Hallmark Movies Wine-Sip Game

If you love Hallmark like we do, you begin to notice that their movies share many similarities. So, we came up with a drinking game you can play with your friends while watching all your favorite Hallmark films. Every time one of the following things happens, take a sip of wine or your desired drink.

Sip your wine every time…

1. A character spills a drink on their love interests.

The two main characters in a Hallmark often meet by bumping into one another. Usually, when there’s coffee in their hands. Hopefully, you won’t spill your wine during this game as much as they spill their coffee.

2. A royal falls in love with a commoner.

Hallmark loves romance stories about an American falling in love with a prince or princess. Probably because we all wish that would happen to us. Hallmark movies that match this plot include “Once Upon a Holiday” and “Crown for Christmas.”

3. They bake Christmas cookies.

A majority of Hallmark movies take place during Christmas. So, of course, the characters end up baking cookies. It’s a good bonding experience for the couple. As you watch festive Hallmark movies, get some dessert wine to drink with your cookies.

4. There’s a business in trouble that needs saving.

Many Hallmark movies are about a woman going back to her hometown to help save her family business. She usually is forced to work beside an ex or a stuck up but handsome businessman. Hallmark movies that will make you sip your wine for this number include “Love by the Book,” “Merry & Bright,” and “‘Tis the Season for Love.”

5. A big-city girl/guy visits a small-town.

The characters in the movie go to a small town by mistake or to do a job. But they find it hard to go back to the city when falling for the small-town life and a guy who lives there. Don’t we all wish we lived in a picturesque small town where everybody knows our name?

6. People hang ornaments on a tree.

Hanging ornaments is an honored Christmas tradition in Hallmark movies. Families gather around a tree, sharing tales of their relatives who made the ornaments. It’s a great time to learn a character’s backstory.

7. Someone learns the meaning of a holiday.

Many Christmas or Valentine’s Day movies are about someone who hates the holiday. So, the love interest teaches them what the holiday is all about, and to balance their family and love life. The movie Matching Hearts has this plot and features the “Supernatural” actors Taylor Cole and Osric Chau.

8. Someone gets Amnesia. 

Hallmark movies that have an amnesia premise include “A Gift to Remember,” “A Christmas to Remember,” and “Falling for Vermont,” which is one of our favorite fall hallmark movies. However, there are many more, so make sure to take small sips of your wine.

9. A boyfriend is too obsessed with his work.

Many of the main female characters have workaholic boyfriends. Viewers hate these characters and root for the girl to end up with the other love interest.

10. It ends with a kiss.

It’s not a Hallmark movie without a cinematic kiss! Kisses usually take place in the snow or other romantic settings. It’s a great way for the movie and the drinking game to end.

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We hope you enjoy our Hallmark Wine-Sip game! It’s a great way to have fun while watching heartwarming Hallmark movies.

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