Only to realize that she has fallen for him.

41. Destination Wedding (2017)

In this romantic story, “Destination Wedding” Ellie’s sister is getting married at a beach resort far from home.

When she runs into her ex Greg she is surprised to find that he is the best man in her sister’s wedding. 

42. Falling for Vermont (2018)

In this Hallmark original “Falling for Vermont” Angela is a famous novelist, when she tries to escape the media she crashes her car.

As a result of the car accident, Anglea loses her memory and has no ID.

She is invited by the town doctor to stay at his guest house until her memory comes back.

But as she stays unidentified and joins the small town for festivities she is given a new life and she must rethink her life choices.

43. With Love, Christmas (2017)

In “With Love, Christmas” Melanie works at a New York City advertising agency with her unbearably strict coworker Donovan.

They are paired up to make a Christmas cellphone advertisement, their top ideas don’t align with each other.

To make things even more complicated they happen to be each other’s Secret Santa at work, they are forced to spend more time than they would like together and Melanie starts to warm Donovans’ cold heart.

44. Christmas Magic (2011)

In “Christmas Magic” Carrie is in a fatal car accident and passes away.

To earn her spot in heaven she is assigned the job of being a guardian angel to struggling restaurant owner Scott and his daughter Abby. 

45. For Better or For Worse (2014)

In “For Better or Worse” Wendy is a wedding coordinator and when divorce attorney Marco opens his office right next to hers she’s in for a treat.

Marco’s and Wendy’s ideologies are total opposites and they have to learn to work together when their children are engaged to each other.

46. If I Only Had Christmas (2020)

In “If I Only Had Christmas” Darcy, played by (Candace Cameron Bure) is a publicist who at Christmas time must team up with strict VP Glenn, played by (Warren Christie) to help a local charity in help.

When they start to spend time together Darcy starts to show Glenn that there’s more to the world than business.

47. Reunited at Christmas (2018)

In “Reunited at Christmas” Samantha played by (Nikki Deloach) is a writer struggling with writer’s block.

She makes the trip back home with her boyfriend to her late grandmother’s old house for a family reunion.

While at home, she starts to uncover the true meaning of Christmas.

48. Christmas Together with You (2021)

If you’re looking for some family Christmas movies look no further “Christmas Together with You” Frank a father figure to Megan heads out on a road trip together to find his long-lost love.

It turns into an extended trip when Frank’s love doesn’t want to pursue a romance with him due to bad timing.

Megan along the way encourages Frank to keep pursuing her as she finds love herself.

49. Love at Sea (2018)

In this romantic comedy “Love At Sea” Olivia played by (Alexa PenaVega) is an event planner who organizes a cruise and has everything planned out.

She runs into some trouble when she finds out the cruise director Ton, played by (Carlos PenaVega) is a go-with-the-flow type of guy.

These two are forced to spend time together and they see that maybe they can get along.

This movie is very special because Carlos and Alexa PenaVega are a real-life couple married to one another and star opposite each other.

50. Love, Romance, & Chocolate (2019)

In “Love, Romance, & Chocolate” Emma, played by (Lacey Chabert) is an accountant who was just recently dumped by her boyfriend.

She was supposed to have her dream vacation, they scheduled a trip together and she doesn’t want to go alone.

She invites a renowned chocolatier Luc to go with her to Belgium for a royal wedding.

While Emma is not used to benign the kitchen she shows Luc her skills and they enter a competition the more they hang out together.

Finding the Best Hallmark Romantic Movie On This List

Hallmark is the place to go when it comes to movies of all genres, there’s always something for you to watch.

hallmark movie featuring a couple dancing under christmas lights

The signature happy endings are just a part of Hallmark that viewers have come to know and love. 

So what are you waiting for? Hallmark TV shows and TV movies are just a click away on the Hallmark Channel. 

Choose some of your favorite Hallmark romantic comedy movies from this list and enjoy!

best hallmark romantic comedy movies

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