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Hannah Brown Speaks Out “I’m still not a perfect person”

As many of you remember Hannah Brown had her own controversy last year. On June, she shared on instagram, “I wholeheartedly take accountability for the disappointment and pain I caused.”

“By saying this word and while I know I can’t take it back, I can listen, learn, and take action to continue the dialogue and be apart [sic] of this historical and necessary change. It is SO important to me to tell y’all that there is no defending what I said.”


Hannah Brown is still doing her part to speak out and on Feb. 12 she took Instagram again and spoke in her stories her thoughts on what is going on with Bachelor Nation.

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“Hey yall, I’ve been catching up and reading about everything that’s been going on in Bachelor Nation and Lord knows I’ve made mistakes. But I have learned this past year if we want to move forward, we have to confront where we have fallen short. And it’s so important that we lift up and listen and value and encourage underrepresented voices.”

“We just have to be better and while being accountable has helped me evolve so much, and I’m still not a perfect person but I do remain committed to the work. And I’m so humbled and truly grateful to be on this journey and could only hope that I encourage others to go on the journey as well.”

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